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Various cheats for debugging stuff

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Stacklands-5.4.2100 icon

BepInEx pack for Stacklands. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Stacklands DebugCheats Mod

Adds various (configurable) debug cheats to make testing stuff easier:

  • Press F1 to open the card spawn menu (instead of K+O+F1 in vanilla)
  • Press F2 to spawn 5 coins
  • Press C while hovering over a card to duplicate it
  • Press Shift+C while hovering over a card to duplicate it and its children
  • Press Delete to delete the card or boosterpack below the cursor and its children
  • Hold Shift+Delete or Shift+R to continuously delete cards or boosterpacks the cursor touches
  • Override max number of cards (default is 500)
  • Option for infinite months (synced with the option in the vanilla debug menu but persists over restarts)
  • Option to disable food usage (synced with the option in the vanilla debug menu but persists over restarts)
  • Option to disable game over when all villagers are dead
  • Allows modifying the equipment of enemies
  • Allows dragging enemies, portals, and pirate boats

To configure or disable the cheats, edit the BepInEx/config/de.benediktwerner.stacklands.debugcheats.cfg file which appears after starting the game once.

See also the HigherSidebar mod to increase the height of the card spawn menu.

Manual Installation

This mod requires BepInEx to work. BepInEx is a modding framework which allows multiple mods to be loaded.

  1. Download and install BepInEx from the Thunderstore.
  2. Download this mod and extract it into BepInEx/plugins/
  3. Launch the game


  1. Install BepInEx
  2. This mod uses publicized game DLLs to get private members without reflection
    • Use for example to publicize Stacklands/Stacklands_Data/Managed/GameScripts.dll (just drag the DLL onto the publicizer exe)
    • This outputs to Stacklands_Data\Managed\publicized_assemblies\GameScripts_publicized.dll (if you use another publicizer, place the result there)
  3. Compile the project. This copies the resulting DLL into <GAME_PATH>/BepInEx/plugins/.
    • Your GAME_PATH should automatically be detected. If it isn't, you can manually set it in the .csproj file.
    • If you're using VSCode, the .vscode/tasks.json file should make it so that you can just do Run Build/Ctrl+Shift+B to build.



  • v1.5:
    • Allow dragging enemies
    • Add option to disable game over
  • v1.4:
    • Copy equipment and health when copying single card
    • Block vanilla debug copying
    • Allow managing enemy equipment
  • v1.3.6: Fix continuous deleting after a booster pack
  • v1.3.5: Remove cards from combat and stack before deleting
  • v1.3.4: Make Shift+R continuously delete while held down
  • v1.3.3:
    • Allow deleting cards with Shift+R (you can still use plain R for the game's built-in deletion)
    • Allow deleting booster packs
  • v1.3.2: Sync infinite months and no food settings with game's debug screen
  • v1.3.1: Add back infinite months and no food options since the game's options aren't persistent
  • v1.3.0: Witch Forest Update
    • Fix incompatibility with the game's Witch Forest Update
    • Remove infinite months and food blocker (now built into the game's debug menu)
  • v1.2.1: Fix infinite loop when using Shift+C
  • v1.2
    • Fix month timer when disabling infinite months or reducing the month time after playing with it for a while
    • Add Shift+C to copy a whole stack
    • Add option to override max card count
  • v1.1: Make F2 spawn shells instead of coins when on the island
  • v1.0: Initial release