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Additional Informations about the Current Inventory Size and fill rate while aiming on something Pickupable.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

Subnautica_Modding-QModManager_BZ-4.4.3 icon

QModManager is an intermidiate loader for mods made for the QMM system.

Preferred version: 4.4.3
Subnautica_Modding-SMLHelper_BZ-2.13.4 icon

SMLHelper is a modding library that helps making mods easier by helping with adding new items, changing items, adding models, sprites, etc.

Preferred version: 2.13.4


Warn before Break BZ


  • QModManager 4 - 4.3
  • VersionChecker - 1.2.1 (OPTIONAL)

Install steps:

  1. Install QMods
  2. Optional: Install Version Checker
  3. Download the Mod an extract it to "[install Path of your Game]\QMods"
  4. Play the game

About this Mod: This Mod adds a Additional Information when hovering the Mouse over a Breakable Resource and the Playerinventory is Full.

License: Reuploading of any File Content is prohibited either Original, Modified or Partly for other Projects. If you have any Bugfixes may contact me with it and i will credit you in the next release.