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The the opinion of everyone at your finger tips: Google Search

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LA Google (Symbiote)

This is a fork of the BR Website Viewer Symbiote which allows you to view external websites. This symbiote goes to the Google website to provide information on any subject matter that may arise during the game.

Uses the Symbiote Panel Expander Plugin to expand the panel size if available but will work without it.


Use R2ModMan to download the Symbiote from Thunderstore. Use the Symbiote Manager Plugin (at runtime) to enable the downloaded Symbiote.

* Note: If you prefer to not use the Symbiote Manager Plugin you can copy the Symbiote folder from the downloaded Symbiote content (found in the plugins install folder) to your Talespire Symbiote folder and then rename the Symbiote folder to a meaningful name.


Activate the Symbiote and you will be taken to the Google website. Please note that sometimes it takes a while for the contents to load.


1.0.1: Initial release


This Symbiote is a fork (modified version) of the original BR Website Viewer.