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Adds a faster MKII Planter and a MKIII Planter that features an integrated Thresher and the ability to self-seed.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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More Planters

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Many thanks to Casper for his help with Models, Textures and general debugging!

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  • Planter MKII

    • This planter is able to produce two plants per seed and grows plants at 2x speed.
    • Unlocked at Victor T3.
    • Recipe:
      • 1x Planter
      • 10x Atlantum Ingot
      • 4x Wall Light 1x1
    • Production Rates:
      • Stems / Buds: 24 / minute
      • Everything else: 72 / minute
  • Planter MKIII

    • This planter features an integrated Thresher and allows you to select the desired threshing ingredient to output.
    • It is able to replant seeds that would normally be obtained by threshing.
    • Unlocked at Victor T5.
    • Recipe:
      • 1x Planter Mk2
      • 1x Thresher Mk2
      • 50x Biobrick

Config Options

Name Type Description Default Value
Double Plants Toggle Whether the Planter MKII should produce two plants per seed. Disable if not using a mod to void excess True
Slot 1 X Offset Decimal Controls the horizontal offset of the filter GUI for the first plant slot -295
Slot 2 X Offset Decimal Controls the horizontal offset of the filter GUI for the second plant slot -145
Slot 3 X Offset Decimal Controls the horizontal offset of the filter GUI for the third plant slot 10
Slot 4 X Offset Decimal Controls the horizontal offset of the filter GUI for the fourth plant slot 160
GUI Y Offset Decimal Controls the vertical offset of the filter GUI -300


If you are using Techtonica Mod Loader, you can ignore these steps.

Note, this mod requires use of the BepInEx Update function. If you have not already done so for another mod, follow these instructions:

  1. Find your game install folder.
  2. Navigate to BepInEx\config.
  3. Open BepInEx.cfg.
  4. Find the setting "HideGameManagerObject".
  5. Set it to "true".
  6. Save & close.

Techtonica Mod Loader Installation

You can download the Techtonica Mod Loader from here and use that to install this mod.

Manual Install Instructions

Note: If you are playing on Gamepass, your game version is likely behind the steam version. Please check the version compatibility chart below.

Your game folder is likely in one of these places:
    • Steam: (A-Z):/steam/steamapps/common/Techtonica
    • Gamepass: (A-Z):/XboxGames/Techtonica/Content
    • Gamepass: Could also be in C:/Program Data/WindowsApps

  1. Download BepInEx v5.4.21 from here
  2. Follow the installation instructions here
  3. Download and install any dependencies.
  4. Extract the contents of the .zip file for this mod.
  5. Drag the "BepInEx" folder into your game folder.
  6. Change config options.

Known Issues

  • Conveyor Prefab
    • Planters appear as white squares on conveyors and on assemblers in alt mode.



  • Added: Double Plants Option
    • Added a config option that can be used to toggle whether Planter MKIIs should produces two plants per seed. Disable if you're not using a mod to void the excess seeds.


  • Fixed: Double Mk1 Speed
    • Fixed Planter Mk1's having double speed.


Initial Release


Note: NEW Games must be loaded, saved, and reloaded for mods to take effect. Existing saves will auto-apply mods. Please be sure to backup your saves before using mods: AppData\LocalLow\Fire Hose Games\Techtonica USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Techtonica Devs do not provide support for Mods, and cannot recover saves damaged by mod usage.

Some assets may come from Techtonica or from the website created and owned by Fire Hose Games, who hold the copyright of Techtonica. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in any images are proprietary to Fire Hose Games.