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Reduces the District range after each drought

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Unofficial API to enable easier Timberborn modding

Preferred version: 0.5.0



DistrictShrinker is a Timberborn mod that reduces the District range after each drought.


There are five values to alter, listed below:

  • StartingRange: Initial district range (Default 75. Base game 70)
  • ReductionAmount: By how much the distric will shrink each cycle (Default 1)
  • CyclesPerReduction: After how many cycle the range will shrink (Default 1)
  • MinimumRange: The lowest range possible (Default 35)
  • MaximumRange: The highest range possible (Default 125)

Change the value of the variables in the config, which is probably in BepInEx\plugins\DistrictShrinker\configs\DistrictShrinker.json

If the config is not showing, try to launch the game and start up a save, that should create it.


If there's a warning message in the log about a missing JSON property on game launch, delete the config file and restart the game to recreate it.


PRs are always welcome on the github page!


v1.0.0 - 9.12.2022

  • Initial release