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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_V_Rising-1.0.0 icon

BepInEx pack for V Rising. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 1.0.0
deca-VampireCommandFramework-0.8.0 icon

Command framework for developers to easily create universal commands for their plugins.

Preferred version: 0.8.0


RPGMods - Gloomrot Update -- Archival version

Server Only Mod

Server only mod for RPG systems, which also includes ChatCommands with bug fixes. Read the changelog for extra details. My Fork adds a number of config options to mastery and allows you to invert the dynamic faction system, making them stronger when killed.

Video Demo of Experience & Mastery

Gloomrot changes

To get out for gloomrot through all the issues on my end, several systems are temporarily not active, and there is a workaround for buffing.
Currently you NEED to reequip boots to calculate mastery and bloodlines, they will take a snapshot of your current. This is because the previous method no longer works
Backup saves are added in case of a crash, you might need to make the folders yourself however. Experience, Mastery, and Bloodlines are all that really work right now, and only some of the commands. PvP Content will be rebuilt later, and likely pulled out into a seperate mod.

##Archival Version Warning: due to a community dispute, the actual updates for this mod are now only available on my patreon or ko-fi, as the leaders of the modding community have stated they would rather have it be fully paywalled than permit the early access that my patreon used to be. the patreon is available at I apologize for the inconvience, patreon helps me afford my medical bills since I do not work in the software industry despite my CS degree, and am instead working multiple jobs to afford these bills. You can also find the latest version on my Ko-Fi, though that makes you pay per update, and may not be updated as frequently. You can find my Ko-Fi at

Do note that due to these disputes, i will not be providing support for RPGMods on the discord, as they chide me whenever I say anything about the thunderstore version not being the latest.

Experience System

Experience System Disable the VRising Gear Level system and replace it with a traditional RPG experience system,\ complete with exp sharing between clan members or other players designated as allies.
Now with a class system, currently undocumented.

Mastery System

Mastery System > ### Weapon Mastery Mastering a weapon will now progressively give extra bonuses to the character's stats, all of which are configurable.\ Weapon mastery will increase when the weapon is used to kill a creature, and while in combat to a maximum of 60 seconds. (0.001%/Sec)\ Spell mastery can only increase and take effect when no weapon is equipped. Unless changed in the configuration options. \ New Growth Subsystem. Off by default, but turn it on with efficency, and when you reset a mastery it will be faster to level up, or slower, however you configure it.

Mastery Decay

When the vampire goes to sleep (offline), all their mastery will continuously decay per minute passed while offline.
This decay will keep on counting even while the server is offline.

Efficency System

Off by default, when a vampire feels ready, they can type .mastery reset all, or .mastery reset sword or any other weapon type, to reset their mastery values to 0, but make their mastery that much more effective in the future. Thus a vampire who reaches 100% mastery in sword, then types .mastery reset sword will be reset back to 0% mastery, but when calculating the bonus from mastery, will now be considered to have twice as much mastery as they currently do, so if they reach 100% mastery, they will get a bonus like they have 200%, if they reset again at this point, it will go up to 300% efficency, thus a mastery of 50% would now be like 150% and 10% would be 30% and so on. The Efficency is specifc to each weapon type, so you could have 1000% efficency with swords, 250% with unarmed and 100% with axes.

Growth System

Off by default, and only works if efficency is also on, but when you reset, the Growth system will change how fast you get mastery in the future based on what you reset at, so if the growth is set to 1, and you reset with 50% mastery, you will now gain new mastery 50% faster, if you were instead to then reset with another 50% mastery, you would now gain mastery twice as fast. The growth is specific for each weapon, same as with efficency. If the config for growth is set to -1, then it will act as a divisior on the amount gained, so if you reset with 100% mastery and growth config at -1, you would gain half as much mastery, if you reset again at 100% mastery, it would be a third, and so on.

Bloodline System

Bloodline System > ### Bloodlines Killing enemies while you have a blood type will progress the strength of your bloodline.\ As your bloodline grows in strength it will provide scaling benefits to your stats, fully configurably\ By default merciless bloodlines are enabled, which means to progress your bloodlines strength\ You need to have and kill a target with blood of higher quality than your bloodlines strength.\ Vblood always provides progress even in merciless mode\ You can customise the benefits, including the minimum bloodline strength for a benefit, in the config\ You can change the names of the bloodlines in the config as well.\ The default names are based on the vampire characters of some of my long time supporters, and are as below\
Bloodline Names Dracula the Progenitor, dracula for short, is the frailed bloodline.
Lore Its Dracula, not from one of my supporters, but the iconic vampire of Bram Stroker. I considered using Carmilla or Varney, who are older vampire stories, but Dracula is the classic.
Arwen the Godeater, arwen for short, is the creature bloodline.
Lore Arwen, Third child of Semika, an asendent kitsune, and her lover, Bei, a cultivator who rebelled against the heavens, was born afflicted with vamprism, after her father sought it out to keep his youth alongside his lover, who had recently become ascended to divinity. When the thirf great reset happened, she took to the disapperance of her parents by indulging in her every desire. She quickly grew bored of the now empty city in which she grew up, and headed into the wider world to try and seek more entertainment. In her adventures in this newly changed world, her madness grew, and after breaking a bone once, she insisted on having them replaced with metal, eventually settling on a complex silver alloy, similar to the modern darksilver. The newfound prowress these bones gave her allowed her to maintain a hold on the deity of the archives, as she drained him dry, gaining her the title of godeater.
Ilvris Dragonblood, ilvris for short, is the warrior bloodline.
Lore An elf born after the fifth great reset in the fae realm, ilvris was always jealous of dragons, as part of her trials to earn a last name, she hunted down and killed three dragons, bathing in their blood to absorb their powers. Shortly after completing the ceremonies to obtain her name however, she was captured by an elder wyrm, and subjected to a powerful mind control. To her further misfortune, after being returned to her lands, she was captured by the elven overlord of the time, and was pronounced dead, with no heirs. However when Hadubert and his study visited the palace and fought the overlord, they set her free, and together they destroyed the elves, and destroyed the nascent avatar of kivtavash, the deity of hedonism, self-perfection, and freedom. The traveled together for a time, alongside the new bearer of the divine resurrection, and in seeking the power to overthrow the dragons, ilvris requested hadubert turn her into a vampire breaking the mind control. Eventually they hunted down the elder wyrm that mind controlled ilvris, and killed him by crashing his flying city into the citadel of the architect behind the confict in the first place.
Aya the Shadowlord, aya for short, is the rogue bloodline.
Lore Aya was a young prodigy of a clan of shadow mages shortly before the first great reset. When her clan was destroyed, her grandfather gave her his life-saving charm, a single use random teleport. Thinking herself saved, she was dismayed to find herself thrown directly into a cage, and then promptly sold to a vampire clan. Fortunately, as she aged, the young master of the vampire clan took a liking to her, and elevated her from servant and meal, to a proper vampire. When Semika, Atrata, and the rest of their adventuring party attacked the city, she took the chance to flee towards her family, to see who may have survived, and give them a proper burial. However, she made it less than half way when she was badly injured by a vampire hunter she encountered, and was then sealed in her coffin, as they lacked the ability to truly slay her. This turned out to be her great fortune, as this allowed her to survive the third great reset, and her coffin was found within a decade by Arwen, who set her free, and invited Aya into her home. Aya then served Rin, Arwens eldest sister, as spymaster, for the next decade, until the fourth great reset occured when magic was slain.
Nytheria the Destroyer, nytheria for short, is the brute bloodline.
Lore One of the twin children of Atrata, the fist of the soul, and Grunayrum, Dragonlord of the moons, Nytheria was discarded for being only half dragon, despite their incredible strength. When the third great reset happened, very little changed for them, but as they sought out adventure, their might continuted to grow. They contracted vampirism from Arwen, during their time as lovers, and the further increase to their strength lead to their now accidentally destroying things, such as trying to grab a sword and crushing the hilt instead. Fortunately, they had always favored their natural weapons, but their newfound capacity for destruction lead to their epithet. But their destuction of Mount Xuanyu is what made their name known for the millenia to come.
Hadubert the Inferno, hadubert for short, is the scholar bloodline.
Lore Hadubert, Student of the school of warcraft and wizardry, always had a penchant for two things, fire, and magical reasearch. While his incredible proficency in the first lead to his epithet, the second lead him to accompanying the chosen vessel of resurrection, and to creating vampirism in his world after the fifth great reset. After the first vessel burst, and he slew the nascent avatar alongside ilvris, and the vessels lover, he delved deep into magical research, to see if he could prevent the death of the next bearer, and reduce the harm the avatar would do. He succeeded, at a price, his research resulted in him having an eternal desire for blood, but also immense power and durability. Fortunately his research did work, and his efforts ensured the vessel survived the new birth, and they sustained the avatar on the souls of dragons, before crashing the dragons flying city into the citadel of the masterminds behind the process of the divine resurrection, the very school that raised him.
Rei the Binder, rei for short, is the worker bloodline.
Lore Fourth Child of Semika and bei, and younger sister of Arwen the Godeater, Rei was always exceptionally kind. Though the vampiric nature she inherited left her constantly craving the blood of the living, she chose, rather than to drink from people, to ensure her meals were always ethically sourced. Her choice, rather than finding consenting people to drink from, was to bind demons as her meals. She took to commanding them as well, using them for a huge variety of tasks, while always convincing them that it was just what they wanted to do in the first place. Eventually, she used her demonic hordes to help Arwen drain the deity of archives, and used them to kill magic itself, allowing the god of change to return, and causing the fourth great reset.
The bloodline for frailed blood provides a portion of the benefits of your other bloodlines.\ The command is .bloodline or .bl\

Bloodline Decay

Though the option is currently present, decay is not yet implemented for bloodlines.

Efficency System

On by default, when a vampire feels ready, they can type .bloodline reset <bloodline name>, The bloodline name can be the current names, the default names, or the blood type names, to reset their bloodline strength to 0, but make their bloodline that much more effective in the future. Thus a vampire who reaches 100% Dracula bloodline, then types .bl reset dracula will be reset back to 0% strength, but when calculating the bonus from the bloodline, will now be considered to have twice as much strength as they currently do, for the purposes of the power of the effect only so if they reach 25% strength, they will get a bonus like they have 50%, but not get the bonus unlocked when they hit 50%. if they reset again at this point, it will go up to 250% efficency, thus a bloodline of 50% would now be like 125% and 10% would be 25% and so on. The Efficency is specifc to each bloodline, so you could have 500% efficency with Hadubert's bloodline, 250% with Dracula's and 100% with Ilvris' bloodline.

Growth System

On by default, and only works if efficency is also on, but when you reset, the Growth system will change how fast you get bloodline strength in the future based on what you reset at, so if the growth is set to 1, and you reset with 50% strength, you will now gain new strength 50% faster, if you were instead to then reset with another 50% strength, you would now gain strength twice as fast. The growth is specific for each bloodline, same as with efficency. If the config for growth is set to -1, then it will act as a divisior on the amount gained, so if you reset with 100% strength and growth config at -1, you would gain half as much strength, if you reset again at 100% strength, it would be a third, and so on.

HunterHunted System

Heat System A new system where every NPC you kill contributes to a heat system,\ if you kill too many NPCs from that faction, eventually your heat level will rise higher and higher.\

The higher your heat level is, a more difficult squad of ambushers will be sent by that faction to kill you.
Heat level will eventually cooldown the longer you go without killing NPCs from that faction,
space your kills so you don't get hunted by an extremely elite group of assassins.\

Otherwise, if you are dead for any reason at all, your heat/wanted level will reset back to anonymous.\

- Ambush may only occur when the player is in combat.
- All mobs spawned by this system is assigned to Faction_VampireHunters

PvP System

PvP System Configurable PvP kill serverwide announcement.\ Kill/Death will also be recorded, and a ladder board for the Top 10 K/D on the server. > ### Toggle PvP Commnd If enabled, players can toggle their pvp status on/off via the pvp command.\ If their pvp status is off, they are excluded from all PvP damage.\ Your server must be configured as a PvP server for the toggle to work,\ players will otherwise never be able to do any pvp damage despite toggling pvp status to be on.

PvP toggle will be overridden by Hostility Mode if the honor system is active.

Punishment System

Additionally, there's a punishment system which can be used to punish players who kill lower level players,
which is configurable in the config.

The punishment system also has an anti-cheese built-in in case the server is not using the EXP system.
Purposefully unequiping gear to appear as lower level to cheese the punishment system will not work.

Punishment will apply a debuff that reduces player combat efficiency.

  • -25% Physical & spell power
  • -15 Physical, spell, holy, and fire resistance
  • Gear level down (Overridden by EXP system if active)
> ### Honor System All vampires start with Neutral honor rank.\ Killing a vampire with a neutral or positive honor rank will deduct some honor points,\ while killing a vampire with a negative honor rank will reward the player with some honor points.\ Another way to gain honor is by grinding mobs. Each mob kill will give 1 honor point.\ There's a hard limit of 250p/hours gain to prevent grind.

The honor title is added as a prefix to the player's name.
All chat commands which are included within RPGMods should still be used without the
honor title prefix if a player name is required.
Other stuff like whispering to other players does require the title prefix to be used.

Honor title prefix is not automatically updated for chat messages,
everything else like building ownership and hovering player names are automatically updated.

For all the mechanics to work correctly, please set your server settings to:

  • Game Mode: PvP
  • Castle Damage Mode: Always
  • Player Damage Mode: Always

Hostility Mode

[ON] Aggressive
Can damage any player.
No reputation loss will be given to the aggressor when killed.

[OFF] Passive
Cannot damage other players with a positive reputation.

Castle Siege

[ON] Sieging
Player castle(s) are now vulnerable, and can damage other sieging player castle(s).
Aggressive state is enforced during siege time.
Siege mode cannot be exited until a 3 hour window has passed since activation.
Activating siege mode will also affect your allies.

[OFF] Defensive
Exit castle siege mode.
Castle(s) are now invulnerable.
Player is able to enter passive state again.

Global Siege
In global siege mode, all castles are vulnerable unless the player's honor bonus says otherwise.
Player aggressive state is not enforced during global siege.

All Honor Titles

Title Requirement Reward/Kill Bonus
Glorious 10000 -1000 Castle(s) is permanently invulnerable. Bonus is negated if allied with Dreaded players.
Noble 5000 -500 Castle(s) receive -50% reduced damage. Bonus is negated if allied with Dreaded players.
Virtuous 1500 -100 +15% resource gathering.
Reputable 500 -50 -25% durability loss. (Does not affect durability loss from combat.)
Neutral 0 -25 No additional stats.
Suspicious -1 0 No additional stats.
Infamous -1000 10 Enforced aggressive state.
Villainous -3000 50 -20% damage taken from positive rep vampires.
Nefarious -10000 100 +20% damage dealt to positive rep vampires.
Dreaded -20000 150 Enforced castle siege participation

World Dynamics

Each factions in the world will continously gain strength for every in-game day cycle.
Vampires will need to regularly cull these factions mobs to prevent or weaken the faction.
For each mobs killed, the faction growth will be hampered, if enough are killed, the faction may even weaken.

Every faction strength gain and stat buff can be manually configured, by the server admin via config & json file.

Faction Stats Details

Use Gaming.Tools to look up NPCs faction.

//-- INFO:
//-- - Dynamic value: can and will change during gameplay.
//-- - Static value: will not change during game play.
//-- - FactionBonus: this section is all static.

"-413163549": {
    "Name": "Faction_Bandits",
    "Active": false,        //-- Set to true to activate this faction
    "Level": 0,             //-- Dynamic value.
    "MaxLevel": 0,          //-- Static value. Faction will never go above this level.
    "MinLevel": 0,          //-- Static value. Faction will never go below this level.
    "ActivePower": 0,       //-- Dynamic value. Current active power that will get exported to stored power.
    "StoredPower": 0,       //-- Dynamic value. Once it reach required power, faction level up. If it reach < 0, faction level down.
    "DailyPower": 0,        //-- Static value. Active power will be set to this for every in-game day cycle.
    "RequiredPower": 0,     //-- Static value. Stored power need to reach this value for faction to level up.
    "FactionBonus": {
        "Level_Int": 0,                             //-- Stats bonus that will be given to the faction mobs. Formula: OriginalValue + (Value * Level)
        "HP_Float": 0,                              //-- Leave at 0 to not give bonus. Negative to debuff when level up, buff when level down. Postitive to buff when level up, debuff when level down.
        "PhysicalPower_Float": 0,
        "PhysicalResistance_Float": 0,              //-- Unit will be invulnerable to physical damage if this reach 1
        "PhysicalCriticalStrikeChance_Float": 0,
        "PhysicalCriticalStrikeDamage_Float": 0,
        "SpellPower_Float": 0,
        "SpellResistance_Float": 0,                 //-- Unit will be invulnerable to spell damage if this reach 1
        "SpellCriticalStrikeChance_Float": 0,
        "SpellCriticalStrikeDamage_Float": 0,
        "DamageVsPlayerVampires_Float": 0,          
        "ResistVsPlayerVampires_Float": 0,          //-- Unit will be invulnerable to player if this reach 1
        "FireResistance_Int": 0
Ignored Monsters

Use Gaming.Tools to look up NPCs GUID. You can add some monster to the ignored list with their Prefab Name.


Command Permission & VIP Login Whitelist

Commands are configured to require a minimum level of permission for the user to be able to use them.
When there's no minimum permission set in the command_permission.json, it will default to a minimum requirement of permission lv. 100.

VIP System, when enabled, will enable the user with permission level higher or equal to the minimum requirement set in the config,
to be able to bypass server capacity.

Permission levels range from 0 to 100.
With 0 as the default permission for users (lowest),
and 100 as the highest permission (admin).

Custom Ban System

You can now ban a player for the specified duration in days using the .ban/.unban command.
WARNING If you remove RPGMods, all the banned users via the command will no longer be banned!

Localization System

Removed as it was causing issues in some other localities... Isn't programming for a global audience fun?

Old Description Now allows all text from RPGMods to be customized to your language, a Language.Json file will be generated in the Bepinex/Config/RPGMods subfolder, to provide a translation, where it has something like {"\" not found.", "\" not found."} change it to something like {\" not found.", "\" 見つけありません"} to change the displayed text.


  • Prefix [default .]
    The prefix use for chat commands.
  • Command Delay [default 5]
    The number of seconds user need to wait out before sending another command.
    Admin will always bypass this.
  • DisabledCommands [default empty]
    Enter command names to disable them. Seperated by commas.
  • WayPoint Limits [default 3]
    Set a waypoint limit per user.
  • Enable VIP System [default false]
    Enable the VIP System.
  • Enable VIP Whitelist [default false]
    Enable the VIP user to ignore server capacity limit.
  • Minimum VIP Permission [default 10]
    The minimum permission level required for the user to be considered as VIP.
-- VIP.InCombat Buff
  • Durability Loss Multiplier [default 0.5]
    Multiply durability loss when user is in combat. -1.0 to disable.
    Does not affect durability loss on death.
  • Garlic Resistance Multiplier [default -1.0]
    Multiply garlic resistance when user is in combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Silver Resistance Multiplier [default -1.0]
    Multiply silver resistance when user is in combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Move Speed Multiplier [default -1.0]
    Multiply move speed when user is in combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Resource Yield Multiplier [default 2.0]
    Multiply resource yield (not item drop) when user is in combat. -1.0 to disable.
-- VIP.OutCombat Buff
  • Durability Loss Multiplier [default 0.5]
    Multiply durability loss when user is out of combat. -1.0 to disable.
    Does not affect durability loss on death.
  • Garlic Resistance Multiplier [default 2.0]
    Multiply garlic resistance when user is out of combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Silver Resistance Multiplier [default 2.0]
    Multiply silver resistance when user is out of combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Move Speed Multiplier [default 1.25]
    Multiply move speed when user is out of combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Resource Yield Multiplier [default 2.0]
    Multiply resource yield (not item drop) when user is out of combat. -1.0 to disable.
  • Announce PvP Kills [default true]
    Make a server wide announcement for all PvP kills.
  • Enable Honor System [default false]
    Enable the honor system.
  • Enable Honor Title [default true]
    When enabled, the system will append the title to their name.
    Honor system will leave the player name untouched if disabled.
  • Max Honor Gain/Hour [default 250]
    Maximum amount of honor points the player can gain per hour.
  • Enable Honor Benefit & Penalties [default true]
    If disabled, the hostility state and custom siege system will be disabled.
    All other bonus is also not applied.
  • Custom Siege Duration [default 180]
    In minutes. Player will automatically exit siege mode after this many minutes has passed.
    Siege mode cannot be exited while duration has not passed.
  • Enable Hostile Glow [default true]
    When set to true, hostile players will glow red.
  • Enable Proximity Hostile Glow [default true]
    If enabled, hostile players will only glow when they are close to other online player. If disabled, hostile players will always glow red.
  • Enable the PvP Ladder [default true]
    Hmm... well it enables the ladder board in .pvp command.
  • Sort PvP Ladder by Honor [default true]
    This will automatically be false if honor system is not enabled.
  • Enable PvP Toggle [default true]
    Enable/disable the pvp toggle feature in the pvp command.
  • Enable PvP Punishment [default true]
    Enables the punishment system for killing lower level player.
  • Punish Level Difference [default -10]
    Only punish the killer if the victim level is this much lower.
  • Offense Limit [default 3]
    Killer must make this many offense before the punishment debuff is applied.
  • Offense Cooldown [default 300]
    Reset the offense counter after this many seconds has passed since last offense.
  • Debuff Duration [default 1800]
    Apply the punishment debuff for this amount of time.
  • Buff Siege Golem [default false]
    Enabling this will reduce all incoming physical and spell damage according to config.
  • Physical Damage Reduction [default 0.5]
    Reduce incoming damage by this much. Ex.: 0.25 -> 25%
  • Spell Damage Reduction [default 0.5]
    Reduce incoming spell damage by this much. Ex.: 0.75 -> 75%
  • Enable [default true]
    Enable/disable the HunterHunted system.
  • Heat Cooldown Value [default 35]
    Set the reduction value for player heat for every cooldown interval.
  • Bandit Heat Cooldown Value [default 35]
    Set the reduction value for player heat from the bandits faction for every cooldown interval.
  • Cooldown Interval [default 60]
    Set every how many seconds should the cooldown interval trigger.
  • Ambush Interval [default 300]
    Set how many seconds player can be ambushed again since last ambush.
  • Ambush Chance [default 50]
    Set the percentage that an ambush may occur for every cooldown interval.
  • Ambush Despawn Timer [default 300]
    Despawn the ambush squad after this many second if they are still alive. Ex.: -1 -> Never Despawn.
  • Enable [default true]
    Enable/disable the Experience system.
  • Max Level [default 80]
    Configure the experience system max level..
  • Multiplier [default 1]
    Multiply the experience gained by the player.
  • VBlood Multiplier [default 15]
    Multiply the experience gained from VBlood kills.
  • EXP Lost / Death [default 0.10]
    Percentage of experience the player lost for every death by NPC, no EXP is lost for PvP.
  • Constant [default 0.2]
    Increase or decrease the required EXP to level up.
    EXP Table & Formula
  • Group Modifier [default 0.75]
    Set the modifier for EXP gained for each ally(player) in vicinity.
    Example if you have 2 ally nearby, EXPGained = ((EXPGained * Modifier)*Modifier)
  • Ally Max Distance [default 50]
    Set the maximum distance an ally(player) has to be from the player for them to share EXP with the player
  • Enable Weapon Mastery [default true]
    Enable/disable the weapon mastery system.
  • Enable Mastery Decay [default true]
    Enable/disable the decay of weapon mastery when the user is offline.
  • Max Mastery Value [default 100000]
    Configure the maximum mastery the user can atain. (100000 is 100%)
  • Mastery Value/Combat Ticks [default 5]
    Configure the amount of mastery gained per combat ticks. (5 -> 0.005%)
  • Max Combat Ticks [default 12]
    Mastery will no longer increase after this many ticks is reached in combat. (1 tick = 5 seconds)
  • Mastery Multiplier [default 1]
    Multiply the gained mastery value by this amount.
  • VBlood Mastery Multiplier [default 15]
    Multiply Mastery gained from VBlood kill.
  • Decay Interval [default 60]
    Every amount of seconds the user is offline by the configured value will translate as 1 decay tick.
  • Decay Value [default 1]
    Mastery will decay by this amount for every decay tick. (1 -> 0.001%)
  • X Stats The stat IDs that the mastery of a given weapon should boost, as shown on the table below. the amount of entries here MUST match the amount in the paired X Rates
  • X Rates The amount of a stat per mastery percentage, except in the case of CDR where it is the amount of mastery percentage to be 50% cdr

Stat IDs copied from the code. PhysicalPower = 0, ResourcePower = 1, SiegePower = 2, ResourceYield = 3, MaxHealth = 4, MovementSpeed = 5, CooldownModifier = 7, PhysicalResistance = 8, FireResistance = 9, HolyResistance = 10, SilverResistance = 11, SunChargeTime = 12, EnergyGain = 17, MaxEnergy = 18, SunResistance = 19, GarlicResistance = 20, Vision = 22, SpellResistance = 23, Radial_SpellResistance = 24, SpellPower = 25, PassiveHealthRegen = 26, PhysicalLifeLeech = 27, SpellLifeLeech = 28, PhysicalCriticalStrikeChance = 29, PhysicalCriticalStrikeDamage = 30, SpellCriticalStrikeChance = 31, SpellCriticalStrikeDamage = 32, AttackSpeed = 33, DamageVsUndeads = 38, DamageVsHumans = 39, DamageVsDemons = 40, DamageVsMechanical = 41, DamageVsBeasts = 42, DamageVsCastleObjects = 43, DamageVsPlayerVampires = 44, ResistVsUndeads = 45, ResistVsHumans = 46, ResistVsDemons = 47, ResistVsMechanical = 48, ResistVsBeasts = 49, ResistVsCastleObjects = 50, ResistVsPlayerVampires = 51, DamageVsWood = 52, DamageVsMineral = 53, DamageVsVegetation = 54, DamageVsLightArmor = 55, DamageVsHeavyArmor = 56, DamageVsMagic = 57, ReducedResourceDurabilityLoss = 58, PrimaryAttackSpeed = 59, ImmuneToHazards = 60, PrimaryLifeLeech = 61, HealthRecovery = 62


Commands permission uses permission level which start from 0 to 100.
Permission level 0 means that it can be used by everyone.
User designated as SuperAdmin in your server admin list will always bypass the permission requirement.
Special commands params that require admin permission can also be adjusted here.

All abbreviation of the command are automatically included, you need only to put the primary command string.
The permissions are saved in BepInEx/config/RPGMods/command_permission.json

Default Permission
  "help": 0,
  "ping": 0,
  "myinfo": 0,
  "pvp": 0,
  "pvp_args": 100,
  "siege": 0,
  "siege_args": 100,
  "heat": 0,
  "heat_args": 100,
  "experience": 0,
  "experience_args": 100,
  "mastery": 0,
  "mastery_args": 100,
  "autorespawn": 100,
  "autorespawn_args": 100,
  "waypoint": 100,
  "waypoint_args": 100,
  "ban": 100,
  "bloodpotion": 100,
  "blood": 100,
  "customspawn": 100,
  "give": 100,
  "godmode": 100,
  "health": 100,
  "kick": 100,
  "kit": 100,
  "nocooldown": 100,
  "permission": 100,
  "playerinfo": 100,
  "punish": 100,
  "rename": 100,
  "adminrename": 100,
  "resetcooldown": 100,
  "save": 100,
  "shutdown": 100,
  "spawnnpc": 100,
  "speed": 100,
  "sunimmunity": 100,
  "teleport": 100

Removing a command from the list will automatically set it's permission requirement value to 100.

Chat Commands


help [<command>]
Shows a list of all commands.
  Example: help experience


kit <name>
Gives you a previously specified set of items.
  Example: kit starterset

-- How does kit work?

  You will get a new config file located in BepInEx/config/RPGMods/kits.json

    "Name": "Kit1",
    "PrefabGUIDs": {
      "820932258": 50,
      "2106123809": 20
    "Name": "Kit2",
    "PrefabGUIDs": {
      "820932258": 50,
      "2106123809": 20

blood <bloodtype> [<quality>] [<value>]
Sets your Blood type to the specified Type, Quality and Value.
  Example: blood Scholar 100 100


bloodpotion <bloodtype> [<quality>]
Creates a Potion with specified Blood Type, Quality and Value.
  Example: bloodpotion Scholar 100


waypoint <name|set|remove|list> [<name>]
Teleports you to previously created waypoints.
  Example: waypoint set home <-- Creates a local waypoint just for you.
  Example: waypoint home <-- Teleport you to your local waypoint.
  Example: waypoint remove home <-- Remove your local waypoint.
  Example: waypoint list <-- Shows a list of all to you accessible waypoints.

  Special Params -> <name|set|remove|list> [<name>] [global] Creates a global waypoint usable by everyone.
  Example: waypoint set arena global <-- Creates a global waypoint for everyone (Special Params).
  Example: waypoint remove arena global <-- Remove a global waypoint for everyone (Special Params).


give <itemname> [<amount>]
Adds the specified Item to your Inventory.
  Example: give Stone Brick 17


spawnnpc <prefabname> [<amount>] [<waypoint>]
Spawns a NPC. Optional: To a previously created waypoint.
  Example: spawnnpc CHAR_Cursed_MountainBeast_VBlood 1 arena


customspawn <Prefab Name> [<BloodType> <BloodQuality> <BloodConsumeable("true/false")> <Duration>]
Spawns a modified NPC at your current position.
  Example: customspawn CHAR_Bandit_Thug creature 100 true -1 -> Spawn Bandit Thug with unlimited lifespan.
  Example: customspawn CHAR_Bandit_Thug creature 100 true 5 -> Spawn Bandit Thug with a lifespan of 5 seconds.


health <percentage> [<playername>]
Sets your health to the specified percentage (0 will kill the player).
  Example: health 100
  Example: health 0 LegendaryVampire


Toggles speed buff.


Toggles sun immunity.


Toggles all skills & abilities to have no cooldown.


resetcooldown [<playername>]
Reset all skills & abilities cooldown for you or the specified player.
  Example: resetcooldown
  Example: resetcooldown LegendaryVampire


teleport <playername>
Teleport to another online player within your clan.
  Example: teleport LegendaryVampire


Toggles god mode for you.


Toggles auto respawn on same position on death.
  Special Params -> [<all>|<playername>] Toggle the auto respawn for specified player or server wide.
  Example: autorespawn all
  Example: autorespawn LegendaryVampire


Checks your heat/wanted level by the factions.
  Special Params -> [<debug>|<value> <value> [<PlayerName>]] Display numeric heat or set your or the specified player heat.
  Example: heat 500 500
  Example: heat 500 500 LegendaryVampire


Show you your latency to the server.


pvp [<on>|<off>|<top>]
Display your PvP statistics or toggle PvP state.
  Example: pvp
  Example: pvp top
  Example: pvp on
  Example: pvp off

  Special Params -> <on>|<off> <playername> Toggles PvP state for the specified player.
  Special Params -> <rep> <ammount> <playername> Set the specified player reputation points.
  Example: pvp on LegendaryVampire
  Example: pvp off LegendaryVampire
  Example: pvp rep 1000 LegendaryVampire


siege [<on>|<off>]
Display all players currently in siege mode, or engage siege mode.
  Example: siege
  Example: siege on
  Example: siege off

  Special Params -> <global> Toggles server-wide siege mode on or off).


experience [<log> <on>|<off>]
Diplays your current exp and progression to the next level, or toggle the exp gain notification.
  Example: experience
  Example: experience log off

  Special Params -> [<set> <value> [<PlayerName>]] Set your or the specified player experience value.
  Example: experience set 1000
  Example: experience set 2000 LegendaryVampire


mastery [<log> <on>|<off>]
Display your current mastery progression, or toggle the mastery gain notification.
Use .mastery reset all, or .mastery reset [weapon type] to reset it to 0 adding that amount to your efficency, and a configurable % of that to your mastery growth rate for that weapon. A negative number in growth means that it will decrease multiplicitavely based on that, formula of mastery/(mastery + negative growth rate) is multiplied in.
  Example: mastery
  Example: mastery log off

  Special Params -> [<set> <type> <value> [<PlayerName>]] Set your or the specified player mastery value.
  Example: mastery set sword 100000
  Example: mastery set spear 2000 LegendaryVampire


Trigger the database saving manually.


punish <playername> [<remove>]
Manually punish someone or lift their debuff.
This command may still be used even when punishment system is disabled.
  Example: punish LegendaryVampire
  Example: punish LegendaryVampire remove


permission <list>|<save>|<reload>|<set> <0-100> <playername>|<steamid>
Manage commands and user permissions level.
  Example: permission list -> List all users with special permission.
  Example: permission save -> Save the most recent user permission list.
  Example: permission reload -> Directly reload user permission and command permission from the JSON file.
  Example: permission set 100 LegendaryVampire
  Example: permission set 0 LegendaryVampire


ban <playername> [<days> <reason>]
Check the status of specified player, or ban them. 0 days will translate to permanently banned.

unban <playername>
Remove the specified player from the ban list.


kick <playername>
Kick the specified player from the server.


Trigger the exit signal & shutdown the server.


rename <player name> <new name>
Rename the specified player.


adminrename <player name> <new name>
Rename the specified player. Careful, the new name isn't verified.
This means it's possible for names to use color tags or symbols.
Adding a color tag to the player name may make it hard for you and other user to /whisper or find the player with commands.


playerinfo <player name>
Display the player information details.


Display your user info and location.


worlddynamics [<faction>] [<stats>|<save>|<load>|<ignore>|<unignore>] [<npc prefab name>]
List all faction stats. Save them, or load from the json file.
  Example: wd faction stats -> List all active faction stats.
  Example: wd faction ignore CHAR_Bandit_Thug -> Ignore bandit thug for faction buffs.
  Example: wd faction unignore CHAR_Bandit_Thug -> Stop ignoring bandit thug for faction buffs.


powerup <player_name> <add>|<remove> <max hp> <p.atk> <s.atk> <p.def> <s.def>
Buff specified player with the specified value.
  Example: pu LegendaryVampire add 1000 50 125 0.5 0.7 -> Buff the player for specified values.
  Example: pu LegendaryVampire remove -> Remove the buff from the specified player.

- Buffing PDef & SDef to 1 will make the player immune to those damage.

More Information



  • Some bug fixes
  • Bloodline system finally added, see above for details


  • Some bug fixes
  • Added the Class system by SALTYFLEA#3772
  • This version isnt on my patreon first because i didnt make the main changes.


  • Actually updated the changelog.


  • assorted bug fixes, like mastery going below 0 from decay, or being able to exceed the cap.
  • New Localization overhaul, use the new Language.json file to translate to your language


  • assorted bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where certain localizations would not read the weapon mastery configs correctly.


  • bug fixes


  • Activated the efficency and growth subsystems for mastery.
  • fixed an issue with the dynamic faction system, accidentally only saved when units deleveled.


  • Made mastery buffs fully configurable.


  • Added several config options to the mastery system centered around the spell mastery.
  • Added config option to invert the dynamic faction system, making factions grow as they are killed and weaken as time passes.


  • Arguments parse protection for customspawn command.
  • Fixed error with spawning horses using customspawn command.
  • New initialization method to fix crash with a 100% fresh server with no save.


  • Added config option to announce all grief kills.
  • Added config option to exclude killing of offline player from PvP Punishment.
  • Fixed unintended effect that causes vermin nest & tomb to have no spawn limit.


  • Added anti-cheese system for PvP Punishment without EXP System.
  • Added a config to disable the honor title only with benefits, etc still active.
  • Found an issue with heatspawn faction not applied, no longer this will be an issue.
  • Fixed customspawn command, stupid mistake was made, fixed it was.


  • Added mob ignore feature for faction buff.
  • Added mob ignore command for faction buffs.
  • Added power up command.


  • Added an initial version for world dynamics.
  • Added worlddynamics commands.


  • Hotfix for crash when user is not within a clan.


  • Bug fix for exception error on trying to get disabled/offline allies location.


  • Attempt at fixing proximity glow bug where the mod can't decide if they're close or far.
  • Clan members are now factored in for honor system siege.
  • Bug fix for dreaded player being able to manually turn siege off.


  • Added duration option for customspawn command.
  • Added honor system and a ton of other mechanics it entails.
  • Added siege command.
  • Added rename & adminrename commands.
  • Added playerinfo & myinfo commands to help server admins with some debugging.
  • Fixed hunter hunted not spawning anything on low heat level.
  • Give command will now refuse to run if no arguments is given.
  • SpawnNPC on waypoint now properly accept the spawn counts.
  • Implemented allies caching for better performance.
  • Bug fix with the exp gain for killing lower level mobs.
  • HunterHunted ambush group are now part of vampire hunters faction.


  • Added customspawn command.
  • Added property to compile with wetstone or not.
  • Added shutdown command.
  • Bugfix for on defeat message.
  • Added kits json save/load log message.
  • Minor adjustments.


  • Added optional wetstone dependency for compiling.
  • Added compabilities with wetstone reload function.


  • Removed wetstone dependency.
Developer & Contributors


Current Developer

  • 小爛土#7151 - Also known as Shou (like the english word show), Darkon47 on Github. If you enjoy the work I have put into this mod, subscribe to my patreon at

  • SALTYFLEA#3772 Added the class system, currently otherwise undocumented.

Original Developer

  • Kaltharos#0001


Without these people, this project will just be a dream. (In no particular order)

  • Dimentox#1154
  • Nopey#1337
  • syllabicat#0692
  • errox#7604
Known Issues


  • Resetcooldown command does not refresh skills that has charges.
  • Blood command cannot apply "fragile" blood type.
  • Save command is non functional currently.

Experience System

  • Some blood buff give a gear level to the character, which would be fixed once they kill something or re-equip accessory.

HunterHunted System

  • There's no known issue yet. Heat level does get reset if you reload the plugin/restart server, this is an intended behaviour.

PvP System

  • Punishment debuff lower the player gear level, which will be overriden by the experience system if the exp system is active.
Planned Features
  • More optimization! It never hurts to optimize! (not from me)
  • Average reputation of clan members. (Not from me)
  • More dynamic events. (Not from me)
  • Bloodline. Planned for next from me!
  • Kits Option: Limited Uses. (On hold)
  • Explore team/alliance in VRising. (On hold)
  • Need a better name tagging sytem. (On hold)