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Play as a demigod, chosen from a daughter or son of Odin, blessed with the powers of the gods. This mod adds unique classes with magic, spells, abilities, items and more.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202
ValheimModding-Jotunn-2.20.1 icon

Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.20.1



Play as a demigod, chosen from a daughter or son of Odin, blessed with the powers of the gods. This mod adds unique classes with magic, spells, abilities, items and more.

Please note that your advanced settings will be reset on every new update for re-balancing purposes, unless 'Automatically Update Configs' is disabled in your configs.


It is important that you do not rename the file "NorseDemigods.dll" and ensure that other files that come along with the mod are located in the same folder, else the mod will not function correctly (if at all).

Mods which seem to be incompatible or partially incompatible with NorseDemigods:

Mod Comments
CombatincentivesREwrite Reported by an user on Discord: Cannot save nor respawn when using both mods in parallel.
Shawesomes Divine Armaments Reported by an user on Discord: Having 'ssj' activated will make your skill leveling too fast.
Veinmine Spells that damage ore veins will not function correctly on ores, but no hard incompatibility per se.

Getting Started

  • Check your in-game 'compendium' (click on the bird icon on the 'tab' menu) for all necessary instructions on how to get started. Your 'compendium' will be updated with more information after having chosen a demigod, such as abilities, attributes, infused materials, and even the possible hotkey combinations for your abilities.
  • You might want to change the hotkeys for your abilities by tweaking the values in section '(Hotkeys)' in your configs. The user interface is also customizable in section 'User Interface', which can be updated in real time if using a configuration manager mod.

General Tips

  • Although the mod is linearly balanced and somewhat vanilla friendly, once you get used to it, you could feel overpowered. It is recommended that you change the value of 'Difficulty' in the mod configs to something else, such as 'Expert' (recommended difficulty), or use the world modifiers or another mod to increase the game difficulty.
  • Even though this mod will fully work with already existing characters, it is recommended that you use this mod on a fresh character. Some demigods fully rely on their main skill (demigod) to cause damage (e.g. Fenrir), which will naturally and steadily progress from the start of the game, but may be tedious to catch up with if started late.
  • You can enable and disable optional features in your configs, such as 'Teleportation' or 'Harpoon Fishing', which was inspired by the 'SpearFish' mod by Korppis, allowing you to catch fish with an Abyssal harpoon and upgrade it. This mod introduces sweet fish recipes, which are an almost essential type of food for demigods.
  • Due to demigods having limited types of preferred weapons, I highly recommend the 'Warfare' mod by Therzie, which will not only introduce new weapons, but also new combat animations (for valkyries this is quite a big change with the introduction of pikes).


Below are the default hotkeys for the commands that this mod introduces.

  • Please note that some abilities are triggered by a combination of keys, which can all be found in your 'compendium' after choosing a demigod.
  • Some abilities are triggered using the special attack in conjuction with another event, such as blocking or jumping. You can find all combinations in your 'compendium' after choosing a demigod.
  • All hotkeys can be changed in the config file in section '(Hotkeys)'. It is recommended, however, that you use a configuration manager mod (such as the 'Official BepInEx Configuration Manager' mod by Azumatt) to bind the hotkeys directly in-game.
Command Default Hotkey Comments
Ability A Front-side mouse button You should definitely change this hotkey if you do not have side mouse buttons.
Ability B Back-side mouse button You should definitely change this hotkey if you do not have side mouse buttons.
Ability C Blocking + Front-side mouse button You can assign a dedicated hotkey to this ability if you do not want to hold block.
Ability D Blocking + Back-side mouse button You can assign a dedicated hotkey to this ability if you do not want to hold block.
Ignore Special Attack Left Alt (Hold) Some abilities override the weapon special attacks. Hold that key to ignore an special attack introduced by an ability.
Teleport P If you wish to disable the teleport ability, you can simply disable it in section 'Teleportation' in your configs (instead of unbinding the hotkey).


Demigod Brief Description Favorite Element(s) Favorite Weapon(s) Favorite Armor(s)
Brokkr Throw bombs that will destroy entire ore veins, launch lightning torpedos, summon an elemental golem, and more. Lightning & fire Axes, clubs & crossbows Heavy
Eir Heals, conjures an elemental shield and even organic matter, bringing light to even the depths of the underworld. Spirit & fire Spears, swords & shields Heavy
Fenrir Lands destructive punches with the companion of a wolf, so strong that they will take down even trees. Frost Fists Light
Freyja A member of the family of Valkyries. Charms enemies and calls the nature for help. Poison Spears, swords & shields Heavy
Hel The gate keeper of the underworld. Brings darkness to the surroundings while followed by many minions. Spirit & poison Two-handed axes, two-handed swords, polearms & knives Heavy & light
Njord Calls the force of the seas to summon tornados and even necks to help with gathering resources. Swims and sails faster. Lightning & Frost Axes, swords & polearms Heavy
Surtr Burns everything around by using weapons, spells, and even minions. Fire Axes, swords & polearms Heavy
Thor Dashes at the speed of light and strikes enemies with lightning. Lightning Clubs, axes & Himminafl Heavy
Ullr A true hunter accompanied by a wolf. Master of bows, knives and stealth. Frost & poison Bows, knives, spears & axes Light

Infused Materials

This mod introduces several infused materials that you can craft and consume to become even more powerful. For 'Infused Abilities' (which will make your abilities more powerful), you can refer to your compendium (introduction) to find clues about the recipe for your demigod (after choosing one).

Spoilers: click here to expand...
Infused Material Effect Crafting Station
Infused Ancient Seed Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Freyja. Workbench level 4+
Infused Bones Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Hel. Forge level 7+
Infused Claws Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Fenrir. Forge level 7+
Infused Crystal Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Njord. Forge level 7+
Infused Feathers Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Ullr. Forge level 7+
Infused Hammer Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Thor. Forge level 7+
Infused Honey Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Eir. Workbench level 4+
Infused Iron Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Brokkr. Workbench level 7+
Infused Surtling Infuses your abilities. Can only be consumed by Surtr. Forge level 7+
Infused Bloodbag Permanently increases your maximum health. Forge level 3+
Infused Chitin Permanently increases your block armor (with shields). Forge level 3+
Infused Eitr Permanently increases your maximum eitr and eitr regeneration. Galdr table level 3+
Infused Hard Antlers Permanently increases your attack speed (with melee weapons). Forge level 3+
Infused Leather Scraps Permanently decreases the time that it takes to passively regenerate an energy point. Forge level 3+
Infused Serpent Scale Permanently increases your armor. Forge level 3+
Infused Megingjord Equip it to increase your maximum energy and maximum carry weight. Forge level 7+

All recipes can be found in the "Consumables.json" file where "NorseDemigods.dll" is located.

Console Commands

Command Description Requires Admin Mode?
InfuseAbilities Infuse your abilities. Yes
MakeMeSaiyan Become a Saiyan. This is just a test character used by the mod creator to test new abilities and attributes. Preview localization only in English. Yes
NoAbilityCooldown Abilities have no cooldown. Yes
NoEnergyCost Abilities do not cost any energy. Yes
RestoreEnergy Restores your energy and applies the rested buff. Yes
ResetDemigodSettings Reset advanced mod settings, such as abilities, attributes and demigods configs (no data/progress will be lost). Yes
RevokeDemigod Revokes your demigod powers and all saved data within. No


The content of this mod has the full potential to be translated into other languages via text/json files (except for configs). If you translate the files into any language that is not yet available, feel free to share them with me on Discord so that I can include them into the official mod.

At the moment, only the following languages are available:

Language Contributor Latest Fully Supported Version Comments
English Alpus Latest Original localization
Chinese Khadgar 1.1.2
French Slayder 1.1.2 Automated translation
Portuguese Brazilian WayWard 1.1.2
Russian Эри 1.2.0
Ukranian Xzar_Warrior 1.3.0 Manual translation
How to translate the mod?

In order to translate the content into another language:

  • If you do not have a folder named 'Translations' where 'NorseDemigods.dll' is located: Copy 'EN-NorseDemigods.json' and rename the "EN" letters into the language code you want to translate the mod into (as per the below table). E.g. 'EN-NorseDemigods.json' into 'KO-NorseDemigods.json' for Korean.
  • If you do have a folder named 'Translations' where 'NorseDemigods.dll' is located: Open the 'Translations' folder, copy the 'English' folder and rename the copied folder into another language as per the table below (e.g. 'Swedish'). Then inside the new renamed folder, rename the "EN" letters from 'EN-NorseDemigods.json' into the language code you want to translate the mod into (as per the below table). E.g. 'EN-NorseDemigods.json' into 'SE-NorseDemigods.json' for Swedish.

In order to update a translation:

  • Find the 'XX-NorseDemigods.json' file inside the 'plugins' folder, where "XX" is the target language code according to the table below, and open it with any text editor (I recommend Notepad++).
  • Correct any text that may be incorrect, and also look for any added keys in the release notes that were added since the latest supported version according to the table above.
  • Change the value of the last line of the localization file (localization_version) from "x.x.x" to the same version found in the English localization file, e.g. "1.3.0".
  • Share your file with the mod creator on Discord.
Languages: click here to expand...
Code Language
AB Abenaki
BG Bulgarian
CS Czech
DA Danish
DE German
EL Greek
ES Spanish
FI Finnish
FR French
HI Hindi
HR Croatian
HU Hungarian
IS Icelandic
IT Italian
JA Japanese
KA Georgian
KO Korean
LT Lithuanian
LV Latvian
ML Macedonian
NO Norwegian
NL Dutch
PL Polish
PT-BR Portuguese_Brazilian
PT-EU Portuguese_European
RO Romanian
RU Russian
SE Swedish
SK Slovak
SR Serbian
TH Thai
TR Turkish
UK Ukrainian
ZH-CN Chinese
ZH-TW Chinese_Trad

Join me on discord to report bugs and give me feedback


Release notes


  • Ukranian translation updated to v1.3.0. Thank you again, Xzar_Warrior!


  • Added a new demigod: 'Brokkr'. Brokkr is the god of forging. Destroy entire ore veins with bombs, launch lightning torpedos, summon an elemental golem, and more!
  • Difficulties revamped for a more balanced experience. Please change it again in your configs.
  • Attribute 'Valkyrie' now also affects thrown spears by increasing their attributes.
  • Fixed a bug with summoned necks trying to reach underwater logs and getting stuck.
  • Replaced a few spell icons to make them more meaningful.
  • Several bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Translation keys added:
  • Translation keys modified:


  • Added a new demigod: 'Njord'. Njord is the god of the seas. Calls the nearby sea to cast spells, swims and sails faster, and even summons necks to help with gathering resources.
  • Added an option to ignore beehive proximity check and increase its maximum honey production in section 'Honey'.
  • Surtr will cause spread damage with specialized weapons like most other demigods.
  • Ability 'Crush' will now remove and prevent any slow fall effects when activated.
  • Updated the energy meter's graphics for Eir and the graphics of sweet shrimps.
  • A few balancing tweaks and several minor bug fixes.
  • Translation keys added:
  • Translation keys modified:


  • Saiyan demigod completed. This is an over-powered demigod just for testing mechanisms by the mod author and for fun, which can only be activated via the console command 'MakeMeSaiyan'.
  • Bug which was causing Fenrir to gain massive amounts of experience while blocking fixed; to compensate, experience gained by Fenrir increased by roughly 50%.
  • Eir can now destroy higher tier structures and resources with ability 'Holy Sun' after infusion.
  • Other small tweaks.


  • Chinese translation added into the game. Thank you, Khadgar!
  • Some re-balancing to abilities and attributes across demigods.
  • Prevent demigod's skill loss on death (can be disabled in the configs).
  • Added a chance that Eir's damage spread will turn into an explosion, increasing the area of effect radius.
  • Added compatibility with attack speed modifiers from mods such as JewelCrafting. Now they will stack properly.


  • Compatibility with the Ashlands update!
  • Russian translation added into the game. Thank you, Эри!
  • Changed the threshold of heavy armors to 3% movement speed penalty, meaning that any armor piece with a movement speed penalty equal or lesser than 2% will be considered as light.


  • Built-in difficulty revamped for better balancing. Higher difficulties will also slightly affect the base damage of enemies. Also added the possibility to increase the spawn count of weaker creatures such as greydwarves or skeletons under the 'Difficulty' section.
  • Fixed an issue with Therzie's mods which were setting the damage modifier to 0 for many of my abilities that are not bound to a particular skill. This is a work-around until Therzie hopefully decides to fix this on his end since it could affect other mods too.
  • Fixed a few lines that were broken with the Portuguese Brazilian translation. It should work correctly now.


  • Portuguese Brazilian translation added into the game. Thank you, WayWard!
  • Added a cheat console command to play as a test character, 'Saiyan', used by the mod creator to test new abilities and attributes.
  • Tool tier for ability 'Holy Sun' is now configurable, meaning it can be configured to damage high tier modded trees and ores.
  • Fixed a bug which was taking the stamina value to a negative number when blocking as Fenrir at level 0.


  • Drop multiplier from attribute 'Hunter' will also affect feathers dropped from birds.
  • Ullr's sneaking visual effect will now also fully affect equipped armor.


  • Ghost visual effect added to Ullr's wolf. Can be disabled in the configs.
  • Titan Arms' block armor will now also affect fist weapons (e.g. claws).
  • Iceshards will no longer be launched when having a weapon equipped.
  • Infused arrows will now spread frost damage to very close enemies.
  • Infused arrows will cause more damage.
  • Small tweaks and bug fixing.


  • Ukrainian translation added into the game. Thank you, Xzar_Warrior!
  • French translation added into the game. Thank you, Slayder!
  • After using the teleportation ability to teleport to bed, your previous location will expire after some time (5 minutes by default).
  • Added compatibility with mod 'Harpoon Melee Attack And Upgrading' by Goldenrevolver.
  • Fixed an issue with ability 'Infused Arrows' which was not working with crossbows.
  • Two new translation keys added:


  • Fix for ability 'Elemental Shield', which was breaking the game when trying to absorb periodic damage.
  • Fenrir's command for the slash ability inverted with ice shards (slash is now triggered with a simple special attack while unarmed, whereas ice shards are triggered with blocking + special attack).
  • Fenrir can now chop down trees with fist weapons. However, fist weapons will not benefit from the block armor bonus from Titan Arms and will suffer an attack speed penalty when casting iceshards.
  • Fenrir is now allowed to use torches.
  • Translation files combined into one: 'EN-NorseDemigods.json' for English. Renamed translation keys:
enhanced_armor_fenring_additional_tooltip --> item_set_fenring_enhanced_armor_additional_tooltip
sweet_fish_consumption_unique --> item_sweet_fish_consumption_unique
unarmed_tool_tier_level_up_message --> attribute_titanarms_unarmed_tool_tier_level_up_message


  • Mod difficulty setting implemented, which tweaks the final damage caused by enemies (only after applying resistances, armors and others, which works differently from a world modifier).
  • Added a setting in the configs to disable the automatic update of your advanced settings whenever the mod is updated.
  • Added a hotkey which you can hold to ignore any special attacks introduced by the mod, e.g. 'Slash'.
  • Surtr has now greatly improved abilities after infusion, with new mechanics and special effects.
  • Fenrir can now punch logs that are too low. In fact, all players can now more easily hit things which are too high or low.
  • Fenrir can now normally use fist weapons (e.g. claws), but at a reduced damage and stamina usage (since Fenrir can punch much faster by default).
  • New ability for all demigods added: 'Teleport' - It will teleport you back to your bed, and then to the previous saved location before teleporting to bed. Can be disabled in the configs.
  • New attribute for 'Hel' added: 'Soul Reaper' - It has a chance to make monsters explode upon dying.
  • Added a setting to customize the recipe for crafting the Runestone (used to choose a demigod).
  • Fixed the damage of all spells that cast projectiles, such as 'Fire Ball'.
  • Many other enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes.


  • (Hotfix) Fixed an issue with Freyja and Eir not being able to chop down trees or mine ores after the new update.
  • New ability for 'Surtr' added: 'Crush' - Jump and use the special attack to crush the enemies below.
  • One small adjustment and bug fix.


  • Almost all special effects are now visible and audible in multi-player, essentially moving the mod into beta testing phase.
  • New infused items: 'Infused Bloodbag' and 'Infused Serpent Scale'.
  • A number of special effects updated and enhanced.
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes.


  • (Hotfix) Fixed an issue with the game running into an infinite loop when Thor would take damage from a non-character.


  • Possibility to bind Abilities C and D to a dedicated hotkey or shortcut. By default, these keys are not bound, so the same behavior as previously will take place (i.e. Abilities A and B + Blocking).
  • Added more weapon diversity to preferred weapons by each demigod, making more use of axes among other weapons. Please see the demigods table above for more details.
  • Vast re-balancing of abilities and attributes, with the most noticeable one being adjustment of the movement speed across several demigods.
  • Added a new demigod: 'Eir'. Eir is another Valkyrie, but with stronger healing powers and holy abilities overall.
  • Replaced ability 'Fire Aura' from Surtr with a fire shield, mitigating and reflecting incoming damage.
  • Ability 'Sacrifice' from Hel will make active skeletons explode, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Replaced some and added some new special effects.
  • A number of bug fixes and code refactoring in preparation for changes to make the mod fully playable in multi-player (work in progress).


  • (Hotfix) Fixed issues with visual effects in multi-player that were out of place and causing massive lag, by temporarily disabling them. This means a player will not see all other players' visual effects, but at least this is a work-around until the issue is permanently fixed.
  • Hel's weapon buffs now also apply to two-handed axes.


  • Added new consumable 'Infused Hard Antlers', which will increase your attack speed permanently. Can be consumed up to 5 times.
  • Significantly modified and enhanced attributes for Hel and Freyja with new effects.
  • Added new ability 'Meteor' for Hel which will summon a meteor from high up.
  • Several bug fixes and other enhancements.


  • Several abilities added and changed for Demigod 'Hel'. The class is now fully playable.
  • Fixed several issues related to visual effects when playing multiplayer, but not all.
  • Enabled compatibility with mod 'Agility' by 'blacks7ar'.
  • Other tweaks and fixes.


  • Fix for ability 'Dash', which was not consistently working after patch 0.217.29.
  • Some basic functionality for demigod 'Hel' (barely playable at this stage).


  • Added a new food item: 'Sweet Shrimp', which is one tier higher than 'Sweet Sushi'. Thanks to user @asghardien on Discord for the icon.
  • A few more tweaks done to Ullr, making the initial version of this demigod now completed.
  • Several bug fixes, re-balancing and some minor polishing.


  • Added 'Infused Feathers' for Ullr, including infusion effects for most abilities (except for one).
  • Replaced ability 'Tar Bomb' with 'Sense Creatures' for demigod Ullr.
  • (Hotfix) Forsaken power is now working normally again.
  • (Hotfix) Ullr is playable again.


  • Ullr significantly upgraded and now much more playable and fun. Several changes to abilities and attributes.
  • Demigod, attribute and ability settings set as advanced (you can still modify them).
  • Setting added to pin the closest merchant on the map. Disabled by default.
  • Setting added to disable passive visual effects surrounding the player.
  • Enabled compatibility with mod 'Auga'.


  • Added a new item: 'Infused Scrapped Leathers', which will decrease the time taken to passively regenerate one energy point. Pig farmer big way!
  • Added a new ability for Thor: 'Lightning Aura', which will increase your attack speed, movement speed, and stamina regeneration while active.
  • Added chain lightning capabilities for ability 'Lightning Strike' after infusion.
  • Ability 'Restoration' will no longer activate any forsaken powers.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Added and tweaked some abilities for Freyja, finalizing the core class.
  • All abilities and attributes are now displayed on the runestone menu.
  • Some more bug fixing and re-balancing.


  • Mod now supports Vulkan.


  • Freyja will now spawn deathsquitos when casting the 'Poison Cloud' ability (only after infusion).
  • Freyja will remove poison immunity from enemies by hitting them with any weapon or ability.
  • Ability 'Charm' has now a small chance to permanently tame animals (only tameable ones).
  • Further minor re-balancing.
  • Fixed several localization/text issues.
  • Fixed some bugs with the 'Charm' ability and the Wolf Meter (UI).


  • New demigods added: Freyja (90% completed) and Ullr (50% completed).
  • New ability added: Frost Nova (for Fenrir).
  • Several bug fixes and re-balancing.
  • Compatibility with patch 0.217.24.


  • Removed some special effects from characters on the main (selection) menu, which were causing issues (at least until a permanent fix is found).
  • Fixed the animation speed of abilities 'Ice Shards' and 'Lightning Strike' - they are faster now as initially intended.
  • Other small bug fixes and small performance improvements (mainly caching of animation clips).


  • (Hot Fix) Ability 'Fire Ball' and Staff of Embers were no longer working after update v0.5.1. They should work once again now.


  • New abilities added: 'Ice Shards' for Fenrir and 'Lightning Strike' for Thor. Those are ranged abilities that use eitr. Please see your in-game compendium for more details.
  • Minor bug fixes and further re-balancing.


  • New demigod added: Surtr.
  • New item added: Infused Chitin.
  • Balance changes to all demigods.
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • Applied a work-around fix for localization/translation files not loading due to a bug with the Thunderstore mod manager downloading all files into the root folder instead of the correct packed folders.
  • All buffs affecting bows will now also affect crossbows.
  • Added console commands. Please see above.


  • English translation keys which were missing, causing major issues, added.


  • Compatibility fixes with patch 0.217.14.


  • Initial early access release.