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Cheb's Mercenaries adds mercenaries to Valheim that you can purchase with gold and upgrade with materials to fight (warriors, archers) or perform work (lumberjacks, miners).

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.20.1


Cheb's Mercenaries

Cheb's Mercenaries adds mercenaries to Valheim that you can purchase with gold and upgrade with materials to fight (warriors, archers) or perform work (lumberjacks, miners).

It is related to my other mod called Cheb's Necromancy and shares a lot of concepts and functionality. It's basically for people that want living human minions rather than the undead.

Attention: PvP is a new feature in 2.2.3 and needs testing. By default, it is disabled. To turn it on, set PvPAllowed to true in the config. Your minions should now be hostile to other players. Please report problems here.

About Me

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I'm a YouTuber/Game Developer/Modder who is interested in all things necromancy and minion-related. Please check out my YouTube channel and if you like the work I do and want to give back, please consider supporting me on Patreon or throwing me a dime on Ko-fi. You can also check out my website where I host information on all known necromancy mods, games, books, videos and also some written reviews/guides.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the mod! If you have questions or need help please join my Discord.

Bisect Hosting

I'm partnered with Bisect Hosting to give you a discount when you use promocode chebgonaz.


Reporting Bugs & Requesting Features

If you would like to report a bug or request a feature, the best way to do it (in order from most preferable to least preferable) is:

a) Create an issue on my GitHub.

b) Create a bug report on the Nexus page.

c) Write to me on Discord.

d) Write a comment on the Nexus page.


  • Valheim Mistlands
  • BepInEx
  • Jotunn
  • Cheb's Valheim Library (included)

Installation (manual)

  • Extract the contents of the plugins folder to your BepInEx plugins folder in the Valheim directory.

A correct installation looks like:

├── Translations
├── chebgonaz
├── chebgonaz.manifest
├── ChebsMercenaries.dll
├── ChebsValheimLibrary.dll
└── ... other mods ...

Cheb's Valheim Library

Cheb's Valheim Library (CVL) is a DLL that contains shared code across my mods. For example, both skeletons from Cheb's Necromancy and mercenaries from Cheb's Mercenaries inherit the ChebGonazMinion type from CVL. This permits mercenaries to be commanded by a wand, and vice versa.

My mods are bundled with the latest CVL at the time of their release, but if you want to upgrade, you can get the newest CVL here.


Detailed info in the wiki. Here's the short version:

  • Almost everything is, or will soon be, configurable. Minions too weak/overpowered? Tweak them.
  • Craftable structure at the workbench:
  • Put coins and other items in the chest to recruit a mercenary:
    • Tier 1 warrior: 5 CookedMeat/Coins, 1 Club
    • Tier 2 warrior: 25 Coins
    • Tier 3 warrior: 50 Coins
    • Tier 4 warrior: 100 Coins
    • Tier 1 archer: 5 CookedMeat/Coins, 20 ArrowWood
    • Tier 2 archer: 50 Coins, 10 ArrowBronze
    • Tier 3 archer: 100 Coins, 10 ArrowIron
    • Miner: 5 Coins, 1 HardAntler
    • Woodcutter: 5 Coins, 1 Flint
    • Catapult: 25 Wood, 5 Core Wood, 1 Bronze
  • Put extra stuff in there to give the mercenary clothing:
    • Leather armor: 2 DeerHide/LeatherScraps/Scales
    • Troll armor: 2 TrollHide
    • Wolf armor: 2 WolfPelt
    • Lox armor: 2 LoxPelt
    • Bronze armor: 1 Bronze
    • Iron armor: 1 Iron
    • Black metal armor: 1 Black Metal
  • Ownership
    • Mercenaries have no owner until first activated (with E), after which they only ever respond to that one player.
  • Roam/Wait/Follow
    • Works the same as in Cheb's Necromancy
  • Weapons of Command can be crafted at the forge. They're equivalent to black metal weaponry and can be used to command groups of nearby mercenaries with:
    • F will make all nearby minions follow you.
    • T will make all nearby minions wait.
    • Shift+T will make minions roam.
    • G will teleport all following minions to your position (useful if stuck or to get them on boats)

With Cheb's Necromancy Installed

If you have Cheb's Necromancy 3.0.0 or newer installed beside the mod, the wand should also work to command the mercenaries with. Weapons of Command should also work to command the undead minions with.


Attention: To edit the config as described, the Configuration Manager is the most user friendly way. This is a separate mod. Please download and install it.

Press F1 to open the mod's configuration panel.

You can also edit the configs manually. Almost everything can be tweaked to your liking. For a complete list of all configuration options, please look here.

Known issues

  • Players with Radeon cards may experience weird issues. I don't know what's causing it, but it's linked to the particle effects. You can switch them off by turning RadeonFriendly = true in the config.

Known Incompatibilities

Future Ideas

  • Add backpack mercenary.
  • Add resource gathering mercenary.


You can find the github here.

Special Thanks


Date Version Notes
10/06/2024 2.4.1 Implement spawning of catapult; add console command to spawn mercenaries in with armor
06/02/2024 2.4.0 Add catapult
07/01/2024 2.3.0 PvP with friends as exceptions implemented via console commands.
Date Version Notes
22/12/2023 2.2.3 Permit PvP - if enabled, minions will attack players and creatures that are not their owner.
29/11/2023 2.2.2 Fix issue of configs not syncing reliably
07/10/2023 2.2.1 update missing custom shader in chebgonaz bundle
06/10/2023 2.2.0 update for hildr's
12/09/2023 2.1.2 Fix issue of armor not displaying properly on mercs; fix issue of skin colors not changing for mercs
10/09/2023 2.1.1 CVL updated to 2.3.1; add HeavyLogging config for optional heavy debugging; optimize adding of components to HumanMinion; add shebang to python scripts
23/08/2023 2.1.0 update for new valheim patch
28/07/2023 2.0.0 Workers should behave more realistically with gradual destruction of rocks, trees, etc.
23/07/2023 1.7.0 Add Russian translation & open untranslated parts of the mod up to future translation; update CVL to 2.1.2; permit tweaks of mercenary health in configs; fix diverse bugs eg. female workers not spawning with their AI attached
13/07/2023 1.6.0 Try to make workers behave better; update CVL to 2.1.0 to prepare for upcoming changes
17/06/2023 1.5.1 Fix roam distance not working; fix missing localizations
12/06/2023 1.5.0 Update for new Valheim version; mercs should now swim
31/05/2023 1.3.3 Add weapons of command
26/05/2023 1.3.2 Add beards and hair
25/05/2023 1.3.1 drops fixes
24/05/2023 1.3.0 Incorporate new resource requirement parsing
11/05/2023 1.2.1 Unbundle DLL to fix bug of wands not working; ignore collision with carts
02/05/2023 1.2.0 Commandable workers; If a woodcutter is swinging, but missing, the damage gets dealt anyway; remove tooltier stuff for simplicity and streamlining. People can use 3rd party item-alteration mods instead
21/04/2023 1.1.1 Possible frozen minions fix; mercenary laugh interval made 5x more infrequent
14/04/2023 1.1.0 Add female mercenaries; merge ChebsValheimLibrary.dll into ChebsMercenaries.dll for user convenience; add Polish translation
11/04/2023 0.0.5 upgrade ChebsValheimLib to 1.0.1 to fix ToolTier
09/04/2023 0.0.2 Bug fixes
08/04/2023 0.0.1 Initial release