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Saves your player profile more often.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2200 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2200



Saves your player profile more often.


PlayerProfile Saving

  • Your game will now save your character more often!
  • This means less annoyances if you crash or bug out!
  • Defaults to saving every 300s, configurable! (Game default and maximum is every 1200s).
  • Saves your current position as your logout point (defaults to true).
  • Shows a message when saving (also configurable).

MapData Compression

  • Compress the map data (using vanilla compression) of other worlds you have visited.
  • Enable this feature with the enableMapDataCompression config option (restart required).
  • Note: this is a non-reversible process.



  • Fixed for the v0.217.24 patch.


  • Extracted patch and config code into separate classes.
  • Removed async-saving of player profile to play nice with Unity threading.
  • Modified mod save logic to only save player profile (and not the world file) during a mod save.
  • Moved the compress map data feature to be behind a toggle in config.


  • Added manifest.json, icon.png and
  • Modified the project file to automatically create a versioned Thunderstore package.


  • Minor fixes to the UI.


  • Moved to compression-only of map data to utilized newly added compression in H&H update.


  • Added compression/decompression of map data for player profiles.