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Marketplace And Server NPCs Revamped

Mod adds Marketplace where people can sell/buy items and 8 more NPC's: Quests/ Trader / Banker / Teleporter / Info / Feedback / Gambler / Buffer

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


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Mod adds different NPCs and Unique mechanics to server so admins can configure them from serverside with no need to restart server for applying settings

Version Changes
9.3.3 Fixed a bug where marketplace would increase Cooking skill food values
9.3.2 Please note that all NPC's moved to separated hammer: MarketplaceHammer
9.3.1 Updated for Ashlands
9.2.9 Its not a real version. Just a keep alive update for current NON-PTB valheim patch. Waiting for Ashlands to release so i can update one more tiem with patchnotes
9.2.3 Added new quest event: OnQuestTimeout
Now all quest event commands are shareable with dialogue commands
Added and fixed some commands and mechanics
9.1.8 - 9.2.2 Fixes
9.1.7 Added compatibility with AUGA tooltips (quests,traders). Added NPC Pin Icon inputfield to NPC UI. Pin Icon can be any item/piece or cachedimages folder file
9.1.6 Fixed a bug where KGchat would prevent pings from showing on map
9.1.5 Updated for new Valheim version
9.1.4 Fixed trader ToBank button
Fixed Territories owner list not working
9.1.3 Added MHLevelMore and MHLevelLess condition
Few fixes
9.1.2 Fixed small bug with quests conditions
9.1.1 Added more GuildsAPI methods
Fixed territories priorities bug
Added more localization for lootboxes
9.1.0 Fixed for new Valheim version
Added new system: Lootboxes
Added new chat options
Added trader button to use items directly from banker / to banker
Removed pinned NPC and added that as UI option
Added various blaxxun's Guilds API to quest/dialogue conditions and commands
Added Dialogues to Distanced UI
Removed battlepass
Removed any possible "vip list" (distanced ui, IsVip condition, marketplace taxes)
9.0.14 Fixed Pinned NPC not being displayed on map on dedicated server
Added new dialogue/quest condition: IronGateStatMore/Less
CustomValues now may have icons
9.0.13 Added more info when config not being able to be parsed
New TerritoryFlag: GodMode
9.0.12 Fixed Gambler not working
Added CustomValue to trader exchange
9.0.11 Fixed Territory data not being updated in runtime
Added /mmapcontrol command to enable/disable NPC map control in debug mode
9.0.10 Fixed NPC not being able to place with hammer
9.0.9 Fixed NPC names showup
Fixed NPC patrol bugs
Fixed Teleporter not being synced at first load
9.0.8 Fixed WackyDB compatibility with modules.
Removed transmogrification VFX's due to non-readable mesh.
Removed all NPC models except default one, will later add skeleton/portal/questboard back as separated mod
9.0.7 Fixed CLLC compatibility with craft quest hook
9.0.6 Fixed configs subfolders not working with runtime save
9.0.5 Fixed compatibility with other PieceManager mods that blocked showing category
9.0.4 Fixed Groups compatibility
9.0.3 Fixed QuestEvents breaking config sync
Added new Dialogue Action: EnterPassword
9.0.2 Fixed scroll wheel camera in all UI's
9.0.1 Small hotfix: Fixed player being naked in menu and added new config for adminlist
9.0.0 Reworked all marketplace folders and how configs applied
Added Transmog Color choice + Item Preview button
Now if you have debug mode it allows you to control NPCs from Map window. Left click = Main UI, Right click = Fashion UI
New territory flags: ForceWind + DropMiltiplier (replaced NoCreaturesDrop), territory optimizations
Added mclearallquests + mclearquest commands for admins to remove quest data for other player
Added mcustomvalues command to show custom values saved in player
Added new dialogue conditions / actions: AddCustomValue, SetCustomValue, CustomValueLess, ModInstalled / More.
Trader now has new feature to add result items directly to bank if there is a posibility for it
Reworked leaderboard to allow it to be per steamid+_playername instead of just steamid bind
Reworked NPC Save / Load. Now its done via separated hammer Menu and .cfgs can be shared to other people much easily now. Saved npcs now also contain MAIN data as profile/model/dialogue/name
Fixed playertags to only affect visual name of player but not actual name (groups / other mods compatibility)
Battlepass removed due to CustomValue features
Added some debug tools for F2 menu (mostly for myself but maybe ill be handy for server admins)
Serverside MapPins folder was removed, use clientside CachedImages now
8.7.0 Leaderboard system added with custom Achievements system
Added players tag system
Traders now can sell Skill EXP
Added new folder: AdditionalConfigs with Quests/Dialogues/Territories folders where you can put additional .cfg files for corresponding NPC type (so you don't flood your main config file and split / manage it better)
Added Color attribute to dialogues
Added new dialogues commands / conditions
Added <image=link> tag for server info
Now if server info tag named [OnPlayerFirstSpawn] it will show UI when player first joins server
Bugfixes / optimizations
Transmogrification is now a free feature
Added Transmog to DistancedUI
Now you can use ! sign before dialogue condition to simply reverse it
Added gradients for Territory System colors
8.6.3 Posted / updated NPC Dialogues + Territory System guides on site
Added config option to specify banker interest items (All by default)
Added config option to set mailbox item wait time
Fixed gambler code
Now working with wackydb 2.0 (beta) cloned items
8.6.0 New system added: Mailbox
Finished NPC Dialogues system
Fixed Banker interest not working
Now Marketplace can use SOME of its features locally on client (to enable set config option to true on clientside)
New Quest Restriction - Time: value, allows quest to be time limited
Added NPC font support for chinese symbols and other languages special symbols
8.5.0 New system added: NPC Dialogue (guide soon)
New system added: Item Mocking (guide soon)
Fixed banker multiplier bug
Fixed KGchat text overflow
8.4.0 Player Territories removed. Please do not install this version until you replace Player Territories module on something else (Azumatt wards / e.t.c) (TerritoryDatabase is same and working, just not the players one)
Added KGchat as part of marketplace. Its enabled by default but you can turn it off in Main config on serverside. You can replace KGchat emojis in BepInEx/Config/MarketplaceEmojis. You will find spritesheet_original.png there, change pics on what you need and rename it to spritesheet.png
Added 2 new fields to fashion UI: Periodic Sound + Periodic Sound Time
Added new quest event: NpcText
Optimized mod by rewriting it almost from scratch. Now mod is open-source, check: for code
Added API for territories so other mods may use it (check github)
NPC's now won't show up in hammer menu if Debug Mode is turned off

Transmogrification system access has changed (now transmogrification is a separated DLL). If you bought Transmog access before this patch please contact me in discord KG#7777 so i can send you mod to enable Transmog
Other Other versions patchnotes on site

You can find all guides here:

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