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ValheimArmory aims to create a more diverse selection of weapons to make all playstyles feel fully supported at each level.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2200 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2200
ValheimModding-Jotunn-2.20.0 icon

Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.20.0


Valheim Armory

Valheim Armory is a small mod designed to fill gaps in the valheim ecosystem, making all playstyles feel supported at each biome.

This mod is balanced to be mostly lore friendly with a preference for fun and enjoyable scaling and mechanics. This mod is highly configurable, you can use all of it, parts or tune it as you need.

Got a bug to report or just want to chat about the mod? Drop by the discord or github.

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This mod will always have an up-to-date English localization, as that is what I can provide as its author. I occassionally generate missing translations with ChatGPT to fill in for un-trasnlated languages, however I am always open to community edits or new translations.

If you would like to contribute a new translation, or improve an existing one please feel free to reach out to me or provide a translation file in the same format as one of the existing ones. Found here


Here is a sample gallery of weapons added by this mod. Completed greatsword (2H) lineup from Meadows to Ashlands.

Sample Gallery of added content

Below is more information on all of the items added, what tier they are in, where they are crafted and at what progression point. All of the sections below are expandable to view the details. It is encouraged that you find these items by exploring and discovery, but many details about the items are listed here.

Boss Weapons


Eikthyrs weapons are split into two groups, one requiring the workbench and the other the forge. Meaning that some of these weapons will require metals from the black forest.
Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Antler Bow Workbench Post-Meadows VAAntler_Bow Antler Bow Icon
Antler Dagger Workbench Post-Meadows VAAntler_dagger Antler Dagger Icon
Antler Sword Workbench Post-Meadows VAAntler_Sword Antler Sword Icon
Antler Atgeir Workbench Post-Meadows VAatgeir_antler Antler Atgier Icon
Antler Greataxe Workbench Post-Meadows VAAntler_greataxe Antler Greataxe Icon


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Vine hammer Forge Post-Blackforest VAElderHammer Elder Sledgehammer icon
Vine shield Forge Post-Blackforest VAElderRoundShield Elders roundshield icon
Vine crossbow Forge Post-Blackforest VACrossbowElder Elders crossbow Icon
Vine sword Forge Post-Blackforest VAVine_Sword Elders Sword Icon
Vine mace Forge Post-Blackforest VAElder_mace Elders Mace Icon


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Skull hammer Forge Post-Swamp VABonemassWarhammer Bonemass Warhammer icon
Bone blade Forge Post-Swamp VABonemassGreatsword bonemass greatsword icon
Poisoned bone dagger Forge Post-Swamp VABonemassDagger Bonemasses dagger icon


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Dragonfrost sword Forge Post-Mountain VASwordModer Ice sword Icon
Dragonfrost spear Forge Post-Mountain VASpearModer Ice Spear Icon
Dragonfrost crossbow Forge Post-Mountain VACrossbowModer Mechanical Crossbow Icon
Dragonfrost shield Forge Post-Mountain VAModer_shield Moder shield
Dragonfrost dagger Forge Post-Mountain VAdagger_moder Moder dagger


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Goblin king atgeir Forge Post-Plains VAYagluthAtgeir darkmetal atgeir
Goblin king greatsword Forge Post-Plains VAYagluth_greatsword darkmetal greatsword
Goblin king knuckles Forge Post-Plains VAFist_Yagluth darkmetal knuckles


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Carapace sword Blackforge Post-Mistlands VASwordQueen carapace sword
Carapace dagger Blackforge Post-Mistlands VAdagger_queen carapace dagger
Pincer greatsword Blackforge Post-Mistlands VAQueen_greatsword pincer greatsword
Pincer greatbow Blackforge Post-Mistlands VAQueen_bow pincer greatbow
Arrows & Bolts


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Bone arrow Workbench Meadows VAArrowBone bone arrow icon
Chitin arrow Workbench Ocean VAchitinarrow chitin arrow icon
Ancient Wood arrow Workbench Swamp VAarrowancient ancient wood arrow icon
Surtling Fire arrow Forge Mountain VAarrow_surtling_fire surtling fire arrow icon
Blackmetal arrow Forge Plains VAArrowGreenMetal blackmetal arrow icon


Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Wood Bolt Workbench Blackforest VABoltWood wood crossbow bolt
Corewood Bolt Workbench Blackforest VABoltWood corewood crossbow bolt
Bronze Bolt Forge Blackforest VAbolt_bronze bronze bolt
Fire Bolt Workbench Blackforest VAFireBolt fire bolt
Poison Bolt Forge Swamp VAbolt_poison iron poison bolt
Surtling Bolt Forge Swamp VASurtlingBolt blackmetal surtling bolt
Frost Bolt Forge Mountain VAbolt_frost Silver Frost bolt
Obsidian Bolt Workbench Mountain VASurtlingBolt obsidian bolt
Needle Bolt Workbench Plains VASurtlingBolt needle bolt

Added Atgiers help fill in missing tiers.

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint Atgeir Workbench Meadows VAAtgeir_Flint flint atgeir icon
Royal Abyssal Atgeir Forge Mountain VAAtgeirchitin royal abyssal atgeir icon
Silver Atgeir Forge Mountain VASilverAtgeir silver atgeir icon
Eird Atgeir Blackforge Ashlands VAMeteorAtgeir meteor dagger icon

Greataxes (2H Axes)

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint Greataxe Workbench Meadows VAFlint_greataxe flint greataxe icon
Bronze Lumber Axe Forge Blackforest VAbronze_battleaxe bronze greataxe icon
Blackmetal Greataxe Forge Mistlands VAblackmetal_battleaxe blackmetal greataxe icon

Added Daggers

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Bronze Dagger Forge Blackforest VAdagger_bronze bronze dagger icon
Iron Dagger Forge Swamp VAdagger_iron iron dagger icon
Silver Dagger Forge Mountain VAdagger_silver silver dagger icon
Eird Dagger Blackforge Ashlands VAdagger_meteor meteor dagger icon

Added 2H Daggers

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint Daggers Workbench Meadows VADagger_Flint_2h flint daggers icon
Rascal Daggers Forge Blackforest VAdagger_bronze_2h rascal daggers icon
Rogue Daggers Forge Swamp VAdagger_iron_2h rogue daggers icon
Blackguard Runic Daggers Forge Mountain VAdagger_silver_2h blackguard runic daggers icon
Assassins daggers Blackforge Ashlands VAdagger_meteor_2h meteor dagger icon 2h

Added Crossbows

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Bronze Crossbow Forge Blackforest VACrossbowBronze bronze crossbow icon
Bronze Arbalist Forge Plains VAArbalistBronze bronze arbalist icon

Added Warhammers

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Silver sledge Forge Mountain VASilverSledge silver sledge icon
Skyshatter Forge Plains VAblackmetal_sledge blackmetal sledge icon

Added Shields

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Serpent Scale Buckler Forge Swamp VAserpent_buckler serpent scale buckler icon
Silver tower shield Forge Mountain VAsilver_tower silver wolf tower shield icon

Added Greatswords

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint Greatsword Workbench Meadows VAFlint_greatsword flint greatsword icon
Bronze Greatsword Forge Blackforest VAbronze_greatsword bronze greatsword icon
Iron Greatsword Forge Swamp VAiron_greatsword iron greatsword icon
Silver Greatsword Forge Mountain VAsilver_greatsword silver greatsword icon
Blackmetal Greatsword Forge Plains VABlackmetal_greatsword blackmetal greatsword icon

Added Swords

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint Sword Workbench Meadows VAFlint_Sword flint sword icon
Chitin Sword Workbench Blackforest VASwordChitin chitin sword icon

Added Hand weapons

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Flint knuckles Workbench Meadows VAFist_Flint flint knuckles
Bronze knuckles Forge BlackForest VAFist_Bronze bronze knuckles
Iron knuckles Forge Swamp VAFist_Iron iron knuckles
Magic Weapons

Added Magic weapons

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Druidic staff of spirit Workbench Swamp VAStaff_Druid_Spirit druidic spirit staff
Druidic staff of poison Workbench Swamp VAStaff_Druid_Poison druidic poison staff
Druidic staff of fire Workbench Swamp VAStaff_Druid_Fire fire druidic staff
Druidic staff of ice Workbench Mountains VAStaff_Druid_Ice druidic ice staff
Staff of Spirit Magetable Mistlands VAStaff_Spirit Staff of spirit
Staff of Poison Magetable Mistlands VAStaff_Poison fire druidic staff

Added Blood Magic weapons

Name Crafted At Stage prefab Icon
Blood bone battlepick forge BlackForest VABlood_Bones_pickaxe blood bone battlepick
Blood bone bow forge Mountains VABlood_bone_bow blood bone bow
Carapace bone bow Magetable Mistlands VAHeavy_Blood_Bone_Bow carapace bone bow


Everything is optionally configurable through the ingame mod configuration UI provided by BepinEx.

Otherwise a configuration file located at /BepInEx/config/MidnightsFX.ValheimArmory.cfg contains all of the configuration.

Configuration is server enforced your client will adopt to using whatever configuration is specified on the server when connecting.

Most configuration values are updated in real-time. Tune your weapons quickly!

Current configuration options:

  • Damage
  • Damage per level
  • Recipe
  • Stamina cost
  • Block amount
  • block per level
  • Crafted amount (where applicable)
  • movement speed (where applicable)
  • parry bonus (where applicable)
  • bow draw/crossbow reload time
  • crafting recipe
  • crafting station used
  • min level required to craft
  • recipe enabled
  • item enabled


Q. Valheim Enchanting System doesn't support these weapons?

  • A. There is a default VES config in the VA folder (VES.ValheimArmory.default.yml), it must be moved to the VES config folder. This gives you full control of configurations that are actually applied in regards to VES. The folder you should place this config file in is BepInEx\config\ValheimEnchantmentSystem\AdditionalEnchantmentReqs

Q. Epic Loot doesn't automatically drop these weapons, what gives?

  • A. There is a default Epic Loot config files (EpicLoot_Valheim_Armory.loottables.json, EpicLoot_Valheim_Armory.iteminfo.json) in the VA folder, they must be moved to the Epic loot config patches folder. \BepInEx\config\EpicLoot\patches

Q. Why does disabling the recipe do nothing?

  • A. You must have an item enabled, for the recipe disable flag to do anything. When an item is disabled it is completely removed from the game, so its recipe doesn't matter. Items can be uncraftable, and removed from the game seperately.

Q. I want to edit the text for a weapon, how do I do that?

  • A. You can download a copy of any of the language files available on github and place it at the following location: Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\ValheimArmory\Assets\Translations\YOUR_LANGUAGE_HERE\ValheimArmory.json this will override the default localization for VA for the language specified. This is localization sideloading that is supported through Jotunn I also accept language translation updates, if you want to translate or update an existing translation please reach out on the discord server or open a github ticket.

Q. Why does x weapon look bad?

  • A.
    • This is my first Unity, and Valhiem mod
    • My original goal with modding was to just make a singular new arrow
    • I'm not a gamedev, I suck at textures, modeling and don't know the unity loaders
    • I'm learning as I go, and welcome feedback
    • I do this in my few hours of free time, sometimes I don't have that time

Currently in-progress

Potential Spoilers!
  • Designing Boss Weapons for the mistlands

Boss Weapon Release roadmap

  • Additional weapon types for all existing bosses

The Boss weapon roadmap will take a number of updates. Feel free to submit ideas to the github.

Future Plans

Potential Spoilers!
  • Filling out boss weapons for most/all playstyles (long term)
  • Chitin Shield
  • Named Mace (blackmetal mace)
  • Better VFX for weapons
  • New spear alternatives
  • More magic (eitr) powered weapons (non-staves, post Ashlands update)

Installation (Automatic)

Just download with your favorite modmanager!

Installation (manual)

Toss the ValheimArmory folder and files into your plugins folder. Technically the only thing required is the ValheimArmory.ddl, configs will generate on first run.

Optionally follow the instructions to setup VES or Epic Loot configs.

  • VES or Epic loot configs should be placed in the required locations specified, these configurations are not auto-loaded to prevent this mods defaults from overriding your preferred configuration. Check the FAQ.


Please report any issues you encounter on the github issue tracker or ask for help on the discord


  • German translations provided by SACK3000
  • Chinese translations provided by ZhiTian Wu
  • Valheim Enchantment System config defaults by Aziraphale
  • Some texture resources generated from withpoly
  • Sword Model
  • Wolf head model
  • Hugo for his advice and help getting skinned meshes running
  • Jotun community for answering some silly questions :)
  • The Valheim team at Irongate which makes all of this possible!
  • Unity Ultimate VFX for some or partial visual effects