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A craftable whetstone to take with you on your epic journey.

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BepInEx pack for H3VR. Preconfigured and ready to use.

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A craftable whetstone to keep your weapons sharp on your epic quests. Whether seated at the fire, preparing for your battle, or spending time in your epic Viking armory, this whetstone will make sure your blade's edge is sharp and ready for war.


  • A craftable whestone with a custom sound effect and animation
  • A custom tooltip to indicate when your edge is becoming dull
  • Context-based sharpening: Seated by some sort of a fire will make your whestone more effective and your blade sharper (+10% damage) due to taking your time to sharpen, whereas being in haste, standing, etc., will only sharpen by +5%.
  • After a few dozen swings, your blade will need to be resharpened again. Use the tooltip by hovering over your weapon to see if it needs resharpening.
  • Only works on weapons with actual blades (sword, spears, axes, knives, etc.)

Author's Note:

It always felt right to me that when warriors gather by the fire, meat is roasting, and weapons are being sharpened. I wanted to share part of that experience with all of you, and I hope you like my whetstone mod! Thank you for giving it a try.