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QoL is a cheat / admin mod for Valheim.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1901


Quality of Life

QoL if a cheat / admin mod for both single and multiplayer games. It has standard cheats like God Mode, Unlimited Stamina etc, but also more advanced options like editing your skill levels, whether or not you should lose your inventory upon death etc.


Isn't this just a cheating mod?
Yes and no. Obviously it can be used as a cheating mod. But if that is what you want to do, why not? As long as you do not ruin the fun of others, you do you. That said, this mod is also very useful for server Admins as it can help them in several different ways.

Can I prevent players from using this on my server?
Not by default. If you have (a) mod(s) installed that prevents players from installing unapproved mods, then this mod will not work on your server either. QoL contains no code that tries to hide itself from usage or bypass any form of security.

Is this mod potentially dangerous for servers?
Technically yes. A user could for example abuse the mod to spawn hundreds of bosses in. Other than that however, QoL will never implement any truly dangerous features.

Which "dangerous" features will not be implemented into QoL?

- Overriding Wards
- Controlling Wards not belonging to the user
- Regenerating terrain / nature / dungeons
- Practically any feature that'll most likely affect other players on a large scale if abused

Which features does QoL have? Too many to describe all. Luckily the mod menu is designed to speak for itself. Nevertheless, if you still wish to read about them, here is the list:

- God Mode = Makes you invulnerable to damage
- Debug Mode = The game's default Debug Mode. Allows you to fly etc.
- Unlimited Stamina = Gives you unlimited stamina
- Unlimited Eitr = Sets your Eitr to 150 and keeps it that way
- Freecam = Allows you to freely fly around with the camera
- Fly Mode = Allows you to fly
- NoClip = Enables no clipping so you can fly through anything you want
- Ghost Mode = Makes you invisible to enemies, provided you are the instance owner (always true on single player)
- No Placement Cost = Allows you to build / craft without any resources
- Build Everywhere = Allows you to build regardless the location or whether it's supported or not
- Disable Durability Loss = Experimental Feature that disables durability loss on any item you craft after enabling this.
- Food doesn't degrade = Food degradation is disabled. It'll still timeout
- Food doesn't timeout = Food will not timeout
- No carry limit = Gives you practically no carry limit
- Quick Heal = Quickly heals you back to max health
- Give Rested = Gives you 1 hour Rested buff
- Explore Map = Explores the entire map
- Reset Map = Resets the entire map
- Editing all your skill levels
- Edit what happens upon death, like no item loss, no skill loss, no food loss, no status loss
- Sailing options like: Always wind in back and increasing sailing speed (again, must be instance owner)
- Guardian menu allows you to give yourself (and those around you) all Guardian powers
- Spawn menu allows you to spawn anything in you want
- Entitiy menu allows you to spawn any creature you want
- Misc menu allows you to teleport towards any online player