1.3.11 - Tooltip Improvements

  • Added a Default Complex Tooltip to ensure a tooltip is always available.
Changelog History (click to expand)

1.3.10 - Updates for 0.217.30

  • Fixed Tooltip issue when Augmenting or Crafting in EpicLoot
  • Fixed Connected Players Dialogue
  • Reduced Font in Crafting Bench Recipe List
  • Updated for Valheim 0.217.30

1.3.8/1.3.9 - Various Updates

  • Fixing RenderScale Setting to actually work.
  • Fixed Password Dialog and Reactivated it
  • Updated Settings to allow External Modification
  • Updated Tooltips to allowing showing of external customized data.
  • Updated Repair Icon for external expansion.
  • Now Compatible with KG's Valheim Enchantment System
  • 1.3.9 - Removes Debug Output

1.3.7 - Disabled Auga Password

  • Hotfix to disable the Auga Password Box

1.3.6 - Updated for Valheim 0.217.28

    • Auga now Supports Jewelcrafting.
      • The following features of Jewelcrafting are currently not implemented:
        • Item Socketing on the Gemcutter's Table.
        • Tooltips for Socketed Items show as the vanilla tooltip, not the Auga Tooltip.
      • These will be implemented in the near-term future updates.
    • Updated for Valheim 0.217.17 and 0.217.28.
    • Updated Unity to 2022.3.12!
    • Fixed text visibility issues in the Settings Window with respect to non-Latin languages.
    • Fixed the Settings Drop Down for Language and Resolution to FINALLY work appropriately.
    • Adding the Darken Background back to provide the shadowing
      • This also addresses mods that were keying off of the Darken gameobject for backwards compatibility.

1.3.5 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update Part 6

    • Comfy's Chatter UI Immersion
      • Chatter Buttons Now Show as Auga Buttons
      • Status Effects Auto-Hide to prevent overlapping of Chat Box when chatting.
    • Completely Rebuilt Auga Build Menu
      • Applies Auga theme to Sears Catalog
    • Fixed a repeating error on Death in the BarberController.
    • Fixed an issue where text could overlap in upgrade menu
    • Fixing Build Menu Categories with JVL and Hammer Tooling

1.3.4 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update Part 5

    • Refactored Auga to allow Vanilla Status effects to be added
      • I have re-enabled the Status Effect Template and Status Effect Root
        • Mods can now utilize these fields from the HUD.
      • This has allowed Valheim Legends to be compatible and fully functional with Auga
      • There is now a moveable window in Auga for Ability Buttons and Other Status effects in addition to the normal Status Effects List.
        • Defaults Ability Buttons position to just to the left of the Minimal Statuses under the map.
          • Will always stack vertically.
    • Refactored Barber UI for a better look.

1.3.3 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update Part 4

    • Added Auga UI for Barber Station
    • Adjusted Compatibility to re-enable SkillsDialog so that other mods can hook in to adjust skills as needed.
      • This is the second half to the change in EpicLoot to allow EpicLoot to send Skill Bonus information to the Auga UI.
    • Compendium Weakness Updates Wrong
    • Vegetation Settings were stopping at MEDIUM
    • Build Menu adjusted to ensure JVL does not complain

1.3.2 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update Part 3

  • Updating Shop Buy Text Button
  • Updating Text Input for Signs and Portals to Function
  • Updating a AugaTextsDialogeLore Error when in Compendium

1.3.1 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update Part 2

  • Updating Sleep Text to TMP Text

1.3.0 - Refactored for Valheim 0.217.24 Update

    • Passive Powers compatibility added to Auga
    • Compendium Weakness Updates Wrong (pre-existing bug)
    • EpicLoot +Weapon Skills aren't represented in Auga Skills Window (actual increase still applies) (pre-exisitng bug)
    • Mods that add Categories to Build Hud Cause Errors (pre-existing bug - due to a change in JVL)
      • Low priority, disable Auga Build Menu (in config) or Use Sears Catalog until fixed.
    • No Barber Station Auga UI (uses Vanilla UI)
    • No Current Players Auga UI (uses Vanilla UI)
    • Console Crashing
    • Fields Updated for TMP to allow loading
    • Rune Text Animation Display Not Working
    • Settings Errors out Hard
    • Compendium Left Scroll Alignment issue
    • Crafting Label Changes to "Label" when crafting
    • EpicLoot Error when viewing Enchanting Table in Auga
    • On Dedicated Servers, No Players Option (untested as to whether this will error)
    • MessageHud Causes null reference exception when unlocking known texts.
    • Auga's Build Menu updated, refactored, and working
    • Adjust Text values on Two Buttons and 4 Labels in Settings
    • Crafting Stats not Showing Up
    • Reclaim N Recycle Title overlapping
    • Trader Menu causing errors, not showing items.


  • Adding appropriate Dependency Checks to that Mod Detection actually works.
  • Fixing a logic error where it wasn't respecting the priority of Chatter and Sears Catalog correctly
    • This will provide the priority.


  • Fixed Password Dialogue Box
  • Fixed Console Issue
  • Fixed Chat Input positioning issue
  • Removed Blackbox from under Keybind in Hover Text's
  • Added Support for Comfy's Chatter Mod
  • Added Additional Support for Comfy's Sears Catalog


  • Hildir's Request 0.217.14 Update
  • Known Issue: The chat input box is in the middle of the box. Minor issue. Not game breaking.


  • Fixed the TextMeshPro Blurry Fonts (thanks to Azumatt).
  • Put NPC Text back into a smaller box so that the text wraps appropriately.
  • Fixed Outline around Biome Name


  • Password dialogue now hides password.
  • Auga API has been updated to allow TooltipTextBox AddLine to overwrite instead of add.
  • Fixed (again) Enemy Nameplates to be clear.
  • Added Outlines on some HUD TMP Text boxes that were missing


  • Fixing Password, Portal, Signs, and Tamable Inputs
  • Removed some left over debugging


  • Mini-map pins were not working.
    • Now have mini-map pins working.
  • Chat Window text now wraps
  • NPC Dialog now wraps


  • Updates Valheim 0.216.9
  • Adds in additional fonts to hopfully fix blurry text on unit frames.


  • Hotfix for Blurry Text
  • Added in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and other languages to fonts.
    • This should now make most languages appear correctly.
    • If you are still seeing boxes, please report that to the Discord.


  • Build Menu has been rebuilt to work with other mods that add hammers/categories.
    • Any mod using Jotunn 2.11.4 or higher to add categories will now work in build menu
    • This includes Odin Architect and ValheimRaft to name a few.
  • Added in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and other languages to fonts.
    • This should now make most languages appear correctly.
    • If you are still seeing boxes, please report that to the Discord.


  • Fixes random loading issues with camera and UI lock out.
  • Completely redesigned how StoreGui is attached to Auga.
  • Better Trader and Knarr the Trader both now work together


  • Better Trader now loads fully, and has been tested for compatibilty.
  • Knarr the Trader compatibility has been set.
    • Known Issue: Both Knarr and Better Trader currently don't work at the same time with Auga
  • Additional tweaks to Build Menu Controller in order to support Jotunn and HammerTime Compatibility


  • Build Menu now respects other mods changes to Categories
  • Build menu now has pagination of categories when needed.
  • Repair Icon is now activated and visible when in Debug/No Cost mode.
  • Store Gui has been reconfigured to allow other mods to utilize the Store/Trader


  • All Inventories now display Quality Diamond Correctly.


  • Updating Map to show Pin Labels
  • Updating Minimap Biome Label
  • Updating Inventory to load item Quality Diamond correctly.
  • Updating TextInput dialog boxes and providing Cancel and OK buttons
  • Added Build Menu Toggle Configuration setting for turning off the Auga Build Menu
    • This is for mod compatibility where otherwise the build menu would break
    • Setting requires a game relog/restart.


  • Fixed Chat Box
  • Fixed resolution settings from resetting everytime settings are changed.
  • All Player HUD Elements have been activated.
  • Build Menu has been restored.
  • Minimap has been restored.
  • Enemy Hud Restored
  • All Features of Auga should now be working.


  • Now Compatible with 0.214.300.5 of Valheim (latest branch)
  • 1.2.0 was one version behind and the latest version changed a field name breaking the Compendium.
  • NOTE:
    • All Menu's, Compendium, Settings, Inventory, and Crafting Interactions SHOULD be working without error.
    • All HUD Elements, like status bars, have been disabled, and the vanilla versions should be displayed.
      • This is temporary as we update the rest of the mod.


  • Initial Compatibility for Valheim 0.214.300 Update
  • All Menu's, Compendium, Settings, Inventory, and Crafting Interactions SHOULD be working without error.
  • All HUD Elements, like status bars, have been disabled, and the vanilla versions should be displayed.
    • This is temporary as we update the rest of the mod.
  • Adding in DiamondButton to Asset Bundle
  • Fixing Compendium Scroll Bar so that it will scroll all entries.


  • Hotfix for new settings from new Valheim version
  • Fix for store item tooltips


  • Fixed an issue with Lore Compendium not populating
  • Build Hud, Selected Piece, Top Left Message, Center Message, and Chat are all movable
  • Eitr stats correctly visible in tooltips
  • Upgrade item icon correctly displays on the crafting panel
  • Added two new loading screen art pieces from the official Valheim press kit
  • Minor scrollbar fixes in Compendium and Crafting panel


  • Fixed animating pause menu buttons
  • All HUD elements are now freely movable and scalable, use the config
  • Health bars are customizable: fixed size, text position, text display options


  • Updated for Mistlands!
  • Mistlands specific UI and tooltips added
  • Compatibility with Simple Recycling Fixed by remmiz


  • Temporary fix for Valheim v0.211 - disabled auga in main menu until I have time to build the new save management menus
  • Settings menu fixed


  • Hotfix for Valheim v0.209.8


  • Hotfix for Valheim v0.208.1


  • Fixed bugs with ZInput preventing Auga from running with the new Valheim update
  • Restored the vanilla logo in the main menu
  • Added support for MultiCraft!


  • Fixed Minimap/Map
  • Fixed Settings
  • Fixed issue with custom build menus (Odin's Architect, Clutter, Buildit, Planit)
  • Added ComplexTooltip callback to crafting menu
  • Updated API with callbacks for food, status effect, and skill tooltips as well


  • Fixed issue with tower shield tooltips
  • Fixed cartography table map issue
  • Fixed various screen alignment/resolution issues


  • Reupload with correct files


  • Fixed build HUD selector
  • Fixed some screen alignment/resolution issues
  • Hooked up Last IP Joined


  • Updated for H&H
  • Implemented Auga-style Stagger Bar


  • BetterTrader bugfix
  • Extended Item Data Framework compatibility (please update EIDF to 1.0.8)
  • Added BuildExpansion-like support
  • Fixed white square on store buy button
  • Added support for more skills on the skills page
  • Added trash support (like TrashItems), enable it in the config


  • Fixed overlapping names and health bars for enemies when using CLLC


  • Valheim+ Compatibility