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Updated for Ashlands. Now works with Oven smoke. Takes away smoke and keeps everything lit. Torches, Ovens, Hottubs, Smelters and adds Timed Torches

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2101


No Smoke Stay Lit Now with Timed Torches

Now with Ovens, Smelters, Braizers and Hottubs and Timed Torches

Keep your flames lit, items fueled and torches on a Timer. This mod combines a few of my other mods and creates a super simple config that allows anyone to have the features they need.

  • Now turn off the smoke to ovens.

  • Select the items to be fueled

  • Complete customization of Torches, Smelters, HotTubs, Ovens

  • Keep some torches on timers and other on all the time.

  • Stop the smoke and stack those smelters

  • ServerSync to push configurations to all users - Ability to turn off

  • New sliders for Torch Timers. Select your hour and min... I do all the math automatically.

Bug reports should go on this site or my Github.
Chat with me on Discord

About the Mod:

I had issues keeping several mods updated with overlapping features. I combined them into this one and created a super simple config so everyone can easily chose the features they need for their type of gameplay.

Turn version-check off in the config if having troubles or it is not needed for your gameplay.


  • Aedenthorn because without her code repository, I would have never understood how to do any of this.
  • Azumatt for help with the braziers
  • Red Seiko (Comfy) for guidance on the configuration file
  • Marfinator for allowing me to use some code from his awesome mod "Fuel Eternal"


Settings Image Settings Image

Completely redone with everything selectable and even the ability to add custom items.

The config file is located in "<GameDirectory>\Bepinex\config" (You need to start the game at least once, with the mod installed to create the config file).

To view or add items this mod affects:

See the images for a list of configurable items.

List of supported objects:

Config Option Definition
fe_fire_pit Allow eternal fuel for Campfire
fe_bonfire Allow eternal fuel for Bonfire
fe_hearth Allow eternal fuel for Hearth
fe_piece_walltorch Allow eternal fuel for Sconce
fe_piece_groundtorch Allow eternal fuel for Standing iron torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_wood Allow eternal fuel for Standing wood torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_green Allow eternal fuel for Standing green-burning iron torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_blue Allow eternal fuel for Standing blue-burning iron torch
fe_piece_brazierfloor01 Allow eternal fuel for Standing brazier
fe_piece_brazierceiling01 Allow eternal fuel for Hanging brazier
fe_piece_jackoturnip Allow eternal fuel for Jack-o-turnip
fe_piece_oven Allow eternal fuel for Stone oven
fe_piece_bathtub Allow eternal fuel for Hot tub
fe_smelter Allow eternal fuel for Smelter
fe_blastfurnace Allow eternal fuel for Blast furnace
fe_eitrrefinery Allow eternal fuel for Eitr refinery
fe_custom_instance Allow to manage fuel for custom items added by other mods
fe_piece_walltorch_timer Allow timer fuel for Sconce
fe_piece_groundtorch_timer Allow timer for Standing iron torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_wood_timer Allow timer for Standing wood torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_green_timer Allow timer for Standing green-burning iron torch
fe_piece_groundtorch_blue_timer Allow timer for Standing blue-burning iron torch
fe_piece_brazierfloor01_timer Allow timer for Standing brazier
fe_piece_brazierceiling01_timer Allow timer for Hanging brazier
fe_piece_jackoturnip_timer Allow timer for Jack-o-turnip
fe_custom_instance_timer Enable Timers for items added by other mods
keepOnInRain Keep fires lit even when raining and wet
configOnTime Hours and Mins Convert desired time to military time (24hr) and /24. Use the new slider for super simple config
configOffTime Hours and Mins Convert desired time to military time (24hr) and /24. Use the new slider for super sipmle config
configAlwaysOnInDarkBiomes Always On In Dark Biomes or storming
fe_fire_pit_smoke Enable eternal Smoke for Bonfire
fe_hearth_smoke = Enable Smoke for Hearth
fe_piece_brazierfloor01_smoke Enable for Standing brazier
fe_piece_brazierceiling01_smoke Enable timer for Hanging brazier
fe_smelter_smoke Enable Smoke for Smelter. This disables Smelter Stacking
fe_oven_smoke Enable Smoke for Oven
all fire sources can be added
  • Custom modded items can be added as well..

Installation: (manual)

Put on client and server. Server will push down the settings and lock the config.

Extract DLL from zip file into "<GameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins"
Start the game.

Version Information


  • Fixed problem with ovens and other items causing RPC errors.


  • Update for Ashlands


  • updated for Valheim 0.217.28 - Fix for scrolling error


  • updated for Valheim 0.271.22


  • cleaned up some wording in the gui when hovering over a torch with "stay lit" feature turned on.


  • Updated for Hildir's Request


  • updated to newest patch of valheim 0.214.300


  • updated to newest Valheim patch


no changes version bumped to match Thunderstore.


  • Final fix for ovens. Smoke can now be turned off.


  • ovens have been removed until a bug can be found and fixed.

2.2.2 Release

  • fixed bug with oven

2.2.1 Release

  • Added no smoke for ovens.

2.2.0 Release

  • Fixed bug with smelter not working when turning on smoke
  • Added a fuel check so mods that automatically add fuel don't add fuel to torches/firepits/hearths that are set for eternal fuel.

2.1.0 Release

  • Added the ability to turn back on the smoke for some items.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Timed Torches feature
  • Tested with some custom items.

2.0.0 Release

  • Complete rewrite of Mod to include Timed Torches and several other features
  • Look at the Images for information regarding Config Options


  • fixed bug in torches. They now stay lit, dry and fueled accordingly.


  • Fixed errors in 1.1.4 resulting in object not set to an instance.


  • Add ability to turn off client checking for ServerSync. If you are having problems with ServerSync turn this off

  • Figured out how to turn smoke off for Braziers. Thank you Azumatt for the help

  • Removed smoke from Smelters so they can now stack on top of each other


  • Fixed the packaged files.


  • Update to newest release of Mistlands 0.212.7


  • Server Sync and version check - Courtesty of Azumatt's amazing youtube tutorial
  • Allowed for all firesources
  • Better compatibility with my Timed Torchese mod


  • Updated to newest Beta Valheim Version (Mistlands)
  • Fixed incorrect Nexus ID and placed correct ID of 2027


  • initial release