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Adds more than 200 food recipes inspired on cultural nordic delicacies, with norse mythology references to fit the game.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202
WackyMole-WackysDatabase-2.3.9 icon

WackysDatabase allows you to control all items/recipes/pieces/creatures/materials/textures via YML files with ServerSync and so much more.

Preferred version: 2.3.9


Valheim Cuisine

While being lore-friendly, the mod grants a different approach on meals, especially if you're tired of gathering all those resources and not using them mid or late-game. Valheim's Cuisine gives a little more flexibility on food preparation, making good of what you have on your inventory at the moment and gives more purpose for collecting different kinds of foods and materials from different biomes.

The recipes are inspired on existing delicacies from the nordic countries, many of which trace back to the viking age, such as skause (boiled meat stew), hákarl (fermented shark meat) and morrpølse (offal meat sausage). They also reference various myths, stories, cultural aspects and social roles of the vikings, to better fit into the game.


  • More than 200 new recipes inspired on cultural nordic delicacies, with norse mythology references to fit the game;

  • Legendary recipes: special recipes with special effects obtainable only through a new crafting station, the cauldron Eldhrímnir. The foods have higher stats and higher duration than conventional foods and the potions are pretty overpower strong (don't worry, it won't break your game, they're pretty hard to make);

  • Banquets: multi-course meals, with high stats and greater duration, but heavier in weight and a decrease in movement speed;

  • Recipes using every single fish in the game, so now fishing actually pays off. Instead of just hanging fish on the wall, cook them!;

  • More oven recipes;

  • More cooking station recipes;

  • Fermented foods, obtained through the fermenter;

  • Useful potions and meads, craftable through the cauldron or via fermenter or exclusively sold by Haldor;


  • Balance may be a tricky thing; the more recipes there are, the more difficult it gets. Furthermore, since every player has it's own mod setup, this mod will never be fully balanced for each user. The mod's balancing try to follow the game's logic, so values use biome level, ingredient quantity, ingredient rarity and recipe complexity as criteria. If these values don't fit your game (if you use mods that increase the game's difficulty or if you use Epic Loot and want to remove trophies from recipes, for example), you can change most of them in the config file XutzBR.ValheimCuisine.cfg;

  • Item effects are also configurable (if you want to remove the speed penalty of banquets, for example), but through wacky's database files. On WackysDatabase page you'll find how to properly edit things. Everything with the prefix VC_ is related to the mod;

  • In the mod’s configuration file, drops are displayed like CreaturePrefab:DropChance:DropQuantity1:DropQuantity2. So, if you want greydwarfs to have a 10% chance to drop the Herbal Remedy for example, go to [Herbal Remedy] and on Drops from, put Greydwarf:0.1:1. Note that the second drop quantity don't need to be filled. If you fill it like Greydwarf:0.1:1:2, means that greydwarfs have a 10% chance of dropping 1 or 2 herbal remedies;

  • If you use CLLC, depending on how you configure it, Valheim Cuisine's droppables can "break" the game. Bloodmoon Stew, for example, has a 1% chance of dropping 1 from cultists (0.01:1 in the config file). It's a rare drop and it's designed to be that way. When using CLLC, that chance may increase and almost every cultist you kill will drop it. So either decrease the chance (set it to 0.001:1 for example) or remove the drop possibility (set it to 0:0 or erase it). Checkout the google docs file to see which items drops from what (it's at the bottom on the "Droppables" chart);

  • For the mod to work properly, you SHOULD use Recipe Description Expansion, because Valheim's Cuisine have some "flavor texts", thus longer descriptions. It's not necessary to use it, but it's highly recommended;

  • The item Jörmungandr Stew displays a 0% reduction of stamina used while swimming, while it should display -25%. The item is not broke, only the display is wrong;

  • Eldhrímnir have no visual effects compared to the conventional cauldron. This will remain until I fix it;

  • To simulate long shelf life of fermented foods (except for skyr, which is dairy), their stack has been significantly raised;

  • The quality of the translations (other than the original english and the brazilian portuguese one) are not my responsability. If you think you can do better, send me your version of it (instructions on "Available Translations" topic);

Updating (manual)

  • Delete previous version of the ValheimCuisine.dll AND XutzBR.ValheimCuisine.cfg, as well as files with the prefix VC_ inside config/wackyDatabase/Effects folder (if you have them) and the files Piece_fermenter.yml, Piece_piece_cookingstation_iron.yml and Piece_piece_oven.yml inside config/wackyDatabase/Pieces folder (or edit them and remove the mod's references, if you use them for semething else) and install the newest version normally.

Available Translations

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro
  • Spanish / Español
  • Korean / 한국인
  • Translate it to your language here.


Recommended Mods


  • 2.0.9 - Fixed Shroom Mead, Shroom Beer and Boar Ham stack sizes.

  • 2.0.8 - Fixed Shroom Mead and Shroom Beer (now they will behave as consumables); Fixed stack size of Heiðrún, Suttungr and Hörgr Meads; Korean translation available; Corrected spanish texts.

  • 2.0.7 - Updated to Ashlands; Oven, fermenter and cooking stations now in use, thanks to WackysDatabase, so usage of the charcoal kiln to make food is now terminated (yay!). IMPORTANT: you NEED Wacky's DB to use this version; Added, removed and renamed a lot of stuff; Rebalanced a lot of values and added effects to some recipes; Greatly increased banquets' duration; Remade a lot of icons to try to match the game's art; Added recipes with bukeperries as requested; Added and remade some recipes to include raw fish, acorn, neck meat, bilebag, blood clot, barley and hare meat, which seemed forgotten; Reworked Hákarl, Lutefisk and Skyr (now they're obtained through the fermenter); Legendary recipes now require a special cauldron, Eldhrímnir. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 2.0.6 - Now working with patch 0.217.24; Aside from the Legendary Recipes, all recipes with special effects have had their duration increased to work properly with food degradation (effects will end before the food's icon starts to flash), therefore, their ingredient cost has been raised to compensate; Reduced required ingredients of a lot of recipes. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 2.0.5 - Updated russian texts; Fixed and nerfed Vættir Tears; Fixed Grilled Cheese; Changed ingredients of the mixtures, now they're harder to craft; Updated icons; Added materials Barnacles and Unbaked Raspberry Pie; Added foods Iced Marinated Berries, Cooked Barnacles, Mead Braised Barnacles and Raspberry Pie. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 2.0.4 - Now working with Hildir's Request; Added high temperature recipes (use stone pots and are cooked in the bursting inferno of the charcoal kiln): Karl's Invigorating Stew, Jugged Neck, Paltbröd, Rúgbrauð, Álfablót Hearty Stew and Jugged Hare (Bacon Wrapped Tetra, Ulv Tail Stew and Vingólf's Main Course moved to this category); Added Haldor exclusive potions (potions only obtained from Haldor): three potions to help in everyday tasks (Lumberjack's Philter, Fisherman's Philter and Miner's Philter), three potion categories increasing combat abilities, focusing on the 3 basic rpg classes, warrior, rogue and mage (Brynhildr's Might, Reginleif's Cunning and Göndul's Witchcraft), an all-stats restoration potion (Eir's Mending), two regeneration potions mimicking the ligering stamina mead, one for health and another for eitr (Hvergelmir Drops and Urðarbrunnr Drops); Updated some icons; Updated some values; Changed a few recipe ingredients to use new items; Added materials Stone Pot, Uncooked Karl's Stew, Uncooked Jugged Neck, Uncooked Wrapped Tetra, Uncooked Ulv Stew, Uncooked Álfablót Stew, Uncooked Jugged Hare, Uncooked Vingólf's Meal, Paltbröd Dough, Rúgbrauð Dough, Landvidi Roots (dropped from Zil) and B'Ooze Base; Added potions Vættir Tears and B'Ooze; Added foods Honey Glazed Carrots, Honey Glazed Turnips, Troll Jerky, Húskarl Lox Ribs, Mushroom Soup, Shaman's Infusion and Élivágar Tea. Checkout google docs file for more information. Russian and german texts not yet updated.

  • 2.0.3 - Now working with latest Valheim update. Working fine on server.

  • 2.0.2 - Korean translation.

  • 2.0.1 - German translation.

  • 2.0.0 - New supported languages: russian and spanish; Fixed Hákarl's weight and other item weights; Fixed Völva's Potent Brew, so now it actually works as it should; Fixed banquet's timing, so you can consume them properly after degradation; Upgraded a lot of icons; Seared Leech Liver renamed to Blodpølse and Mountaintop Skause renamed to Ýdalir Skause; The mixtures (jöfurr, úlfhéðnar and einherjar) and Lox Milk are potions now, instead of food; Raised Lox Milk's drop chance to 60% and amount to 2 or 3; Decreased Dvergr Tonic drop chance to 8%; Decreased Bloodmoon Stew drop chance to 1%; Done a lot of rebalancing, using biome level, item rarity and recipe complexity as criteria; Rebalanced banquets, so they're now very different from one another; Added materials Troll Meat and Ghostly Remains; Added potions Goði's Concoction, Lupine Extract, Hauler's Potion and Vanir Elixir; Added banquet Dvalinn's Hall Banquet; Added foods Troll Stew, Cured Pork, Root Soup, Hunter's Stew, Bacon Wrapped Tetra, Berserker Svið, Járnviðr Skause, Traveller's Porridge, Warrior's Pottage, Wolf Wraps, Chopped Shrooms, Vingólf's Main Course, Adventurer's Porridge, Galgviðr Skause, Meatbug Ragout, Grilled Cheese n' Jelly, Icelandic Fish Fritters, Ashlandic Fish Skewer and Myrkálfar's Fish Stew. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 1.0.43 - Yet another bug fixing. Changed Mímirsbrunnr Drops drop origin from dvergr crates to dvergr support mage, since it wasn't dropping from the crates.

  • 1.0.42 - Fixed log warnings; Fixed Lox Milk and other items that share the same model's missing textures, thus fixing a bug that caused the game to freeze and crash for some players; Fixed Crispy Puffers recipe; Fixed Blueberry Eyescream name; Raised Einherjar Mixture costs.

  • 1.0.41 - Fixed Sæhrímnir regeneration bug.

  • 1.0.4 - Fixed banquets, so you'll be able to actually consume them now; Fixed Serpent Svið icon; Added effects to Legendary recipes; Rebalanced some recipes, mostly Ocean ones, they were a little overpower; Added a 5% chance of Fenring Cultists dropping the Bloodmoon Stew; Changed King's Jam name to Iðunn's Confiture; Added Jöfurr Mixture, Eikthyr Svið, Ullr's Hunting Philter, Ancient Bark Flour, Tunnbröd, Einherjar Mixture, Dvergr Tonic and Mímisbrunnr Drops. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 1.0.3 - Fixed log warnings; Balanced values, so that the recipes benefit stamina as well; Raised stats of ocean recipes, making them the most rewarding; Fixed some items not stacking; Fixed effect of Dvergr Miner Broth; Chopped Veggies craft amount is now 2; Added Pottage, Jomsviking Stew; Ashlandic Fish Soup; Icelandic Fried Fish and Grouper Pottage. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 1.0.2 - Balanced recipes with fish, to make fishing more rewarding; Added Boar Svið, Myrkviðr Skause, Jormungandr Stew, Serpent Svið, Tuna with Herbs and Njörðr's Favorite. Checkout google docs file for more information.

  • 1.0.1 - Úlfhéðnar mixture nerfed (too op)

  • 1.0.0 - Release

Fun Facts

  • There are several references for another game that I love called Gothic 3 (Meatbug Ragout, Tunnelrumbler, Nogginfog);


And finally...

Well, finally, if you like the mod, please leave your like and if you experience any issues, please report it on the mod's Nexus page so it can be fixed right away. If you don't like the balancing, share your opinion, I'm opened for suggestions and requests.

If there are any grammar errors in this mod page, please forgive me, english is not my native language.

Thanks for the support!