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All wood constructions and vegetation become burnable. Also contains eternal fire weapons, waterbombs, lightning events and locations. Highly configurable! Offers a playable fire spreads version for early game biomes.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202 icon

BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202
ValheimModding-Jotunn-2.20.0 icon

Jötunn (/ˈjɔːtʊn/, 'giant'), the Valheim Library was created with the goal of making the lives of mod developers easier. It enables you to create mods for Valheim using an abstracted API so you can focus on the actual content creation.

Preferred version: 2.20.0



Makes all wood constructions and vegetation burnable! In contrast to the vanilla Fire Hazards this mod offers a playable and more realistic alternative for early game biomes. All visuals are FPS gated; set your desired minimum FPS in the config. Made for dedicated servers. Contains late game eternal fire weapons, a waterbomb, lightning events and locations. Highly configurable! Save your world beforehand!

Upgrading from previous versions

If you are updating from a version prior 3.1.0 or adding this mod to an existing world, the locations won't be there as they are generated at world generation. You can use the Upgrade World mod to generate the locations using the following console commands: locations_add locFarmMeadows locations_add locTrollBurnLog locations_add locSwampShipBurn locations_add locPlainsBurn locations_add locMountainCultists locations_add locAshlandsShip start

Installation (manual)

  • extract the content of the plugins directory into your BepInEx/plugins directory (you may create a new folder within the plugins directory)


  • every wood piece becomes burnable
  • vegetation becomes burnable (not ignitable with normal weapons, vegetation always drops coal)
  • dynamic quality control to reach target fps
  • highly configurable - see mod page for more information
  • fire may spread from fireplaces
  • eternal fire weapons
  • rain may extinguish fire
  • water (waves) may extinguish fire
  • waterbomb to extinguish fires or just soak others
  • ligthning events
  • fire locations

Client Configuration

  • TargetFPS: fire quality will be reducued to reach at least target FPS (+-5)
  • ClutterDistance: by default clutter is only generated up to a distance of 45m. You can see the grass appear and disappear when you move. Increasing the clutter render distance may cause FPS drops.
  • VisualDebug: visualize where the fire is going to spread to; for debugging only. Changing parameter during runtime will case artifacts

Server Configuration

  • FejdStartupFire: fire on menu/startup screen
  • AdoptVanillaFire: adopts the vanilla fire to better fit with this mod (disabling is not adviced)
  • KeepAshlandFireVanilla: ashland fire stays vanilla to get the original experience in ashlands
  • WntBurnable: building pieces become burnable
  • WntSpawnVanillaFire: destroyed burning pieces spawn a fireball (vanilla fire with reduced damaged) on the ground
  • VegegationSpawnVanillaFire: destroyed burning vegetation spawn a fireball (vanilla fire with reduced damaged) on the ground
  • VegetationBurnable: vegetation becomes burnable
  • FireSpreads: should fire spread to connected pieces
  • MaxFireHealth: amount of fire damage the piece may consume before starting to burn
  • FireDamage: amount of fire damage per second
  • FireDamageCausesBurning: otherwise only eternal fire weapons cause burning
  • LightningDamageCausesBurning: otherwise only eternal fire weapons cause burning
  • FireSpreadDamage: amount of fire spread damage against MaxFireHealth per second
  • ConnectedNonBurnableDamage: burning pieces apply this amount of damage per second to connected non burning pieces
  • ReducedWetFactor: percentage fire damage is reduced to when wet (rain or snow)
  • IncreasedWindFactor: faster spreading under windy conditions
  • BurningDropsCoal: burning pieces only drop coal when destroyed
  • StopBurningHealthPercentage: stop burning if health is below this percentage (0-1)
  • SpreadFromFireplaces: if true, fire may spread from fireplaces
  • UpwardSpreadMultiplier: increased fire spread upwards
  • EternalFlameWeaponsCraftable: shall the eternal fire weapons be craftable
  • WaterBombCraftable: should the waterbomb be craftable?
  • MaxBurningPieces: limit the number of burning pieces per scene
  • CalculationBatchSize: internal parameter; how many pieces to process per frame
  • FireSpreadDistance: distance to other pieces the fire may spread to
  • RainExtinguishesProbability: probability rainy weather extinguish fire (per piece per state update)
  • RainExtinguishesCovered: probability rain extinguishes fire on pieces under cover
  • TreeBurnRadius: factor for the distance player starts to burn near trees (needs restart)
  • EventImmediateFire: fire/ligthning hit damage immediately ignites fire during these events
  • EnvironmentalEffects: add environmental effects
  • NonBurnablePrefabs: names of prefabs that should not be burnable (comma separated list)
  • NonBurnableLocations: comma separated list of non burnable locations (skip certain locations from loading on startup)
  • EventThunderstruckBiome: Event ThunderStruck biomes
  • EventThunderstruckDuration: Event ThunderStruck duration in sec
  • EventThunderstruckReqGlobKey: Event ThunderStruck required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThunderstruckNotReqGlobKey: Event ThunderStruck not required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThunderstruckSpawnInterval: Event ThunderStruck lightning interval in sec
  • EventThunderstruckMinSpawnRadius: Event ThunderStruck lightning min spawn radius
  • EventThunderstruckMaxSpawnRadius: Event ThunderStruck lightning max spawn radius
  • EventThundersnowBiome: Event ThunderSnow biomes
  • EventThundersnowDuration: Event ThunderSnow duration in sec
  • EventThundersnowReqGlobKey: Event ThunderSnow required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThundersnowNotReqGlobKey: Event ThunderSnow not required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThundersnowSpawnInterval: Event ThunderSnow lightning interval in sec
  • EventThundersnowMinSpawnRadius: Event ThunderSnow lightning min spawn radius
  • EventThundersnowMaxSpawnRadius: Event ThunderSnow lightning max spawn radius
  • EventThunderstormdryBiome: Event ThunderStormDry biomes
  • EventThunderstormdryDuration: Event ThunderStormDry duration in sec
  • EventThunderstormdryReqGlobKey: Event ThunderStormDry required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThunderstormdryNotReqGlobKey: Event ThunderStormDry not required GlobKeys (, separated)
  • EventThunderstormdrySpawnInterval: Event ThunderStormDry lightning interval in sec
  • EventThunderstormdryMinSpawnRadius: Event ThunderStormDry lightning min spawn radius
  • EventThunderstormdryMaxSpawnRadius: Event ThunderStormDry lightning max spawn radius
  • PreloadLocations: Since patch 0.217.46 locations need to be loaded to add fire. Preloading locations will add 20-60 seconds to session startup time. Otherwise fire will be added to locations at runtime, this may cause jitter when moving between zones.
  • LocationFarmMeadowsAmount: How many burning meadows farms to generate during world generation.
  • LocationTrollBurnLogAmount: How many Trolls with a burning log to generate during world generation.
  • LocationSwampShipBurnAmount: How many karves with greylings to generate during world generation in the swamps.
  • LocationPlainsBurnAmount: How many burning Plains fields to generate during world generation.
  • LocationMountainCultistsAmount: How many cultist locations to generate during world generation in the Mountains.
  • LocationAshlandsShipAmount: How many burning ships to generate during world generation in Ashlands.


  • BepInEx
  • Jotunn, the Valheim Library