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Happy Hour

Drinks for everyone! Adds a custom bar workbench and craftable beverages, and 2 modern watercraft

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Happy Hour

Introducing Modern beverages to fill your Tavern

- Custom crafting station to craft the items
- Drinks act as tankards do and require potions to get the drinking animation
- beer and wine mead that you brew in the Cask to create wine/beer "potions" that are drinkable every 20 seconds
- grape seeds can be crafted from blueberry seeds to grow grapevines which produce grapes. Found in cultivator!
- 2 MODERN watercraft, JonBoat and JetSki

Everthing is editable in the massive config file!
The watercraft are a bit faster than vanilla boats, and can be turned off in the config

Version Control
Delete your old config if Updating
0.1.1 - Valheim game update
0.1.0 - hildr update
0.0.9 - new release update
0.0.8 - Performance update, reduced modsize over half. Fixed a few minor problems
0.0.7 - grapvine lod fix
0.0.6 - whoopsies
0.0.5 - destroyed beer icons sorry, got rid of red errors and yellow errors. quick patch to fix errors, will update again soon with new content
0.0.4 - many tweaks, added 2x TRAMPOLINES
0.0.3 - many tweaks
0.0.2 - Fixed stout can, viper can; adjusted watercraft
0.0.1 - Release

All of my Mods Appear to be working on newest Update, Please report any bugs

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This mod was commissioned by Wd40PYRO

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Thanks for downloading Happy Hour!

Disclaimer: for entertainment only, any representations of actual products are strictly for fun and this mod will never be monetized in any way. You can always tip your bartender though!