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Configurable intensity and range of player built light sources, reduces flicker, allows fire to be built on wood surfaces, increases warmth range, and removes shadows. Now supports custom sources and Wisp Light, said to increase fps

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Light Tweaks

check the config! SERVER SYNCED, some not
Makes fire pieces buildable on wood

Increases the range of all light sources to 20. Vanilla usualy 10 - 20, configurable
Increases the intensity of all light sources to 1.2. Vanilla usually 1 - 1.5, configurable
Decreases the flicker intensity of all light sources to .01. Vanilla usually .1, configurable
Decreases the flicker speed of all light sources to 1. Vanilla usually 10, configurable
Option to remove shadow
Mist Torch configs!
Wisp Light configs!
BetterLanterns, Odins Architect, OdinsKingdom sources now included
Should help decrease latency from needing less lights
For now you must log out and back in to see config changes
Join the Journey

This mod idea began from Phantom!!

All of my Mods Appear to be working on newest Update, Please report any bugs

Version Control <br<0.1.3 - valheim version update <br>0.1.2 - fixed shadow toggle bug and now affect all custom sources
0.1.1 - added new iron fire pit, and dverger standing and wall lantern
0.1.0 - added custom light sources to patch from BetterLanterns, Odins Architect, OdinsKingdom. Added Demister section in config for the wisp light
0.0.9 - added Mist Torch configs
0.0.8 - forgot to add hearth :)Thanks Amateru!
0.0.7 - added the config to Remove Shadows
0.0.6 - range of Fire status effct now configurable, delete your configs, values are vanilla when you download
0.0.5 - added all fire pieces to be buildable on wood
0.0.4 - changed default values
0.0.3 - added flickering control
0.0.2 - code tweaks
0.0.1 - Release!