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Adds many features and changes to bow gameplay.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.1501


Better Archery


´╗┐WARNING! Don't forget to read the compatibility section and make a backup before you go.

If you have any suggestions, problems. Please notify me on Nexus Mod Page.

>>--> CORE FEATURES <--<<

  • Quiver
  • Retrievable arrows
  • Zooming while drawing the bow
  • Aim improvements
  • Arrow physics improvements

>>--> QUIVER <--<<

  • Currently, the mod has 1 quiver type. That quiver type is the leather quiver which has a special model for itself. The leather quiver can be crafted with 20 leather scraps, 10 deer hides, and 10 troll hides.
  • Equipping the leather quiver gives 3 extra arrow slots to the player and arrows can be changed with hotkeys (default alt + 1,2,3).

>>--> BOW ZOOM <--<<

  • You can zoom in by holding the "Right Mouse Button" (default) while drawing the bow.
  • or, you can enable "Bow Auto Zoom" if you want to zoom automatically while bow drawing. (Disabled by default)
  • Added configurable bow drawing cancel key. The default is "E".
  • When the bow drawing release, if you are still holding the zoom key, you can stay in zoom for x seconds. (default is 1 sec, configurable)
  • Added breath-in and out effects for zooming.


  • You can retrieve your arrows back! but of course, with a chance. You can change the chances and the arrow types in the config file.

  • Pick up the arrows with the interact key.

  • Wooden arrows have a 20% chance to drop a wooden arrow after hit.

  • Flint arrows have a 30% chance to drop a flint arrow after hit.

  • Bronze arrows have a 50% chance to drop a bronze arrow after hit.

  • Iron arrows have a 70% chance to drop an iron arrow after hit.

  • Obsidian arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.

  • Needle arrows have a 10% chance to drop a needle arrow after hit because of the logic of bees.

  • Fire arrows have a 0% chance to drop anything after hit. It got fired.

  • Poison arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.

  • Silver arrows have a 50% chance to drop a silver arrow after hit.

  • Frost arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.


  • Now, you can use your crosshair properly. Arrows now go your crosshair, not under of it. And, of course, has a similar gravity arc as vanilla.
  • Arrow gravity and velocity adjusted for more realistic physics. (Still testing out for the perfect result.)
  • Added wooden arrow, elemental arrows to the crafting menu. You can change as you want in "BetterArcheryRecipes.json".
  • You can now see your sneak damage on the top left. Just like in Skyrim!
  • You can enable/disable crosshair.
  • Movement speed reduction while bow drawing. (configurable)


The following mods are compatible:

  • Planting Plus
  • Equipment and Quick Slot (2.0.4)

The following mods are compatible unless:

  • Valheim Plus - As Krysez said, you can disable Valheim Plus' inventory or disable the quiver.
  • More Slots -
    You just need to change quiver location in the config to at least {"x":3.0, "y":-167.0} for fixing visibility.

The following mods are not compatible:

>>--> INSTALLATION <--<<

If you didn't install BepInEx yet, you can check out this link. Drop the mod's "BetterArchery" folder in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

First game launch after installing the mod will create config file located in "Valheim\BepInEx\config" named "ishid4.mods.betterarchery.cfg". Also, you can change recipes by editing the .json file which should be located in "Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\BetterArchery" named "BetterArcheryRecipes.json".

>>--> CREDITS & THANKS <--<<

Nardo Erolle RandyKnapp Chase000