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Control luminance, moonlight and sunlight intensity, fog density and day/night length

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Valheim. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2202


Gamma of Night Lights

Control luminance, moonlight and sunlight intensity, fog density and day/night length


  • Control luminance at nighttime, daytime, morning and evening
  • Control fog density (ambient , make some changes to realize what's that exactly)
  • Control luminance and fog density at indoors (that mean instanced locations like crypts, caves and so on)
  • Control moonlight and sunlight intensity (less luminance and more moonlight makes night more realistic, moonlit swamp looks terrific)
  • Control night length in percents of all day length (like to make nights shorter but darker)
  • Control day length in seconds (entire day length in seconds, vanilla 1800 sec)
  • Sky is still visible but it does not provide a light (starry sky at dark nights is just gorgeous)
  • Configuration is server-synced

Night length control is not just brightness control but actual day and night routine. It doesn't interfere with overall day length but changing the proportions of day/night cycle. It DOES mean more dangerous creatures at set long nights.

If you like darker nights and want configurable light source you should check CircletExtended

Installation (manual)

extract GammaOfNightLights.dll file to your BepInEx\Plugins\ folder

Known issues

  • Mod should be compatible with any mod depends on day night cycle and any environment mod


The best way to handle configs is configuration manager. Choose one that works for you: