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Expanded Console Commands

Adds More Console Commands

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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VoidMod is a Blueprint Framework and Handler for Modding Voices of the Void

Preferred version: 1.3.4


Expanded Console Commands

Adds more console commands to the game.

Working Commands: (Lists all ECC commands)

ecc.test (Test command)

clear (Clears the console)

purge # (Deletes the number of console lines specified)

day (Sends what # day it is)

time (Sends the time)

WIP Commands:

ecc.calall (!!WORKING NOW!! (but very slow) force calibration on all active satellites to calibrate, rather than stopping once it finds a downed server)

ecc.forcal (!!WORKING NOW!! calibrate all servers forever until "STOP" command is run)

STOP (stops the ecc.forcal command)

Installation Guide

  1. Download the mod.

  2. Unzip it.

  3. Move the ExpandedConsoleCommands.pak file from the EREX5768-Expanded_Console_Commands-1.0.0\pak folder into the VotV\Content\Paks\LogicMods folder.

This is my first mod, so if there are any bugs (or you have any suggestions for commands), please reach out to me on Discord at the username "erex5768".