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(Mostly) real world company logos

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Loads custom content for Wrestling Empire

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klem's realish fed pack

A neat lil pack of company logos for all your real world universe/semi-fantasy needs.


Replaced logos for every existing federation in the game:

Original Default Replacement Filename
Legends Hall of Fame Fed00.png
Wrestling Revolution Defiant Wrestling Fed01.png
All American Wrestling WWE Fed02.png
Strong Style Wrestling All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Fed03.png
Rising Sun Puroresu New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Fed04.png
Maple Leaf Grappling National Wrestling Association (NWA) Fed05.png
Super Lucha Libre AAA Fed06.png
Federation Online Ring of Honor (ROH) Fed07.png
Weekend Warriors UFC Fed08.png
Wrestling School Indy Wrestling Union (Fictional) Fed09.png
Hollywood Hollywood Fed10.png

Plus tons of additional alternate logos!

select a logo

You can replace logos by copying them out of the Overrides\sprites\feds\alternates folder into the parent feds folder and renaming them into whichever organization you'd like to replace.

make your own logo

If you'd like to create your own logos, I have templates available that I used to make these.

They are found in this repo.

support me

You can donate if you'd like on Ko-Fi.