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Replaces Commando with Sgt Meowdrey

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So basically this is my Halo spartan character, the Sergeant, otherwise known as Meowdrey! This is my first mod so I apologize if it's a bit janky, but it should run smooth as butter save for a texture glitch or two from time to time.

Anyway, just install it like any 'ol .dll mod by dropping it in your plug ins folder or through the thunderstore.

You can find me on twitter at @poptartpaints if you have any comments or questions, as well. Take care!



  • Launch


  • Fixed normals and faces, textures no long appear transparent. -Adjusted armature and weight paints, if there are any problems I'll make sure to update.
  • Fixed visor texture so it no longer appeared as jet black in some instances.

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2023-1-22 1.1.0 1052 Version 1.1.0 Install
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