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Adding items from League of Legends to Risk of Rain 2

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
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MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.1


LoL Items

Adding items from League of Legends to Risk of Rain 2.

Items Added

These are just the items implemented so far. I am planning to continue to add more items as I develop this mod.

Icon Name Tier Description
BannerOfCommand BannerOfCommand White Your minions do bonus damage.
MejaisSoulstealer MejaisSoulstealer White Killing enemies grants more damage for a short time.
GuardiansBlade GuardiansBlade White Reduce cooldown on secondary and utility skills.
Cull Cull White Gives gold on kills, then turns into White Scrap.
GuinsoosRageblade GuinsoosRageblade Green Gain extra proc coefficient on everything.
InfinityEdge InfinityEdge Green Crit chance and crit damage.
Liandrys Liandrys Green Burn enemies for % max health damage on hit.
KrakenSlayer KrakenSlayer Green Bonus damage every few hits.
ImmortalShieldbow ImmortalShieldbow Green Gives a barrier based on your max health when low.
Rabadons Rabadons Red Do more damage.
Heartsteel Heartsteel Red Gain permanent health on kill with no cap. Every few seconds deal a portion of your health as extra damage on hit.
ImperialMandate ImperialMandate Void Green Bonus damage per debuff. Corrupts Death Mark.
Bork Bork Void Green Attack speed. Every few hits do damage and heal, and has a cooldown. Corrupts Syringes and Leaching Seeds.
GargoyleStoneplate GargoyleStoneplate Equipment Temporarily gain armor and a barrier based on your maximum health.




  • Added sound effects for Bork and ImmortalShieldbow procs
  • Bork's number of hits changed from 5 to 3 to match the tooltip (delete your LoLItems config for this update!)
  • Updated GargoyleStoneplate's tooltip to properly reflect its effect
  • Bork now requires the proper amount of hits before proccing between cooldowns
  • Tooltips should now also update in multiplayer
  • Improved the way stats are recalculated
  • Fixed crashes and other errors that may occur while in multiplayer


  • Buffed GuardiansBlade
  • Buffed Liandrys when stacking the item
  • Added GargoyleStoneplate
  • Item tooltip stats will now always display when the stat is still 0
  • Item tooltip text will now append to the tooltip, rather than overwrite text from other mods
  • Fixed Rabadons not showing up as an in game model









  • Improved the way void items are defined
  • Added the CLING sound effect to Heartsteel and gave it a damage proc every few seconds
  • Fixed the description for Bork to also indicate it now gives attack speed
  • Fixed a bug with InfinityEdge that causes victory/defeat screen to glitch when you have this item in your inventory
  • Fixed InfinityEdge giving Railgunner crit chance rather than crit damage
  • Fixed a bug with Heartsteel where Engineer's turrets would grant the player health



  • Added InfinityEdge
  • Added ImperialMandate
  • Added MejaisSoulstealer


  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when using blood shrines or void cradles
  • Improved item descriptions for all items
  • Nerfed Liandrys damage
  • Minion damage now counts towards your total item damage when hovered over in your HUD if they can leverage the items (banner, engi turrets, etc)


  • Fixed issue that could cause problems when updating
  • Added banner of command


  • Fixed bug that was generating errors for Heartsteel
  • Added GuinsoosRageblade


  • General code clean up and implemented some best practices (should work better in multiplayer)
  • Nerfed Bork big hit damage
  • Nerfed Bork on hit damage
  • Buffed Heartsteel health gain


  • Added items table in readme


  • Fixed an issue loading assets


  • Release of my first mod.

None of the visual assets are mine. I have copied most of them from the league wiki.