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Reworks Captain to be more interesting and cohesive.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API for manipulating Character Stats

Preferred version: 1.2.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Language-1.0.1 icon

API for modifying the language localisation of the game

Preferred version: 1.0.1
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.2113 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2113
RiskofThunder-R2API_ContentManagement-1.0.2 icon

API for adding content to the game

Preferred version: 1.0.2



Modding Server:

discord server click me

Passive-ish Changes:

  • Base Move Speed 7 => 7.5.
    • Small buff to make him less of a slog to play.

Passive Changes:

  • Defensive Microbots Blocks per Second 2 => 0.8.
  • Defensive Microbots Maximum Blocks per Second 10 => 1.3.
  • Defensive Microbots now give a stackable 12% speed buff for 3.5s after erasing a nearby projectile.
    • Nerfs Microbots to not be as strong, and gives Captain a bit of mobility.

M1 Changes:

  • Vulcan Shotgun Damage Coefficient 120% => 75%.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Proc Coefficient 0.75 => 0.55.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Fire Rate 1/s => 3/s.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Pellet Count 8 => 6.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Charges 0 => 3.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Cooldown 0s => 1s.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Charge Duration 1.2s => 0.4s.
  • Vulcan Shotgun Falloff Standard => None.
    • Makes Vulcan Shotgun much more fun and satisfying to use, while nerfing its effectiveness to let other abilities come into play.

M2 Changes:

  • Power Tazer renamed to Thunder Tazer.
  • Thunder Tazer Damage Coefficient 100% => 380%.
  • Thunder Tazer Cooldown 6s => 7s.
  • Thunder Tazer Area of Effect 2m => 8m.
  • Thunder Tazer Size 1x => 2x.
  • Thunder Tazer now empowers other abilities for 1.5s.
    • Big changes to make the skill a powerful stun tool, also gives it a unique mechanic.

Utility Changes:

  • Orbital Probe Cooldown 11s => 8s.
    • Makes Orbital Probe really strong.
  • OGM 72 'DIABLO' Strike Damage Coefficient 40000% => 16000%.
  • OGM 72 'DIABLO' Strike Cooldown 40s => 24s.
  • OGM 72 'DIABLO' Strike Time to Land 20s => 15s.
  • OGM 72 'DIABLO' Strike Falloff Sweetspot => None.
    • Makes Diablo much less of a meme pick, easier to use, but also makes it more dangerous to use.

Empowered Abilities:

  • Vulcan Shotgun +75% Attack Speed
  • Orbital Probe +400% Damage each
  • OGM-72 'DIABLO' Strike +100% Radius

Special Changes:

  • All Beacons Damage Coefficient 2000% => 1300%.
    • This is to remedy Captain's much higher burst damage with his utility skills.
  • All Beacons now refresh upon starting the Teleporter Event.
  • Healing Beacon renamed to Remedy Beacon.
  • Remedy Beacon Healing 10%/s => 7%/s.
  • Remedy Beacon Radius 10m => 24m.
  • Remedy Beacon Movement Speed 0% => 20%.
    • Healing Beacon was always one of the fastest outscaled beacons, this gives it a really good niche for mobility and healing.
  • Shocking Beacon renamed to Thunder Beacon.
  • Thunder Beacon Damage Coefficient 0% => 500%.
  • Thunder Beacon Fire Rate 0.33/s => 0.25/s.
  • Thunder Beacon Radius 10m => 24m.
  • Thunder Beacon Shocks for 5s => Stuns for 1s.
  • Thunder Beacon now deals an additional hit for 100% damage every second, in a 24m radius and a proc coefficient of 0 on top of the "burst" written above.
    • Nerfed the stun to not make it as raindead, but added a decent bit of damage to compensate. The single target damage isn't great, but it's a good horde clearing tool during teleporter events.
  • Resupply Beacon renamed to Artillery Beacon.
  • Artillery Beacon now grants a 25% attack speed and 10% cooldown reduction buff in a 20m radius on top of having 3 equipment charges.
    • This still isn't the greatest beacon, but it can increase the DPS and proc rate of your allies quite a bit.
  • Hacking Beacon Radius 10m => 16m.
  • Hacking Beacon Speed 100% => 150%.
    • I feel as hacking isn't really powerful, since time doesn't matter all that much. It's just fun, didn't have any ideas for it.
    • Overall, I opted for more powerful, limited use beacons. I was inclined to try out this way, as Admiral had already done something different.

I've also added a respawn check to prevent having no beacons but it seems to not work sometimes.... hobo jam,es also holy the lysate beacon code is actual spaghetti