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Elite Items Suck Less

A fix for underused Aspects.'

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Hey! Lightning Dog here. This mod may be a little buggy, but it was made on having been awake for far too long. Expect updates.

Elite Items Suck Less is a short mod project I wanted to make to fix the three less used Elite Aspects- Malachite, Ice, and Celestial. It achieves this by making Malachite double health, Ice gives you lower attack speed but higher damage, and Celestial gives you half again your speed. Notably, this is achieved through the buff, so two things happen: You can get the upgraded buffs through Wake of Vultures, and these fixes effect elites as well. No pain, No Gain.

Also downgrades your damage a little with Fire, but ups your fire rate.

Special thanks to:
Screams In Lazy for giving me the majority of the codeblocks, without them this would seriously not exist.
Mr. Hamburger for hanging out and providing assistance in the seven hour spree of trying to make a whim work.
Harb and iDeathHD for giving tons of knowledge and time.
And Rein, for pointing out where that very last bug was, and giving me some valuable advice and a fast setter which will be implemented in later updates of this mod.

You should probably also grab a mod that gives you more access to the Aspects if you want to use this. They're very rare.

Patch! Removed the armor stats from Ice (As that's some finnicky nonsense) and instead it now lowers your attack speed, but raises your damage!

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