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Play as final form sora!

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.5.0 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.0
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A relatively simple networking library.

Preferred version: 0.0.2

PlayableSora - Play as Final Form Sora!

By Matarra

Adds an entirely new custom survivor: Final Form Sora from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Passive Skill:

  • Superglide - Hold jump while midair to glide at high speed. Scales with movement speed.

Primary Skill [M1]:

  • Final Arts - Sora attacks with both his keyblades, unleashing an attack dependent on whether you're grounded or not.
  • Sora can seamlessly transition from grounded to aerial combos and vise versa if you manage to touch ground or become airborne during the combo.
  • Scales with attack speed up to a cap.
  • You have invincibility frames during the finisher attack.
  • You can cancel any non-finisher attack mid-combo with your Utility Skill - Quick Run.
  • You can input-buffer another attack, or a magic command mid-attack to cast it slightly faster.
  • Aerial attacks will move you towards the closest enemy, or whichever enemy you're pointing at via cursor.

Secondary Skill [M2]:

  • Thundaga - Sora calls down 7 bolts of lightning to strike nearby enemies.
  • These bolts deal AoE damage.
  • These bolts will lock-on to nearby enemies, prioritizing closer enemies.
  • Costs 20 MP, can be casted even if less than 20 MP remain, which will consume any remaining MP.
  • Cannot be cancelled with Quick Run.

Utility Skill [Shift]:

  • Quick Run - Sora performs a quick dash in given direction. Dashes in the direction he is moving, not facing.

Special Skill [R]:

  • Magnega - Sora creates a vortex of magnetic force which draws in nearby enemies.
  • Will not draw in Elite or Boss type enemies.
  • Costs 65 MP, can be casted even if less than 65 MP remain, which will consume any remaining MP.

Model / Anims

  • Model, animations, and textures were ripped from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and imported / blended in unity. All keyblade movements were re-animated by me.


  • Base Jump Power = 20
  • Base Jump Count = 2
  • Base Max Health = 145
  • Health per Level = 45
  • Base regen = 4
  • Regen per Level = 0.7
  • Base armor = 18
  • MP Restoration time = 20s
  • Everything else is the same as base Commando.

Fully Multiplayer Compatible ✓

  • Currently aware of a bug that allows items on sora to be visible for other clients. (Items are not supposed to be visible on his character body).
  • Sounds are only audible for the client playing sora. This is not a bug, but a choice.

Video Gameplay

Sora Gameplay

Installation Guide

  • Copy PlayableSora.dll into your BepInEx\Plugins folder. Can create a folder for it if you want.

Special Thanks

  • IDeathHD - General help when needed. A great feller.
  • Rein - Help assigning skills, and various other parts. A grumpy feller.
  • Violet Chaolan - Taught me how to import custom sounds, as well as testing and providing feedback on sora in his early stages.
  • Miss_Name - Provided an example of MiniRPC, only reason Sora works in multiplayer.
  • Inzanity - Helped proof read the readme and supplied feedback across soras creation.


  • To report a bug or provide feedback, I am available on the RoR2 modding discord @Matarra#3965. I also created a discord server for my mods if youd wish to join and report there.


1.0.8 - Updated for the release update of ror2

1.0.7 - Updated once more to the newest version of R2API, 4/11/2020

1.0.6 - Updated the mod to the newest version of R2API. Update if you receive errors about skins.

1.0.5 - Potentially fixed a bug which would cause the mana bar to display twice.
- Swapped from SkillAPI / EntityAPI to LoadoutAPI as they are being deprecated and will no longer function soon.

1.0.4 - Added soras christmas skin! It will not display properly in pregame lobby, but it will display properly in game
- Buffed Magnega to stun during the entire duration!
- Buffed attack speed effectiveness on sora.
- Buffed aerial chase speed when attacking in midair.
- Buffed various attack radiuses
- Dashing now grants brief invincibility frames
- Heavily buffed his combo finisher to reward using it.
- Dash speed / distance now scales with movement speed.

1.0.3 - Fixed a bug that caused multiplayer games to crash between teleporter events.
- Buffed a few aspects of soras kit:
- Magnet AoE Succ radius increased from 15 meters to 25
- Mana regen buffed from 20s to 15s recharge
- Superglide speed buffed to always be 20% faster than sprinting normally
- Primary attacks each buffed slightly
- Invincibility frames from combo finisher now linger slightly

1.0.2 - Rein taught me how to count. This literally just fixes the version number.

1.0.1 - Fixed a prefabAPI error, that caused the mod not to boot with the newest version of r2 api.

1.0.01 - Updated readme file for easier reading pleasure.

1.0.0 - Initial release of the mod.

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2020-8-17 1.0.8 32883 Install
2020-4-11 1.0.7 11437 Install
2020-1-28 1.0.6 6525 Install
2020-1-17 1.0.5 1287 Install
2020-1-12 1.0.4 992 Install
2020-1-11 1.0.3 574 Install
2020-1-10 1.0.2 336 Install
2020-1-10 1.0.1 106 Install
2020-1-10 1.0.0 117 Install