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updated to use split assemblies, please ping if something broke, sorry for the delay in updates pc brok. This mod contains spoilers for the Project Moon franchise. Official update to risk of ruina. All credits go to Scoops and Myliaa for the original mod.

By Moonlol
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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.1904 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1904
RiskofThunder-HookGenPatcher-1.2.3 icon

MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.3
RiskofThunder-R2API_Prefab-1.0.1 icon

API for Prefab creation, networking and duplication

Preferred version: 1.0.1
RiskofThunder-R2API_ContentManagement-1.0.1 icon

API for adding content to the game

Preferred version: 1.0.1
RiskofThunder-R2API_Items-1.0.1 icon

API for adding custom items

Preferred version: 1.0.1
RiskofThunder-R2API_Language-1.0.0 icon

API for modifying the language localisation of the game

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Sound-1.0.0 icon

API for adding custom sounds or musics

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Networking-1.0.0 icon

Networking API around the Unity UNet Low Level API (LLAPI)

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Unlockable-1.0.0 icon

API for adding custom achievements and unlockables

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Dot-1.0.0 icon

API for adding custom damage over time effects

Preferred version: 1.0.0



This mod contains spoilers for the Project Moon franchise.


the mod has been "handed down" to me and Magi. Unfortunately Magi isnt versed in code and i myself unforunately have little time nor energy to develop for Risk of Rain 2. There was a lot of new content planned which will most likely never be realized. Until further notice all new content is suspended indefinitely.

Bug fixes (when I get around to them hopefully less than months) and ports (if RoR2 ever gets a new version) will continue as usual.

I cannot rename the mod to remove the "unofficial" without reuploading the package so the false name stays unfortunately. If i have time to start modding proper again i might reupload the mod to fix the name. (probably wont change the icon until then either)

Differences to the original mod.

This is an unofficial update to the risk of ruina mod. Almost everything works in this version bar a few bugs

  • Fairy has a damage over time equal to 1 * stacks (because hopoo forces all DoT to have a minimum of 1 damage because ??? ever since SOTV, and i cant be arsed to migrate it to a proper debuff atm so)
  • The camera is a bit snappy at times. (especially arbiters shockwave and occasionally the camera stays a bit zoomed out on red mist especially in E.G.O., but hey just think of it as extra FOV)
  • Some sounds are louder than usual (i highly recommend flicking the config for the less grating arbiter m1, default option for this config has been changed)

There have been some "improvements" however.

  • Arbiter now has an emote skeleton for emotesapi (i cant get red mist working period. shits fucked)
  • Classic item's scepter now functions alongside standalone(if standalone ever gets updated)

for more information about the mod goto the original page:


To ender magi for ideas and PR
To Violet for help with soundpacks. To scoops and myliaa for the amazing mod.



  • Pushed the right .dll this time...


  • (Requested) Added config to make arbiter's M1 agile.


  • Now uses split assemblies.


  • Sceptered shockwave gives more barrier to compensate for only one pulse compared to regular shockwave.
  • Changed fairy proc coeff to 0 (too laggy and leads to recursive loops with plasma shrimp).
  • Added config option to let you change fairy proc coeff if you want your pc to die.
  • Fixed backwards clock being blockable by safer spaces.


  • Added riskui support for RedMist, probably doesnt work if you config riskui too hard so be warned.


  • Comments out WIP riskui support code for red mist's ego bar (accidentally included it)


  • should fix backwards clock getting activated by random effects


  • Fixed unlocks, sorry it took this long, kinda had to rewrite the entire achievement and unlockables setup.


  • Re-enabled Reverberation and Backwards Clock (turns out the original issue was something other than the ruina code)


  • Probably fixed disabling characters not working, probably errors out the wazoo later on but oh well.


  • Fixed red mist not having permanent E.G.O. in voidling.


  • Totally didnt forget to disable debug, nuh uh


  • Release!!

Available versions

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2023-1-21 1.1.3 3703 Version 1.1.3 Install
2023-1-21 1.1.2 148 Version 1.1.2 Install
2022-12-21 1.1.1 6808 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-10-1 1.1.0 9861 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-6-25 1.0.10 9581 Version 1.0.10 Install
2022-5-18 1.0.9 4727 Version 1.0.9 Install
2022-5-15 1.0.8 1157 Version 1.0.8 Install
2022-5-8 1.0.7 2112 Version 1.0.7 Install
2022-5-7 1.0.6 461 Version 1.0.6 Install
2022-4-30 1.0.5 2081 Version 1.0.5 Install
2022-4-25 1.0.4 2194 Version 1.0.4 Install
2022-4-23 1.0.3 775 Version 1.0.3 Install
2022-4-22 1.0.2 458 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-4-22 1.0.1 51 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-4-22 1.0.0 69 Version 1.0.0 Install