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This mod will allow players to choose which items can be found in chests and from boss drops.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.4.21 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.21
bbepis-BepInExPack-3.2.0 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.2.0

Phedg1 Studios

Item Drop List


This mod will allow players to choose which items can be found in chests and from boss drops.


The main menu will have a new button labelled "Item Drop List". Clicking it will open up the drop management interface. The interface displayed and how it functions will depend on which mode the mod is running in.

You are no longer required to have at least 1 item of every tier enabled. In fact, it is possible to play games with every single item disabled. Chests that are spawned will always give out an item. If every item a particular chest is able to spawn has been disabled that chest will no longer be spawned. This also applies to unique interactables like Shrines of Order (if you have every item disabled), Scavenger Backpacks, Cleansing Pools and 3D Printers to name a few. All drones are also listed in this menu and can enabled or disabled as well.

This mod does not change item rarity spawn chance, other than where certain tiers are completely disabled. Making an item available or unavailable does not change whether it has been unlocked or discovered on the player's profile. This mod can be enabled and disabled from this menu, should the player wish to play normally again.

Every item and piece of equipment that has been unlocked (completed the requisite achievement) and discovered (been picked up at least once) will be listed here. Every item or piece of equipment that will be available when playing the game will be shown in full colour. Every item or piece of equipment that will not be available will be shown darkened. Left click and item or piece of equipment to toggle its availability.

This mode has two menus that can be switched by hitting the buttons in the upper left hand corner. The first menu is the "Blueprint Shop". Every item that you have completed the requisite achievement for will be listed here, alonside its price. Items and pieces of equipment that can be afforded will be shown in full colour, items that are unaffordable will be shown darkened. Double click an item to purchase it, the item will now have a tick over it and will not be shown on this menu again in the future. The second menu is labled "Purchased", it will list every item that has been purchased.

Items and equipment are purchased for "Scrap". There is a chance a piece of scrap will be collected every time an item is picked up while this mod is active. The scrap will be of the same rarity as the item that was picked up. When a piece of scrap is collected a message will appear in the chat window to notify you. Your scrap totals are shown at the top of the both menus in this mode.

Shop mode was inspired by features in other roguelite games such as Undermine, Dungreed and Dead Cells. The goal was to give a returning player a sense of progression, to give them a boost to make them more formidable the more they play, as well as give greater variation to play.


After a player has opened the item shop interface for the first time a number of configuration files will be created. These can be found at "<RISK OF RAIN 2 INSTALL LOCATION>/Risk of Rain 2/BepInEx/config/Phedg1 Studios/Item Drop List/<YOUR PROFILE ID>/". If you desire to alter the configuration of the mod it must be done by editing these files. The intention is that this would only be necessary once, with the rest of the player's interactions being done through the shop interface inside the game itself.

This file contains all of the settings which persist between profiles. It stores the whether the mod is currently enabled or disabled, whether all items (including items which have not been unlocked) should be listed, what mode the mod should use and the multiplier for how many interactables should be spawned per stage. It also contains the chance a player has of finding scrap, whether items that have been purchased may be disabled afterwards at the players leisure, how much scrap can be held at one time and how much each tier of item costs to buy.

This is the record of what items and equipment the player has chosen to make available, so that they can persist after the game has been closed.

This is the record of how much scrap a player currently owns so that itcan persist after the game has been closed.

This is the record of what items and equipment the player has purchased in the Shop mode, so that they can persist after the game has been closed.

This is the record of what items and equipment that the player has purchased in the Shop mode that they have also chosen to make unavailable during games, so that it can persist after the game has been closed.


Fixed mod disabled text not being greyed out when reentering the menu.
Fixed corrupted font glitch.

Increased the default prices for common and uncommon items.
Added new setting to config to control the maximum amount of scrap that can be held at once.

Created an event that other mods could use to use this mods base functionality to set drop tables and correct chest spawns. Use "Phedg1Studios.ItemDropList.ItemDropList.itemDropList.setDropList" and update "Phedg1Studios.ItemDropList.Data.itemsToDrop". This is a list of all my internal ids that will be dropped. Use "Phedg1Studios.ItemDropList.Data.allItemsIndexes" and "Phedg1Studios.ItemDropList.Data.allEquipmentIndexes" to get an id.
Internal broken items should no be listed in the Item Drop List menu any longer.
Damage, Healing and Utility chests should no longer be able to give out nothing when opened.
Added the new Shop mode.
Added the scrap collection system.
Changed how equipment and drone id's are stored to try and mirror the source code in an effort to somewhat future proof.
Updated manifest to reflect the required version of BepInEx that was changed in 1.1.3

Increased required version of R2API so that custom items are now supported.
R2API ItemDropAPI is now unhooked when this mod is enabled. Without this the mod would not function when any other mod was present that initialized this api (such as ShareSuite).
Added version parameter to the config so changes to config files can be applied to existing config files.
Added support so ShareSuite RandomizeSharePickups should now use the drop list from this mod.
Modified config descriptions so they show up cleaner in the mod manager.

Changed configuration files and extensions to better support r2modman.

Added ability to toggle whether spawning for each drone type.

Now compatible with the Artifacts update.
Updated the visual style to match the new UI.
Fixed UI scaling at different resolutions and aspect ratios.
Increased the scrolling speed of the starting items menu.
Fixed a bug where unfinished items would show when show all items was enabled.
Decoupled the mod UI from the base game to a much greater extent.
Boss item drops, adaptive chests, scavenger backpacks, cleansing pools and many other interactables now working correctly.
Fixed chests given no items.
Added functionality to prevent chests from spawning if they have no items to give.
Added ability to scale the amount of interactables spawned per stage.

Initial Release

Available versions

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2020-7-8 1.1.6 925 Install
2020-5-11 1.1.5 1211 Install
2020-5-10 1.1.4 146 Install
2020-4-29 1.1.3 521 Install
2020-4-19 1.1.2 612 Install
2020-4-17 1.1.1 245 Install
2020-4-17 1.1.0 113 Install
2020-3-18 1.0.4 2252 Install
2020-2-25 1.0.3 1334 Install
2020-2-24 1.0.2 154 Install
2020-2-23 1.0.1 109 Install
2020-2-23 1.0.0 62 Install