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Overhaul your game to be unfairly difficult, and stupidly fun.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, game API, detour library

Preferred version: 1.3.1
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.1.0 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.1.0


What is it?

Flood warning is an overhaul mod with a plethora of features that makes the game significantly harder using cutting edge technology

I don't like this feature! make a config!/Add this/Delete this/Edit this

No. Keep it to yourself. Thanks.

Okay, but what does it do?

A whole buttload.

Misc Changes

Adds two new difficulties; "Flood warning" and "Blood Rain", difficulty coefficient 5 and 8 respectively.

Bosses Spawn with 3x Alien head and 5x Syringe
Bosses Spawn with Barrier equal to their max health

Messes around with enemy spawning, allowing more horde spawns
15% more enemies
Base enemies have 20% more health
Allows the game to spawn enemies 3x sooner after the last batch

The teleporter's radius starts 30% smaller, but increases by 10% per level completed
The chance of a natural bazaar is 20% + 1% per level completed

Item sprites get coloured to their tier after picking them up [WIP]

Un-Hides Stage Progression game modifier
Un-Hides Starting Money game modifier
Un-Hides Money Between Stages game modifier

Lunar/Bazaar Changes

Lunar coins are permanently deleted at the start of a run
Lunar coins are awarded for hitting mountain shrines
Lunar coins are awarded for hitting shrines of order

Bazaar's lunar buds now have green items for 1 lunar, red items for 4 lunar.

Enemy Size Changes

All creatures are -20% smaller
Teleporter bosses are +100% bigger
Super Elites are +100% bigger
All enemies are +5% bigger each stage
Elite enemies are +10% bigger
Malachite enemies are +100% bigger
Blazing enemies are +30% bigger
Super Elites [with no affixes] are +100% bigger
Gold Elites are -90% smaller

Character Edits [Engineer]

Engineer now spawns drones instead of turrets
Engineer can have 4 drones up at once

Item/Interactable Changes

Mountain Shrines can be activated twice
One Mountain Shrine is guaranteed to spawn near the teleporter

Shrine of order now grants 6 Lunar Coins on usage

Shrine of Combat now has infinite uses
Shrine of Combat now increases difficulty of it's spawns by x2 each use

Each stage has 1.25x interactables

Small chests now have a 70% chance to drop white, 20% chance to drop green and 10% chance to drop equipment
Large chests now have a 75% chance to drop green, 20% chance to drop red and 5% chance to drop equipment
Gold chests now have a 90% chance to drop red, 10% chance to drop lunar
Lunar Pods now have a 75% chance to drop green, and a 25% chance to drop lunar

Guillotine is now green
Monster Tooth is removed
Chronobauble is now white
Little Disciple is now red
Lens-Maker's Glasses is now green
Happiest Mask is now lunar
Wake Of Vultures is now lunar
Aegis is now green
Gesture Of The Drowned is now red
H3AD-ST is now lunar
Titanic Knurl is now red

All items are now unlocked by default

Elite Changes

8x less likely than a normal enemy
4x damage
8x health
Spawns with 5x Cautious Slug, 3x Alien Head, 1x Ukelele

8x less likely than a normal enemy
4x damage
8x health
Spawns with 5x Stun Grenade, 3x Chronobauble, 1x Frost Relic

12x less likely than a normal enemy
12x damage
6x health
Spawns after third stage only
Spawns with 5x Goat Hoof, 5x Red Whip

32x less likely than a normal enemy
8x damage
32x health
Spawns after fourth stage only
Spawns with 2x knurl, 10x Goat Hoof

Golden: [WIP]
32x less likely than a normal enemy
8x damage
32x health
Spawns after fourth stage only
Spawns with 10x Old War Stealth Kit, 5x Red Whip, 3x Cautious Slug
Has 8x Gold Reward on death

Yellow 'Corrupted' Elite:
On spawn, a creature has a 1%/Stage completed chance to be a 'Corrupted' Elite
Allies have a secondary 10% chance
Corrupted elites may possess multiple elite affixes at once, as well as items.
15 + 4%/Stage Overloading
10 + 3%/Stage Glacial
5 + 2%/Stage Blazing
1%/Stage Malachite
0% Gold
5%/Stage chance to spawn with a random green item
2%/Stage chance to spawn with a red item (IF it has a green item)

Available versions

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2019-8-11 3.1.0 492 RyanPallesen-FloodWarning-3.1.0.zip Install
2019-8-9 3.0.1 277 RyanPallesen-FloodWarning-3.0.1.zip Install
2019-8-9 3.0.0 10 RyanPallesen-FloodWarning-3.0.0.zip Install