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Adds items from Risk of Rain 1 which didn't make the cut.

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# Classic Items


Seriously, use a mod manager.

If the versions of ClassicItems or TILER2 (or possibly any other mods) are different between your game and other players' in multiplayer, things WILL break. If TILER2 is causing kicks for "unspecified reason", it's likely due to a mod version mismatch. Ensure that all players in a server, including the host and/or dedicated server, are using the same mod versions before reporting a bug.

While reporting a bug, make sure to post a console log (path/to/RoR2/BepInEx/LogOutput.log) from a run of the game where the bug happened; this often provides important information about why the bug is happening. If the bug is multiplayer-only, please try to include logs from both server and client.


Adds some items from Risk of Rain 1 which RoR2 thought it was too good for.

For nostalgic purposes only. Here Be Dragons who hoard balance issues, because the numbers are closer to RoR1's than 2's... and, y'know, Brooch+Clover. Will absolutely lead to silly, broken runs, unless you feel like changing the config up -- most aspects of each item are configurable!

Current Additions

Tier 1

  • Barbed Wire: "Hurt nearby enemies."
  • Bitter Root: "Gain 8% max hp."
  • Fire Shield: "Retaliate on taking heavy damage."
  • Headstompers: "Hurt enemies by falling."
  • Life Savings: "Gain gold over time."
  • Snake Eyes: "Gain increased crit chance on failing a shrine. Removed on succeeding a shrine."
  • Mysterious Vial: "Increased health regeneration."
  • Spikestrip: "Drop spikestrips on being hit, slowing enemies."
    • Diff. from RoR1: provides 50% slow instead of 20% to compensate for enemy ability to path around spikestrips.
  • Taser: "Chance to snare on hit."

Tier 2

  • 56 Leaf Clover: "Elite mobs have a chance to drop items."
  • Boxing Gloves: "Hitting enemies have a 6% chance to knock them back."
  • Filial Imprinting: "Hatch a strange creature who drops buffs periodically."
    • Diff. from RoR1: now provides buffs instantly, instead of on-ground drops from pets.
  • Golden Gun: "More gold, more damage."
  • Rusty Jetpack: "Increase jump height and reduce gravity."
  • Smart Shopper: "Enemies drop more gold."

Tier 3

  • Ancient Scepter: "Upgrades your 4th skill."
    • Commando: Suppressive Fire > Death Blossom (2x shots, fire rate, and accuracy) -OR- Grenade > Carpet Bomb (0.5x damage, throw a spread of 8 at once)
    • Huntress: Arrow Rain > Burning Rain (1.5x duration and radius, burns) -OR- Ballista > Rabauld (5 extra weaker projectiles per shot, for 2.5x TOTAL damage)
    • MUL-T: Transport Mode > Breach Mode (0.5x incoming damage, 2x duration; after stopping, retaliate with a stunning explosion for 100% of unmodified damage taken)
    • Engineer: TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret > TR12-C Gauss Compact (+1 stock, +1 placed turret cap) -OR- TR58 Carbonizer Turret > TR58-C Carbonizer Mini (+2 stock, +2 placed turret cap)
    • Artificer: Flamethrower > Dragon's Breath (hits leave lingering fire clouds) -OR- Ion Surge > Antimatter Surge (2x damage, 4x radius)
    • Mercenary: Eviscerate > Massacre (2x duration, kills refresh duration) -OR- Slicing Winds > Gale-Force (4x stock and recharge speed, fires all charges at once)
    • REX: Tangling Growth > Chaotic Growth (2x radius, pulses additional random debuffs)
    • Loader: Charged Gauntlet > Megaton Gauntlet (2x damage and lunge speed, 7x knockback) -OR- Thunder Gauntlet > Thundercrash (3x lightning bolts fired, cone AoE becomes sphere)
    • Acrid: Epidemic > Plague (victims become walking sources of Plague, chains infinitely)
    • Captain: Orbital Probe > 21-Probe Salute (1/3 damage, 7x shots, hold primary to fire continuously)
  • Beating Embryo: "Equipment has a 30% chance to deal double the effect."
    • Doubles duration on: Ocular HUD, Jade Elephant, Milky Chrysalis, Radar Scanner, Snowglobe, Pillaged Gold, Prescriptions, Safeguard Lantern, Super Massive Leech, Gorag's Opus.
    • Doubles range on: Primordial Cube, Blast Shower, Skeleton Key.
    • Doubles count on: The Back-up, Captain's Brooch, Sawmerang, Royal Capacitor, Recycler, Lost Doll, Gigantic Amethyst, Forgive Me Please.
    • Doubles fire rate and count on: Disposable Missile Launcher.
    • Doubles fire rate on: The Crowdfunder.
    • Doubles damage on: Preon Accumulator.
    • Doubles burst heal on: Foreign Fruit, Gnarled Woodsprite.
    • Doubles speed on: Eccentric Vase.
    • Doubles speed and damage on: Volcanic Egg.
    • Lunar equipment will not work with Beating Embryo by default, but effects are still implemented as listed above.
  • Permafrost: "Chance to freeze enemies on hit."
  • Photon Jetpack: "No hands."
    • Provides flight while holding jump, using limited recharging fuel.
    • Diff. from RoR1: only provides flight after using all double jumps.
  • Telescopic Sight: "Chance to instantly kill an enemy."
  • The Hit List: "Killing marked enemies permanently increases damage."


  • Old Box: "Chance to fear enemies when attacked."


  • Captain's Brooch: "One man's wreckage is another man's treasure."
    • Calls down an expensive first-tier item chest.
  • Gigantic Amethyst: "Resets all your cooldowns."
  • Pillaged Gold: "For 14 seconds, hitting enemies cause them to drop gold."
  • Prescriptions: "Increase damage and attack speed for 8 seconds."
  • Skeleton Key: "Open all chests in view."
    • Diff. from RoR1: limited to a 50-meter radius instead of line-of-sight.
  • Snowglobe: "Randomly freeze enemies for 8 seconds."

Lunar Equipment

  • Lost Doll: "Harm yourself to instantly kill an enemy."
    • Takes 25% of your current health to damage the closest enemy for 500% of your maximum health.
  • Safeguard Lantern: "Drop a lantern that fears and damages enemies for 10 seconds."

Other Features

  • Every item added by Classic Items can be individually disabled in the mod's config file.
  • More config options for various aspects of item effects (how much regen a Mysterious Vial provides, which equipments Beating Embryo affects...).
  • Most config options can be changed mid-run by using TILER2's AIC console commands.
  • Descriptions in the logbook match config values.
  • Some vanilla tweaks, also with config options:
    • Disables the H3AD5T V2 stomp move, which is normally triggered by holding jump in midair; this is replaced by the Headstompers item.
    • Converts most pickup models for base game items and equipment into trading cards (disabled by default).


  • More items are on the way! There's a lot to work with.
  • Stats are set close to RoR1's whenever possible. May eventually set up a config preset which balances items a little more carefully with respect to RoR2's existing content.
  • Beating Embryo has no effect on Lunar equipments (other than those added by mods). This is a design decision, but disabled-by-default effects are planned.
  • Color tags on pickup model text are too bright.
  • See the GitHub repo for more!

Modder Resources

ClassicItems exposes some members as public for use in compatibility patches in other mods, including:

  • Tools to implement Beating Embryo and Ancient Scepter behavior for other mods' equipment items and characters

For details and instructions on applying these, see:


The 5 latest updates are listed below. For a full changelog, see:
(🌧︎: Involves an accepted GitHub Pull Request from the community. Thanks for your help!)


  • 🌧︎ A handful of additional language fixes.
  • Implements changes from TILER2 2.2.3.
    • Ancient Scepter is now FakeInventory blacklisted. Fixes incompatibility with Tinker's Satchel (in combination with a Tinker's Satchel update).


  • 🌧︎ Large batch of language tweaks. Many item/equipment descriptions now hide sections if e.g. a relevant config option is set to 0.
  • Fixed several issues with Beating Embryo modded equipment support.


  • Ancient Scepter now rerolls into another red item if the target character has no scepter skill available (not configurable), or if they already have an Ancient Scepter (configurable).
  • Made card model setup slightly more compatible with other mods.
  • Updated BetterUI hooks for v1.5.7.


  • Added compatibility with BetterUI's proc coefficients.
  • Migrated all mod compat classes to TILER2 and publicized.


  • Taser can no longer proc on self-damage.
  • Barbed Wire now uses a custom orb type and should no longer conflict with mods which change Razorwire behavior.

This mod requires the following mods to function

ThinkInvis-TILER2-2.2.3 icon

ThinkInvisible's Library of Extras for RoR2.

Preferred version: 2.2.3
tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.5.14 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.3.1 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1