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Adds a recent punch speed list, your grapple duration, and current speed to the ui. Also gives you a velocity vector indicator. Configurable

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Dependency string Thrayonlosa-LoaderRuler-1.0.6
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This mod requires the following mods to function

RiskofThunder-R2API_Prefab-1.0.3 icon

API for Prefab creation, networking and duplication

Preferred version: 1.0.3


Mod Additions:

  • Punch Hud
    • Displays recent charged punch hits on the hud in angle : speed format
    • Angle is the dot product of your velocity and aim direction. Smaller number means you lost speed due to poor aiming
    • The text size of speed increases relative to your punch speed
    • Gray and small speedText means that your Thunderslam hit something before your punch did
    • The amount of recent hits displayed can be changed in the config, alongside the text position
  • Grapple Duration
    • Displays the remaning seconds on your grapple duration
    • As it gets close to 0 it will turn red
    • Has configuration for postion and font size
  • Velocity Vector Icon
    • Adds a icon that points in the direction of your velocity
    • Fades in as you gain speed
    • Turns green as you aim closer to it
    • Has several configuration options
  • Speed Text
    • Displays your current speed
    • Font size grows relative to your speed
    • During charged punch animation will also display the aim : velocity dot product
  • Grapple 'Energy'
    • Displays your current distance from grapple
    • Estimates your "energy" while grappled
    • This energy includes your kinetic, gravity, grapple, and slam potentials
    • Turned off by default
  • Mod can also disable Loader's sprint crosshair

Quick Loader notes/tips:

  • Punch
    • Aiming away from your velocity vector when you punch will delete speed, as shown by the punch text hud
    • Charging punch adds up to 90 flat speed and increases punch duration
    • Punch damage is punchSpeed * 0.3, which gives 3000% damage every 100 speed
    • Gray speed text means your thunderslam hit first, which can steal your band proc
  • Grapple
    • Aside from the tension force, most of your acceleration is in the direction you are looking
    • For best orbitals aim at your velocity vector
    • Sprinting does not do anything except activate Rose Buckler
  • Thunderslam
    • Upon use, thunderslam will delete your vertical velocity
    • In return, it gives you an additional -100 vertical acceleration while active
    • Gravitational acceleration is -30 (-20 on the moon)
    • Punching straight into the center of some bigger enemies can cause thunderslam to hit before your punch
    • Punching their sides instead can help not trigger that

Reload config ingame with Loader_ReloadConfig