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Makes Survivors actually Tweaked :)!

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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.43
bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.9 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9



Rex Changes:

These REX changes are focused on giving them slightly riskier gameplay, almost to invoke the unique feel of REX as they were when they first released in Scorched Acres but with the QOL improvements of Hidden Realms.

- syringe damage reduced from 80% to 60%
- syringe healing reduced from 60% to 40%

- barrage damage increased to 600%
- barrage cooldown increased to 0.75s
- drill cooldown reduced to 4s

- bramble volley healing reduced from 10% of max health to 6% of max health

- harvest now executes enemies below 15% health
- reduced "endlag" after casting harvest to 0.5s

Bandit Changes:

The BANDIT changes give them more of a cooldown-juggling style of gameplay. It's slower, but more rewarding, with a higher emphasis on using Lights Out to dish extra damage in bursts. Backstabbing with secondaries is made easier and more viable with extra stealth, mobility, and damage.

Desperado, too, has been buffed considerably to compensate for Lights Out's new prominence!

- shotgun damage reduced to 5x75%
- rifle damage reduced to 280%
- rifle bloom reduced
- reload speed for both primaries increased (0.5s -> 0.8s)

- dagger damage increased to 600%
- dagger ACTUALLY lunges
- shiv damage increased to 400% 
- cooldown for both secondaries increased to 5s
- hemmorhage changed to deal more damage to targets with more health (makes it easier to execute with specials)

- stealth duration increased (3s -> 4s)
- stealth cooldown increased to 9s
- stealth hop velocity reduced

- lights out damage increased to 700%
- lights out cooldown increased to 5s
- desperado cooldown reduced to 3s
- desperado now keeps a few tokens between stages, based on bandits current level
- both specials now execute targets below 15% health for 1s after getting hit (for flavor and consistency)

Acrid Changes

Acrid changes are focused mostly on discouraging Acrid users from sitting back and kiting enemies for most of the game. It's still very possible, but there is new downtime in which using melee or poisoning single targets with your secondary would be a good idea. Many of these changes are intended to help Acrid feel more fluid in combat, to support the aggressive play style Acrid was meant to have.

- Increased base movement speed to 8 m/s

- Reduced Poison duration to 8s

- DOUBLED attack speed

- Added a little lunge to Bite

- Reduced Caustic Leap cooldown to 5s
- Reduced Frenzied Leap cooldown to 8s
- Reduced "Minimum Y Direction" of both leaps (can be aimed further downwards)

- Increased Epidemic cooldown to 12s
- Increased damage to 200%
- Increased spread radius to 100m

Captain Changes

The Captain changes are, like that of Bandit, mostly focused on making him less of a "m1 character". Less of his gameplay is skewed towards spamming primary attacks all the time, and instead on the interesting quirks that arise from his unique kit. For Captain, that means area denial and general crowd control.

- Now attacks about 1/3 as often

- Now has a 1.5s cooldown, resetting when firing
- Has 2 charges, both recharging at once
- 100% damage and 0.5 proc coefficient per bullet

- Increased blast radius (2m -> 6m)
- Deals 250% damage, or 500% damage after it bounces
- Reduced cooldown (6s -> 5s)

- diablo strike now bypasses oneshot protection

- ALL beacons are now refunded at the start of the teleporter event
- Radius of heal + shock beacons increased to 12m
- Increased Shock Beacon fire rate to once every 2s
- Increased Shock Beacon damage (50%, 0.4 proc coefficient)
- Increased Shock Beacon force
- Increased Hack Beacon hack time (15s per chest cost -> 30s per chest cost)
- Resupply beacon now grants 25% CDR to nearby allies

Engineer Changes

pressure mine

    Pressure Mine:
- increased blast radius of both stages to be 2m larger than trigger area

MUL-T Changes

Mostly just QOL!

- Increased base move speed to 9
- Reduced acceleration to 25

- Removed corkscrew pattern introduced in CU6
- Now always fires it's nail blast when the attack ends

    Scrap Launcher:
- No longer resets it's cooldown when firing
- Cooldown increased (1.5s -> 3s)
- Scrap projectile is now affected by slight gravity
- Projectile speed increased (100 -> 150)

- Now grants an armor buff while switching weapons
- Swap duration increased to 0.75s
- Cooldown increased to 1.5s



- Actually compatible with latest R2API


- Engineer
- Compatible with latest R2API


- consolidated execution effects into a single consistent behavior
- added Execution keyword
- fixed some lang errors


- rex pass 2
- captain beacon + diablo stuff


- adjusted beacon radii
- adjusted shock beacon force + proc coeff
- adjusted hack time
- updated hemmorhage keyword to more accurately reflect new behavior
- increased acrid's move speed




added acrid changes


added behavior to keep desperado tokens between stages


fixed some stuff in the readme 


- Fixed a bug where Dagger was having way more force than intended
- Fixed a bug where Smoke Bomb was having a little less bounce than intended
- Fixed a bug where the primary reload speed was a little faster than intended
- Fixed a bug where the stealth duration changes werent actually working
- Fixed a bug where Desperado damage would not increase with additional tokens
- Added new Hemmorhage behavior
- Added new execution behavior for both specials


- Release ver; migrated from RexTweaks
- Added bandit tweaks

Available versions

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