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Adds new skills to survivors

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.2103 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2103
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5
RiskofThunder-R2API_Loadout-1.0.2 icon

API for registering skills, skins and entity states

Preferred version: 1.0.2
RiskofThunder-R2API_ContentManagement-1.0.4 icon

API for adding content to the game

Preferred version: 1.0.4
RiskofThunder-R2API_Core-5.1.0 icon

Core R2API module

Preferred version: 5.1.0
egpimp-EggsUtils-1.2.7 icon

Handles lots of helpers and stuff for EggsMods

Preferred version: 1.2.7


Eggs Skills adds a variety of new skills to survivors intended to give a natural, vanilla feel.

Credit to yarrowyeen for V2.4.0 skill icons
Huge credit to SOM for working on most icons
Credit to bm for making the tasty delicious new logo

If for whatever reason you want to support me, feel free to donate here


  • Fix everything that breaks from this update
  • Get icons for the new skills, they are placeholder right now
  • Probably add scepter compat for the void fiend skill, it's a lot of entitystates (In other words really annoying to do), only if enough people ask

Mod Compatibilites

  • Caustic Spray: +15% hitbox size and +10% damage
  • Expunge: +20% radius and +10% damage
  • Artificer
  • Quantum Transposition: +10% distance and +20% damage
  • Bandit
  • Bounce: +5% damage per bounce and +1 bounce every 2 levels
  • Kinetic Refractor: +10% movement speed and +4m radius stun on exiting stealth
  • Captain
  • Mercury Repeater: +0.05 proc coefficient per bullet and +1 bullet per 2 levels
  • MK-4 Tracking Grenade: +20% damage and +1 stock every 2 levels
  • Commando
  • Flechette Rounds: +0.1 proc coefficient per bullet and +1 bullet every 2 levels
  • Tactical Pursuit: +10% damage buff for 2 seconds after dashing
  • Engineer
  • Guided Salvo: +10% total damage and +10% explosion radius
  • T-3514 Shock Mines: +10% damage, +10% radius, and +1 pulse every 2 levels
  • Huntress
  • Explosive Arrow: +10% explosion and bomblet damage and +1 bomblet
  • Loader
  • Barrier Buster: +10% radius and +5% max hp barrier returned
  • Mercenary
  • Execute: +20% damage and +0.1 proc coefficient
  • MUL-T
  • Nanobot Swarm: +20% healing, +10% damage, and +1 swarm per enemy every 2 levels
  • REX
  • DIRECTIVE: Respire: +4m radius and +10% barrier gained per hit
  • Railgunner
  • G2 Lancer Rounds: +15% damage and +0.1 proc coefficient
  • Void Fiend
  • Consume / Expel: +15% damage and +4m radius
Autosprint Rex root is not canceled instantly by autosprint
ClassicItems (Ancient Scepter)
  • Expunge -> Liquidate: 1.5x damage and reapplies selected passive to enemies hit
  • Rex
  • DIRECTIVE: Root -> DIRECTIVE: Bloom: Build up damage for every pulse that hits enemies, releasing it as an explosion afterwards
  • Mercenary
  • Execute -> Terminus
  • 2x damage and larger aoe stun


2.4.4 (Current)

  • Fixed issue with mobile turrets only checking their spawn-position for distance from micromissile tracker
  • Fixed issue where lance rounds would not be disabled after supercharge
  • Added some recoil and spread bloom to a few skills that did not have it already
  • Slightly reduced damage of mercury repeater
  • Slapped on a spicy new set of icons for consume / expel


  • After multiple aneurysms I finally identified and fixed language token issue


  • Put correct file in the
  • Removed unused dependancy from manifest


  • Appropriately credited bm for making new logos
  • Fixed wrong string issue completely breaking huntress cluster bomb arrow
  • Changed file structure slightly, hopefully fixes language token issue


  • Added 5 new skills, go crazy
  • Hopefully fixed things for new update
  • Acrid compat with spikestrip (Deeprot)
  • Cool new logo
  • Now using actual language folder, if you speak not english feel free to start translating!
  • Probably more stuff, this was heavily overdue so I don't remember all the changes I made


  • Fixed for new R2API Update


  • Classicitems Scepter now upgrades appropriate skills, still need to add standalone scepter

  • Less damage on shock mines, but lower cooldown to be more in-line with base-game mines

  • No more broken Skills++, at least until it changes again

  • Uses better logging and error handling for debugging

  • Some innacurate numbers between skill descriptions and actual numbers fixed


  • New cross compatibilities with other mods

  • All skills are now Skills++ upgradeable if you have that mod.

  • Autosprint now doesn't cuck / isn't cucked by any skills

  • Fixed achievements

  • Merc utility is now a special, no more % based damage but is slayer

  • 0.4 proc coefficient on commando primary to 0.6


  • New artificer keyword actually functions now

  • No longer can m2 while invis as bandit


  • Skills no longer break over network

  • Kinetic Refractor works again

  • Merc achievement no longer breaks health cost interactables

  • Note: MUL-T projectile bug still exists, I have no idea why it behaves the way it does but fortunately it is just a visual bug. Will be fixed as soon as I figure out wtf is going on


  • Loads of code refactors and comments added for clarity

  • Tesla mines no longer have the aoe indicator, cant haunt me if you dont exist

  • Projectiles hopefully now network properly

  • Lots of typos fixed in skill descriptions

  • Slight nerf to Fatal Assault, will keep an eye on its shredding potential but should still work more than fine as a boss melting tool. Also slight animation fixes

  • Artificer can now hold the full charge of quantum transposition, several range and aoe buffs, much harder to place yourself in objects now

  • Commando dash now properly has animations, slight changes to speed and cast times

  • MUL-T indicator just got logarithmic

  • Bandit magic bullet richochet fixed

  • Some other changes I mightve forgotten Im tired


  • Fixed for SotV update

  • No other changes. Yet.

  • Seriously, this update has no real content. Loads of bugfixes, rebalances, and QOL changes will be arriving asap, but for the moment I wanted to get a functioning version out for this update.


  • Hopefully fixed networking bugs with dash, bomb arrow, and magic bullet


  • Remembered to add token for Lucky keyword

  • Fixed Bandit primary bug causing crashes


  • New Bandit primary and Commando utility

  • Moved some stuff around


  • Lots of new fun configs to use

  • Forgot to mention alt MUL-T secondary getting an indicator in last update, as well as being able to hold it and aim before firing.

  • You can now unlockall achievements via config as well

  • 2 new console commands to help share config with friends to avoid possible conflicts: es_getconfig && es_setconfig (Requires game restart to apply)

  • Eggsmods discord now exists


  • Added config to enable / disable skills by survivor


  • Fixed artificer alt utility not working

  • Fixed alt MUL-T secondary sound bug


  • Forgot to mention last notes that Rex alt R now scales with attack speed, this patch it was given a cap


  • Misc fixes and organization

  • Fixed Bandit sound bug on alt utility

  • Commando alt primary now functions more like standard primary skills; no charges, and also has recoil effect added.


  • Forgot to credit SOM for icon work, fixed


  • Every survivor now has at least one new skill!

  • Lots of misc bug fixes and organization

  • DIRECTIVE: Respire uses new keyword instead of armor

  • Seriously I think I fixed that engi mine bug and if I didnt spam ping me please this thing has haunted me for multiple updates now

  • New secondary for MUL-T and Huntress

  • New utility for bandit

  • New achievements for every skill (may be buggy over network)

  • Known bugs : Slight jank on animation on new MUL-T skill, otherwise works fine
  • 1.0.7

    • Fixed wrong files


    • Actually for real fixed the engi mine bug

    • Reverted back to R2API


    • Fixed for recent update

    • Fixed my readme to have a less obnoxious changelog

    • Maybe fixed engi mine bug? To be honest I dont know if I did, someone with friends test this.


    • Added dependancy on Eggs Buffs

    • Misc code organization / optimization

    • Artificer teleport no longer puts you inside walls even on wonky terrain

    • Various skill renamings and description updates

    • Artificer utility split into two distinct entity states for charging and releasing

    • New captain secondary Tracking Grenade : Throw a grenade that inflicts new "Tracked" debuff on enemies that slows and increases damage taken by 50%


    • Fixed for anniversary update!

    • Damage & added move speed buffs for Shield Buster, renamed to Barrier Buster

    • More optimization, consistency, and damage for Fatal Teleport, hopefully feels even nicer to use than before. Short hop added to provide airtime. Tracker disabled when skill is on cooldown.

    • New engineer secondary Tesla Mine : Deploy up to 4 mines that upon triggering pulse 5 times over 5 seconds where they are triggered. Each pulse deals damage and stuns.

    • Created a Github

    • Known bugs : Directive PULL animation only plays after you have landed from a fall at least once in the run; Artificer teleport can drop you out of bounds if used into weird geometry; Merc teleport may also be able to do this, but is much rarer


    • Finally new skills!!!

    • New Acrid special Expunge : "Purges" poison from afflicted targets, causing them to explode in a radius with damage based on the type of poison afflicted but removing the poisoned status effect

    • New Loader special Shield Buster : Expend all of your current barrier to deal massive damage in a radius around you!

    • New Rex special Directive PULL : Root yourself in place, slowing your speed and gaining armor for the duration. Additionally deal damage and pull nearby enemies closer, gaining barrier for each affected enemy.

    • Fixed even more spaghetti. Hopefully no more nullrefs. Merc fatal teleport now has permanent tracker, and is a conditional skill (Can only be used if there is a target)


    • Changed mercs "Fatal Teleport" into an execute ability instead of anti-air and now utilizes the new "exposed" keyword; in all, feels more fun and less clunky to use. Hopefully.

    • Removed the spaghetti that was overflowing inside of the Artificers "Surge Teleport" skills code.

    • New, but secret and ultimately useless (For now) code for making a new engineer mine skill. Does nothing gameplay-wise yet.

    • Known bugs : Spamming fatal teleport without a target resets attack speed (Potentially infinite attack speed), Both teleport abilities can put you out of bounds in the right situation, but are unlikely to come up in normal play.

    • Updated for 1.0 release of RoR2


    • Created the mod and put it on thunderstore

    • 3 Skills, Artificer utility, Merc utility, and commando primary

    • Fatal Teleport : Teleport to an enemy and strike them for execute based damage

    • Surge Teleport : Charge up to teleport a distance scaling with charge time. Additionally deal damage around your start and ending locations, radius and damage also scaling with charge time

    • Combat Shotgun : Holds 8 charges, rapid fire shotgun for commando. Spread becomes tighter during crits in addition to normal crit damage.