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Forecast Mod Manager

Mod Manager for BepInEx mods. Simple, responsive UI with shareable profiles.

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Forecast Mod Manager

Forecast is a modern, fast and simple-to-use mod manager for Risk of Rain 2 mods.

To Install for Windows 10, Click here

  • Modern UI
  • Fast and responsive
  • Runs in a sandbox
  • Starts the game through steam
  • Profile/Modpack switcher
  • Profile/Modpack sharing via 5 digit code
  • Config editor
  • Simple mod updates
  • Completely clean uninstall process
  • App updates are one-click from within the app

The source code for the app can be found at


You may need to enable sideloading for windows 10 apps before you can install.

  1. Download the .ZIP file and open Forecast.appinstaller (recommended) or run Install Forecast.exe.
  2. Follow the steps in the installer
  3. Search for "Forecast" in your start menu

Ensure you have Microsoft App Installer installed before running Forecast.appinstaller The installer does not need to be placed inside of the Plugins folder

Updating the app

Windows will check for app updates automatically and install them in the background. It may take 1-2 days to update from the time that the update is released. Updates will also appear in the top right corner of the app when they are ready to install.


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