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Rebalances/Buffs items that are flat in the effects they give.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.9
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 3.0.59



The purpose of this mod is to add some level of scaling to (what I believe are) underperforming items that don't really scale with the player. Configs are provided for those that wish to tweak or disable any changes made by this mod.

Item Changes

Bison Steak

  • Health increase is boosted further by level similar to Cautious Slug's health regen.

The flat health increase from Bison Steak is a terrible joke, it's old effect wasn't better in any way either. In any situation that involves taking damage Repulsion Armor is simply better overall, yes including burst damage. This change simply makes it scale with the character's level allowing it to still be relevant later in the run.

Topaz Brooch

  • Reduced barrier amount on kill slightly (15 -> 14).
  • Now gives additional barrier based on a percent of the user's maximum health (0.5%).

Topaz Brooch isn't an item I've personally used to great effect on a regular basis, so the current values are fairly low for now. This item is great early on but it falls off hard if more isn't collected, also due to the way barrier decays this item becomes less valuable as maximum health increases. This change stops it from falling off easily and enables characters and builds with large health pools to make use of it.

Squid Polyp

  • Stacking now increases the lifespan of the Squid Polyp (3 seconds).
  • Stacking increases damage instead of attack speed.
  • The Squid Polyp's attack now applies Tar.
  • Squid Polyp's now have their healing disabled if they haven't been in combat for a while (12-14 seconds depending on what happens).
  • Squid Polyp's now has armor (50).

Squid Polyp has always been an automatic scrap item unless you are specifically building them, and even then you had to dedicate most of your item choices to them. The Tar debuff will delay melee attackers from harming the Squid Polyps while also giving it some synergy with Death Mark. The Armor increase makes Squid Polyps less reliant on healing to be effective. (This may become a stackable effect in the future.) The lifespan increase from stacking makes Squids a better investment as it increases the potential damage a Squid can deal before expiring. Lastly the inactive healing disable will help remove useless Squid Polyps on the other side of the map getting constantly healed, as it's very possible to hit the minion cap from Squid Polyp's.


  • Gives stat increases equal to a level up.
  • By default a single Infusion can give up to 2 levels worth of stat increases.
  • Killing Elite and Boss type enemies gives more samples to reduce the need for farming.
  • If a minion has infusions and kills an enemy it gives the samples to the owner instead if they have infusions as well.
  • When a minion spawns and has infusions it gets the same amount of samples as the owner.

With the changes made to Bison Steak, this item is now pretty useless. These changes offer something that Steak can't and also scales better with beefier characters. Most characters only get extra health, damage and regen on level up so this is usually what Infusions will improve.


Highly recommend installing OkIGotIt's Fresh Bison Steak mod as the changes to the Bison Steak were made with this in mind.

Known Issues

  • Not tested in multiplayer (as usual).

Change Log




  • Added Gives To Owner configuration. This controls if orbs from minion kills go to the owner instead.
  • Added Inherit From Owner configuration. This controls if minions with infusions inherit their owner's collected samples.

Squid Polyp

  • Added balance changes for Squid Polyps.

Topaz Brooch

  • Added balance changes for Topaz Brooch.

Configurations changes:

Bison Steak

  • Health boost from levels reduced (0.2 -> 0.1) as it scaled a bit too quickly.


Added changes for Infusion.


Public release.


  • duckduckgreyduck - Majority of the code for Bison Steak changes is based on their GreenAlienHead mod.
  • Risk of Thunder's R2Wiki - Wouldn't have been able to understand the above mod without this.
  • Hopoo Games - For leaving Bison Steak in its current state.


You can find me as kking117#0370 on Discord.

Available versions

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