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The most playable-est Clay Templar you've ever seen ft. Clay Men

By rob
Last updated 2 weeks ago
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This mod requires the following mods to function

tristanmcpherson-R2API-2.4.10 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.4.10
bbepis-BepInExPack-3.2.0 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 3.2.0


  • Adds the Clay Templar with rebalanced stats and all new skills as a playable survivor
  • Now includes a toggleable Clay Man enemy

ping me in the modding discord for any feedback/bugs- @rob#2365

Known Issues

  • Milky Chrysalis and Crowdfunder don't work due to lack of item displays
  • Using Ocular HUD and then primary will give permanent crit even after the buff times out
  • Elder Lemurian attacks currently launch the Templar up just as Bazooka does, however there's a config option to disable the mechanic until I find a fix
  • Weapon swap is kinda buggy


- Reverted to previous version for now

- Fixed Clay Bomb and Bazooka networking issues
- Fixed yet another mistake in the survivor description
- Nerfed Clay Man damage and health

- Fixed a typo causing Minigun to not function properly
- Fixed a mistake in the survivor description

- Added even MORE configuration
- Fixed and reworked tar ignite mechanic
- Igniting tarred enemies now makes an explosion that stuns, deals 1/4 the damage of the hit that procced it, and ignites nearby tarred enemies
- Also applies a new debuff, Scorch, that reduces armor by 25 and prevents explosions from being procced while active
- Added Clay Man as a new toggleable enemy spawn, off by default- acts as a cheaper, weaker Beetle Guard pretty much
- Their only skills are a basic melee attack and a leap
- Hopefully fixed networking issues on Bazooka and Clay Bomb
- Added a toggle to give enemy Clay Templars the new loadout, have fun getting shotgunned to death

- Added a lot of new configuration
- Minigun armor bonus changed to 50, increasing to 75 and granting knockback resistance while standing still
- Reduced Minigun damage from 35% to 30%
- Reduced Tar Rifle damage from 60% to 50%, reduced fire rate
- Reduced Bazooka damage from 1000% to 800%
- Reduced Bazooka Mk.2 damage from 750% to 500%
- Added ignite mechanic to Bazooka- accidentally left the tooltip in last version while the mechanic itself wasn't functional
- Added more skill icons
- Added an option to disable Weapon Swap for those who find the skill overpowered
- Be prepared for the Random Jellyfish Event

- Added rocket jump
- Minigun top speed increased from 135% to 150%
- Minigun damage reduced from 40% to 35%
- Minigun bonus armor reduced from 200 to 75
- Tar Rifle fire rate decreased
- Some more skill icon polish
- Added new Clay Bomb VFX
- Sidestep updated, no longer cancels sprint and movement logic has been tweaked a bit
- Sidestep cooldown reduced to 5s from 8s
- Base health increased from 160 to 200
- Base damage reduced from 15 to 12
- Damage per level reduced from 3 to 2.4
- Updated description

- Added a new VERY IMPORTANT config option
- Updated skill icons
- Updated character color
- Minigun now grants bonus armor while firing
- Renamed default special to Bazooka
- Bazooka damage increased from 750% to 1000%
- Bazooka radius increased from 8 to 16
- Added new Bazooka VFX and cleaned up hitbox
- Bazooka can now be held, and is fired by releasing the special key
- Base crit chance changed to 1 from 0, matching all other survivors
- I cannot stress enough how important the new config option is

- Minigun fire rate scaling changed from 50-150% to 75-135%, ramp up speed halved
- Minigun damage reduced from 50% to 40%, proc coefficient reduced from 0.6 to 0.5
- Blunderbuss recharge time reverted to 2.5s, damage increased from 4x80% to 4x100%

- Primary attack speed bug fixed
- Minigun fire rate now ramps up over time, starting at 50% the original amount and scaling up to 150%
- Minigun proc coefficient changed to 0.6
- Tar Rifle proc coefficient changed to 1
- Tar Rifle spin up removed
- Blunderbuss pellet count reduced from 12 to 4, recharge time decreased from 2.5s to 2s, spread decreased

- Lots of overall polish
- Added some custom skill icons and a new portrait more consistent with other survivors
- Fixed camera params
- Added recoil effect to primary fire
- Primary tooltips now use accurate, non bs numbers
- Primary damage rebalanced, not quite sure how much this affects him so any feedback is helpful
- Tar Rifle damage per shot increased, fire rate decreased, startup time decreased, accuracy slightly decreased, no longer slows movement, new VFX
- Clay Bomb heavily buffed and slightly reworked
- Added heavily WIP secondary- Blunderbuss
- New specials- Rocket Launcher and Weapon Swap
- Rocket Launcher fires a rocket that explodes and deals a bit of damage
- Weapon Swap cycles through primary weapons, a bit buggy but works for now
- Removed borrowed skills

- Changed size to match other survivors, this allows him to open the Legendary Chest on Abyssal Depths as well as access the Artifact Portal
- Rebalanced base stats to match that of other survivors
- Added doppelganger stuff
- Added Railgun primary
- Added Shotgun primary
- Added more config options, including one that reverts his size
- Added experimental new special, still not quite sure what I want to do with this skill
- Reworked alt primary
- Sidestep cooldown increased to 8s, now holds 2 charges

- Added configuration options
- Buffed default secondary

- Added crosshair functionality
- Renamed skills because i'm an idiot apparently
- New secondary and special
- Minigun damage increased
- Precise Minigun damage decreased

- Fixed ingame name being "???"

- 40 proc coeff was probably a bit too much, reverted

- Removed useless accidental minirpc dependency, oops
- Added another alternative m1 with more precise aim
- Increased m1 proc coefficient
- Slightly improved base stats
- Increased size

- Initial release

To Do

  • UI functionality for weapon swap
  • Item displays?

Available versions

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2020-5-12 1.6.4 5784 Install
2020-5-12 1.6.3 106 Install
2020-5-9 1.6.2 504 Install
2020-5-9 1.6.1 23 Install
2020-5-7 1.6.0 385 Install
2020-5-6 1.5.1 267 Install
2020-5-4 1.5.0 394 Install
2020-5-4 1.4.2 66 Install
2020-5-4 1.4.1 21 Install
2020-5-3 1.4.0 229 Install
2020-4-21 1.3.0 1066 Install
2020-4-17 1.2.1 504 Install
2020-4-16 1.2.0 211 Install
2020-4-16 1.1.2 110 Install
2020-4-16 1.1.1 62 Install
2020-4-16 1.1.0 13 Install
2020-4-16 1.0.0 99 Install