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A Collection of Custom Things! Ritual of Love, Mass Ressurection, AIO Miners, Wishing Wells, and more. Lots of custom stuff!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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A library to easily interact with Cult of the Lamb

Preferred version: 0.2.1




  • Read more about this mod at my Website
  • Join the discord server for support, feedback, suggestions and general modding talk: modding discord
  • Save Converter (if you are updating from 0.1.6 COTL API to 0.1.7 COTL API and above)
  • If you like the mod, consider donating here! Thank you for checking out the mod!

v1.2.2 Compatiblity Fix & Minor Additional Content


  • You can now drink from the drinkhouse. Drink with your followers!
  • Updated for Sins of the Flesh
  • Renamed Mistletoe Ritual to Ritual of Love. The Ritual of Love improves two follower's relationship to the maximum.

1 New Command!

  • For I have sinned: Infuse 20 Strange Material into followers to gain a full sin bar.

1 New Structure!

  • The Boutique: Followers can pack gifts to randomly gift to other non-enemy followers. Their relationship will increase by 1.

1 New Config

  • NoExhaustMating: Will not exhaust followers after mating.

End of what's new




  • Klara Chaos: Distribution Ritual, Lucky Narinder Statue
  • ScreenySketches: Fusion Ritual, Ritual Frenzy
  • Scribblekid#0606: Telescope, Ritual Frenzy, Ritual of Youth
  • Rimanah#4072: Strange Material v2

How to Contribute

Feel free to provide more art for any parts of the mod! DM me on Discord: Infernodragon1#1055 or join the discord linked above!

custom structures

Extra Structures

  • Wishing Well: Wish upon the wishing well using Gold! Grants you one of two tarot cards as a reward
  • Bone / Silk / Crystal Mines: These mines allow your followers to start mining Bone / Silk / Crystals! These mines last indefinitely.
  • Food Storage I & II: Store additional food in food storages to prevent rotting!
  • Fishing Huts: Each hut can store up to 75 fishes at once.
  • Relic Infuser: Bring a relic into your runs.


  • Telescope: Read more at the Astrologer Role
  • Lucky Narinder Statue: For devoting to narinder. Narinder can devote to it to instantly level up.
  • Study Table: Read more at the Study Role
  • Endless Pit of Gluttony: Dead followers can be buried in this pit, unlimited amount of times. Only the Reaper can bury them this way. Currently the player is not able to bury the followers in this pit.
  • Alchemy cauldron: Select a necklace to create, play a minigame and succeed without failures to create the necklace.


  • Stasis Chamber: Uses 50 Strange Energy to freeze time. While you are in base and time is frozen, the stasis chamber will take 10 Strange Energy per true minute.


  • AIO Quarry: Select from 10 different types of materials to collect. A follower will mine the item for you. Left click to collect, Right click to set the type of item to mine.

  • AIO Incubator: Choose from several different plants to farm. A Follower will help to farm the item you select.

  • Tree of Giving: Followers can work here to generate small and medium gifts.

  • Energy Controller: Transfer energy from generators to structures that uses energy. Currently, you can get energy from Endless Pit and Strange Generator

  • Strange Generator: Converts Strange Material + Gold into Strange Energy.

Waiter Desk (Role Proxy)

  • Build a waiter desk and your followers will start serving food to other followers!
  • Also collects food from Follower Kitchen
  • A proxy for the waiter role to be naturally taken up by followers.
  • You may build this anywhere, one for each waiter that you require.

Sous Chef Desk

  • You can select 1 of the 10 different dishes that the Sous Chef should cook.
  • No need for manually queueing the meals anymore!

Follower Management Device


  • Lets you spy on your followers
  • Assign work commands remotely through the device!

custom commands

Misc Commands

  • Knucklebones: Play knucklebones with your followers!
  • Flip Coin: Flip the coin with your followers and see if you win! (5 coins each)
  • Divorce: Too many spouses? Heres a solution!

Work Commands

  • Custom Miners
  • Sous Chef (Requires Sous Chef Desk)
  • Waiter (Requires Waiter Desk)
  • Fisher

custom items

  • Strange Energy: An experimental Energy system that can be used to power futuristic structures.
  • Strange Material: A strange material that is used for rituals and futuristic machines

custom rituals


  • Fusion Ritual: Sacrifice the first selected Follower. The second selected follower gains all of the first follower's traits. Note that traits are mutually exclusive of negative and positives, so stack them wisely (overrides if exist)
  • Distribution Frenzy: Instantly level up all your followers, at the cost of gold
  • Ritual Frenzy: Clears all ritual cooldowns immediately, at the cost of gold
  • Ritual of Youth: Uses the power of the Strange Material. Make all old followers young again. Doubles the affected followers life expectancy. (You need to exit the temple to see the followers change visually)
  • Ritual of Reversal: Swaps the first mutually exclusive trait of a follower for its positive counterpart text
  • Ritual of Love: Select two followers, and infuse them with the power of the Strange Material to bond them together.


Narinder Devotion Role

  • Narinder Devotion: Increases faith of the cult when a follower devotes to this statue.

Strange Material Roles

  • Astrologer: See the stars, Gain inspiration. Creates a new quest for the follower if used in the morning. Can use once every day. Provides Strange Material at night
  • Study: The follower can study and increase loyalty. Invest in the study table to generate Strange Material.
  • Reaper: Followers can now wrap and bury dead followers. You need an endless pit for followers to get this role. Normal Graves will not work.

Miner Roles


  • Followers can now mine Bones, Crystals and Silk.

Fisher Role

  • You can command a follower to fish via "Follower > Fisher" to let them start fishing
  • By default, worker followers will navigate to fishing huts to start fishing (when they fish this way, they only give salmon)
  • However, using the command, the custom loot table is enabled: (higher chances) Small fish, Fish, (lower chances) Octopus, Lobster, Squid, Blowfish, Crab

Waiter Role

  • (IMPORTANT) There will only be a waiter if you build a Waiter Desk
  • The Waiter will serve the food that is on the floor first, then take food from the Follower Kitchen if there is no food on the floor (The food will be thrown on the floor first)
  • If you have a Waiter, followers will not run to the food, but instead wait to be served.
  • Waiters will only reposition to the follower if they run too far away from their initial spot (7 units away)
  • The food will remain on the floor until the follower finishes the food. If you eat it before it reaches the follower, the follower will not get the food.
  • Followers "tip" 2 gold on their location upon receiving food
  • Followers hunger satiation is increased 2x when served food
  • The waiter teleports food from the kitchen

Sous Chef Role

  • (IMPORTANT) There will only be a Sous Chef if you build a Sous Chef Desk
  • Select 1 out of 10 food choices, and the sous chef will cook it automatically when followers are hungry.
  • A Food bubble will appear on top of the chef if they are currently cooking food.
  • Food will first be stored in the available Follower Kitchens, then on the floor.


  • All you can eat Buffet: Players can now eat as many food items as they want. (Deaths due to excessive eating not covered by insurance.) [Enabled by default]
  • Large Shrine: Shrine stores 2000 Souls max instead [Enabled by default]
  • Instant Collection: Clicking the Shrine once will grab all the souls instead of just 1 [Enabled by default]
  • Skips Intro Cutscene [Enabled by default]
  • You can now challenge "The One Who Waits" repeatedly and add more of them to your collection. [Disabled by default]
  • Config files available for enabling and disabling any part of the mod.

Known Issues

  • Follower Manager Device: If you assign a task to a follower that cannot be done, they might turn invisible, just re-assign another task.


  • Paste the plugins folder in BepInEx folder. This mod consist of CotlMiniMods.dll and an Asset folder.


  • BepInEx Pack
  • COTL API 0.2.1 and above

Previous Lore Entries

Season 1 Lore

Brief, Episode 3: The followers have continued their research into the Strange Material, it seems to be some form of circuit that can react and turned into energy using gold and other methods. The lamb decides to take advantage of this Strange Material and came up with several different types of exotic machines to be built. It can also be used to perform rituals, infusing the material into followers. Would there be consequences?

Brief, Episode 2: After several months of extraction and research, the followers have found that the strange materials are appearing more often. It seems that the strange material reacts strongly to gold, and sometimes followers as well. The Lamb wishes to use this material to improve the Cult. But what could the strange material be?

Brief, Episode 1: The Lamb has found a strange sphere that seems to have fallen from the sky, could it be a meteorite? The followers have been tasked to study and extract the materials from it, to see if there is anything useful that can be salvaged. The Lamb then provides a few tools for research, such as a study table to read up on known materials, and a telescope to look out for other suspicious sky activities.