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A Collection of Custom Things! Ritual of Love, Mass Ressurection, AIO Miners, Wishing Wells, and more. Lots of custom stuff!



v1.2.2 - Compatibility Update & Minor content update

  • Updated for Sins of the Flesh
  • Add NoExhaustMating Config
  • Add Boutique Structure
  • Renamed Mistletoe Ritual to Ritual of Love
  • Drink from Drinkhouse
  • For I have Sinned Command

v1.2.1 - Copmatibility Update & Minor content update

  • Fix issue with follower commands not loading
  • Add Relic Infuser
  • Add RelicNoReset Config

v1.2.0 - Season 1, Finale

  • Added Ritual of Mass Resurrection
  • Added Ritual of Exile
  • Added Sous Chef Role & Desk
  • Added ability to take out food from Follower Kitchen
  • Added Strange Extraction Tarot Card
  • Added Config to enable or disable giving quests via Telescope
  • Updated Alchemy Table to give new necklaces
  • Updated Waiter Desk to serve from Follower Kitchen
  • Changed Study Table interaction
  • Fixed an issue with Cooking Fire not able to start manual cooking

v1.1.6 - Compatiblity Update

  • Minor compatibility update for COTL 1.2.1 and COTL API 0.1.17.
  • Removed Kitchen 1 and 2
  • Sous Chef Desk has changed, you can now interact with it, but not completed yet.

v1.1.5 - Compatibility Update

  • Minor compatibility update for COTL 1.1.4 and COTL API 0.1.16. No extra features.

v1.1.4 - Mini Christmas Update

  • AIO Farmer: The follower will mine from the Incubation Chamber at an extreme rate than normal farms.
  • Incubation Chamber: Choose from several different plants to farm. A Follower will help to farm the item you select.
  • Tree of Giving: Followers can work here to generate small and medium gifts.
  • Mistletoe Ritual: Select two followers, and infuse them with the power of the Strange Material to bond them together.
  • Changed Keys for the AIO Quarry to use a custom one, no longer modifies the farm plot data. Same for the new AIO Farmer

v1.1.3 - Season 1, Episode 3

  • Added Strange Energy Mechanic
  • Added Stasis chamber, AIO Quarry, Energy Controller, Strange Generator
  • Items from mines including the AIO Quarry can be collected much faster now.
  • Followers will now move to the side of the mines to work instead of directly on the mine, which makes it easier to interact with the mines.
  • Ritual animations have been improved.

v1.1.2 - Season 1, Episode 2

  • Compatible with COTL API 0.1.14
  • Added Strange Material item
  • Added Ritual of Youth
  • Added Strange Material to Study role
  • Increased Strange Material yield at night when stargazing
  • Added Reaper Role
  • Added Alchemy Cauldron
  • Added Endless Pit of Gluttony
  • Added Config to the in game menu


  • Compatible with COTL API 0.1.10

v1.1.0 - Season 1, Episode 1

  • Fix waiter role not persisting through food
  • Fix softlocked food due to interrupted waiters
  • Added Structures: Telescope, Study Table, Narinder Statue
  • Added Roles: Astrologer, Study, Narinder Devotion


  • Hotfix for ritual menu error


  • Should fix reflection errors
  • Remove waiter restriction on follower eating
  • Reworked Chef role
  • Made waiter and Chef roles natural
  • New Structures
  • New Rituals
  • The waiter role no longer prevents followers from eating food if there is no waiter


  • Added new structures
  • Added new Commands


  • Folder structure has been changed, upgrading from 1.0.6 and below manually? delete the old dll first!
  • Follower Manager Device has been implemented
  • There are some leftover code meant for 1.0.8, check known issues.


  • Kitchen II has been re-implemented
  • The new structures now have icons!
  • Kitchen and Kitchen II can now be moved.
  • New Divine Bell for the Kitchen II (notes above)
  • Food Storage is now interactable


  • Several Waiter buffs, as shown above
  • The waiter will now not be required to return to the kitchen to collect the food, instead, will continue serving directly.
  • Followers will now "tip" the waiter 2 gold, dropped on their current location.
  • The kitchen now goes on fire when the chef starts to cook food to indicate cooking.
  • You can now build fishing huts!
  • Fishing drop table list can be seen above
  • You can now bring more than 1 The One Who Waits home (ideally you should enable this only after you collected him once before)


  • Bumped COTL API version to 0.1.4
  • Minor bugfix for Reflection Exception that may occur when loading the mod


  • Config File has been added to tweak this mod to your liking.
  • The chef has been repositioned slightly upwards so that he is not inside the cooking pot.
  • The chef now has a bubble to show that they are cooking or not.
  • New Role: Waiter has been added.
  • Challenge The One Who Waits repeatedly (Enable it in the config file first)
  • Challenge the Shrimp Chef Rakshasa (untested) repeatedly (Enable it in the config file first)


  • Kitchens reduce food cost by 50% (minimum 1 per ingredient)
  • Players can now eat as much as they want.

v1.0.1 / v1.0.0

  • Initial Release