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Time stop with pause key. Let user adjust world speed in performance test panel. Autosave in background. Pause键暂停。性能测试面板中可调世界速度。在背景执行自动保存。

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx5.4.17 mod plugin framework, Mod框架

Preferred version: 5.4.17


Bullet Time

Decouple the mecha (player actions) from the world simulation.

  1. Provide hotkey to pause the game and view the freeze in-game world.
  2. Let user slow down game speed to reduce CPU workload, so FPS may improve if it is slowed down by UPS.
  3. Run autosave in the background to make the game stay responsive.
  4. Skip planet modeling for cover to speed up main menu loading.


Hotkey true pause mode

When pressing KeyPause key, the game will enter true pause mode. The following actions are allowed:

  • Freely move camera and inspect in-game objects.
  • Queue up mecha RTS order and mecha replicator.
  • Change settings of buildings.
  • Place down blueprints.

Mecha activity is disabled in this true pause mode. To enable, set EnableMechaFunc to true.

Game speed adjustment

Game speed adjustment
Slow game speed down to lower calculation workload. Improve FPS in late game.
The speed adjustment affects everything but the mecha, the mecha will still in normal speed.
The control slider is on in-game statistic performance panel.
When speed is set to 0, the game will enter pause mode, game tick and factories will stop.

Background autosave

Run autosave on background thread so the game won't freeze.
To make sure factory data is consistent, the game will enter pause mode during autosave.
The interaction with the factory is prohibited during the time exporting local factory data.


Run the game one time to generate com.starfi5h.plugin.BulletTime.cfg file.
Key name can be found in Unity manual - InputManager.

  • KeyAutosave
    Keyboard shortcut for auto-save. (Default:F10 + LeftShift)

  • KeyPause
    Hotkey for toggling pause mode. () (Default:Pause|Break)

  • EnableMechaFunc
    When enable, mecha will be ablet to move in pause mode and projectiles will fly in normal speed. (Default:fasle)

  • EnableBackgroundAutosave
    Run autosave in background. Besides config file, it can toggle in stat - performance panel. (Default:false)

  • StartingSpeed
    Game speed when the game begin. range:0-100 (Default:100)

  • EnableFastLoading
    Increase main menu loading speed. (Default:true)

  • RemoveGC
    Remove force garbage collection of build tools. (Default:true)


  • [✅] GalacticScale
  • [✅] NebulaMultiplayer

Extra Functions in Nebula Multiplayer

  • When a player is joining or requesting factory data, unfreeze and enter pasue mode (the player can move).
  • When host is saving or manually entering pause mode, the client will enter pause mode too.
  • If clients disconnect during pausing, the host can manually resume the game by changing the slider.
  • Players can stop/resume dyson sphere rotation in the editor at top-left button.
  • Both host and client can stop the game using hotkey pause.






管理器安装: 左边选项Config editor -> 找到starfi5h.plugin.BulletTime -> Edit Config
手动安装: 更改BepInEx\config\com.starfi5h.plugin.BulletTime.cfg文件

  • KeyAutosave
    自动存档的热键组合 (默认为F10 + LeftShift)

  • KeyPause
    暂停模式(世界停止+画面提示)的热键 (默认为Pause|Break)

  • EnableMechaFunc
    启用后,机甲能够在暂停模式中活动。弹射物将以正常速度飞行。 (默认为关闭false)

  • EnableBackgroundAutosave
    在背景执行自动保存。除了配置文件之外,它还可以在统计-性能测试面板中切换。 (默认为关闭false)

  • StartingSpeed
    开始时的游戏速度,范围: 0-100 (默认为100)

  • EnableFastLoading
    加快载入主选单 (默认为开启true)

  • RemoveGC
    移除建筑工具的强制内存回收 (默认为开启true)


  • 当玩家加入、请求工厂数据、存檔時,进入时停模式。在载入完成后恢复。
  • 如果游戏卡在时停模式,主机可以通过拖动滑块来恢复游戏运行。
  • 玩家可以在编辑器左上角的按钮中停止/恢复戴森球旋转。


All trademarks, copyright, and resources related to Dyson Sphere Project itself, remain the property of Gamera Game and Youthcat Studio as applicable according to the license agreement distributed with Dyson Sphere Program.
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