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Knife to a Gunfight

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight! A content mod for Gungeon

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.7.2
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Knife to a gunfight

:Charmed and Dangerous Update 2.2._:

A Large Content Mod for enter the Gungeon that adds a number of new items, weapons and gameplay!

Each addition strives to bring unique concepts while also sticking closely to a vanilla style.

Some of these include:

  • Tons of new Guns / Melees and Items!
  • Two Custom Characters: Rollin and Skater
  • Several new Shops
  • New status effects: (Hex, Blastblight, and Illness)
  • Special Jinxed and Weapon Charm item sets

To spawn my custom items in the console my extension is ski:

If you find any issues please let me know at the Mod the Gungeon discord.

A Huge thanks to all the lovely people in the Gungeon Modding that helped make this possible.

Specific I want to thank:

  • Lynceus for his massively helpful contribution of creating all the gameplay sprites for Skater!! As well as the sprites for Artillery Revolver, Cigaretta, Second Brain, and Iron Stomach!
  • Dallan for contribution on some item and weapon sprites!
  • SomeBunny and NeverNamed for their assistance with some of the more complex code bits!
  • Additional Thanks to SpecialAPI, Captain Pretzel and Round Queen.

Please check out their mods too!

Changelog - 2.2.0

Charmed and Dangerous Update Additions:

  • added a number of Items and Weapons.
  • buffed / balanced guns.
  • added Arms Dealer
  • added Weapon charms

New Shop NPC "Handy, the Arms Dealer":

  • Handy is a happy little collector of all things prosthetic and appendage related. He will happily trade you some of your parts for his collection. His shop boasts a number of custom and vanilla items that can all be bought with hearts.

Weapon Charms have been unearthed in the Gungeon and are now scattered about:

  • Weapon charms can be attached to your arsenal and have various effects, but only on the gun they are attached to. So choose wisely..

Changelog - 2.1.0

Rock and Roll Update Additions:

  • added a number of Items and Weapons.
  • updated hex to give a window for dodging and a visual indicator.
  • tuned and balanced many guns and items.
  • added a ton of new synergies, more than doubling the previous amount.
  • added two new custom characters!

Rollin and Skater are back and better than ever! Finally out of beta and ready to Rock and Roll their way through the Gungeon's depths! They sport new starting items that improve and expand upon their original concepts!

Changelog - 2.0.0

Boom and Gloom Update: Additions:

  • added a number of Items and Weapons
  • added new status effect Blastblight
  • added new status effect Hex
  • added Skilotar_ (oh look that's me)

Introducing! Morgun La Faye's mystical oddities shop: Shop that contains Jinxed items that will help and hurt the player and cannot be dropped.