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Expanded Bossfights

Adds custom bosses to Expand The Gungeons Jungle and Belly floors, with custom music!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

MtG_API-Mod_the_Gungeon_API-1.6.2 icon

Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.6.2
ApacheThunder-ExpandTheGungeon-2.9.13 icon

Mod that adds new floors and items. It's basically unofficial DLC!

Preferred version: 2.9.13
Alexandria-Alexandria-0.3.35 icon

A combination of old and new APIs, and new tools for the convenience of modders.

Preferred version: 0.3.35


Expand the Bosses!

This mod adds two fully-fledged new bosses for the custom floors added by Expand the Gungeon, replacing the placeholder ones with completely unique, custom bossfights!

The mod also adds bonus content in the form of three custom guns!

A look at the Bosses!

Les Voltigunners (Jungle boss)

Voltigunner and their Voltigoons.

  • A company of ghillie suit-wearing robots specializing in guerilla warfare, yet capable of far more destruction than it at first seems.
  • Composed of one leader (the boss "proper"), and multiple different unique enemies spawned by it.
  • Features two different phases, which completely change the appearance, behaviour, and attack patterns of the boss and its spawns!
  • The environment plays a role in the fight, with certain enemies being tied to the destructible trees and bushes.
  • Features two custom music tracks, one for each of the phases!

The Parasitic Abomination (Belly Boss)

The Parasitic Abomination

  • A giant monster dwelling in the stomach juices of the Belly, composed of three independent faces with unique attacks and health bars.
  • Composed of three faceparts that can be independently targeted and destroyed.
  • Many different attack patterns, each associated with one of the faceparts! Destroying them will make the boss unable to use their attacks!
  • Capable of submerging to reposition itself in the arena, making it easier for certain parts to be targeted.
  • Spawns a custom enemy that begins anchored before eventually releasing itself if not immediately killed.
  • Creates chandelier-like traps hanging from the ceiling, which fall down and explode after a certain time.
  • The boss is not defeated by clearing its lifebar, but by destroying all three of the faceparts, making it unique among all other bosses!
  • Features one custom music track for the bossfight!


  • Some Bunny: All the coding work, together with bossfight design, arena design, balancing, and playtesting. Also sprited the Voltigunners' bosscard and original boss concepts!
  • Lynceus (=Lynchantiure): Nearly all the spritework and animations, together with some playtesting. Wrote the ammonomicon descriptions, as well as this mod description!
  • Skilotar_: Created the three custom music tracks used in the mod, made the Thunderstore Icon for the mod and helped with playtesting!
  • A special thanks to Dallan for the help with playtesting!
  • There was also some people that tested the mod which I dont know the name of, if they want to their name can be added here in the future.
  • And thank YOU for reading these credits!