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Project GNC Gungeon n Celeste

A Mod adding custom items and characters based of the game Celeste. Includes 2 custom characters with custom items!

By TeamGNC
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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.6.2
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A combination of old and new APIs, and new tools for the convenience of modders.

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EtG mod that allows you to create and share custom characters with friends!

Preferred version: 2.2.2


Project GNC: Gungeon 'n' Celeste

By Shotzer (Sprites and code) and Pretzel (Sprites)

Project GNC: Gungeon 'n' Celeste (also known as Project GNCC: Gungeon 'n' Celeste Collaboration) is a mod dedicated to adding custom characters and items themed after the video game 'Celeste' by Maddy Thorson into Enter The Gungeon. It aims to use these customizations to expand the content within Enter The Gungeon while appealing to fans of 'Celeste'.


New Custom Character: Madeline

By Pretzel

Madeline Strawberry Thorson, bored of mountain climbing, arrives at the Gungeon.

Madeline is a high-speed but fragile hunter-like with an extra-spicy dodgeroll. Madeline isn't really a familiar gungeoneer, and suffers from reduced accuracy and SIGNIFICANTLY longer reload times. Also yes, she only has 1 health. Despite this, she's extremely maneuverable and can land some heavy hits with the practice bow, and can even kill weak bullet kin with a dodgeroll


  • 1 Base Heart Container
  • 4x Reduced Accuracy
  • 80% Longer Reload Times
  • 20% Faster Dodgerolls
  • 6x Dodgeroll Damage
  • 8 Base Movement Speed (roughly 1.15x movement speed)


  • Pistollete: A generic starter weapon based off the Makarov, but which slightly weaker stats. Similar to the starter weapons of the pilot and convict, it has infinite ammo, 6 shots per clip, and average damage. However, due to Madeline's reduced accuracy and longer reload times, the weapon can be unreliable, especially at long distances. Keep this in mind when playing as her!
  • Practice Bow: A weaker version of the bow, with less accuracy, damage, and no piercing. However, it comes with a unique ability: Shooting a perfectly timed shot causes the bow to shoot with perfect accuracy, full piercing, increased damage, and even slight homing! Through this, Madeline can overcome her accuracy and reload weaknesses, and give her a deadly edge in combat.
  • Glass Heart: A passive item which replaces Madeline's dodge roll with a powerful dash instead. These dashes have the same invulnerability frames as dodge rolls, but go slightly faster and deal much more damage (see stats section). Furthermore, Madeline's dashes cannot be stopped, going straight through enemies instead of bouncing off of them, instantly breaking any obstacle or table they go through, and reflect any projectiles they pass over randomly. Madeline's dashes are a powerful weapon in early floors, and a useful tool on later ones.


  • Be careful starting out, as one bad room can be a game over!
  • Getting in the face of enemies is common with her low accuracy and powerful dash, but give yourself enough space to react to sudden gunfire!
  • Master rounds are a MUST, so make use of Madeline's increased movement and don't get hit on bosses! Larger bosses are hard to damage with dashes, but easier to hit with bullets!
  • Don't be afraid to use the Practice Bow! It provides Madeline with a necessary damage boost to clear the first few floors, but once she gets a few good items she can keep the ball rolling on her own
  • Madeline can clear floor 1 very quickly with the Practice Bow, so don't feel too bad about restarting!
  • Always remember Glass Heart's ability to go through enemies, sometimes the best way to escape your enemies is to go right through them!
  • Madeline's Dashes don't just go through enemies, but can also go through NPC's, tables, barrels, and basically any other obstacle that isn't a solid wall!
  • Dashing over a table instantly destroys it, regardless if it is flipped or not. Keep this in mind when trying to take cover!
  • Madeline's reduced accuracy and longer reloads can make many guns very hard to use, or much less effective. Don't use the flash ray when playing Madeline!
  • Madeline's longer reloads also make junking chests pretty time consuming, but fortunately her dashes can instantly destroy them (and dodge any resulting explosions if done close enough)!

New Custom Character: Badeline (NOW WITH PUNCHOUT SPRITES!)

By Shotzer

Despite having fused after the events of Celeste Mountain, the stress of the Gungeon's ever-changing halls caused Badeline to appear again, dedicated to defending Madeline from the never-ending threat. Reborn from the Gungeon's own magics, Badeline weaponizes the forces of anxiety to protect Madeline by culling the endless horde of Gundead herself.

Badeline is a slower, more defensive character compared to your average Gungeoneer, preferring a safer play-style as compared to a more aggressive one. Sporting a charged weapon as a starter, as well as an orbital buffing active item, Badeline's kit focuses around patience and defense, but can easily become just as aggressive as any other gungeoneer.


  • 2 Base Health Containers
  • 3x Dodgeroll Damage
  • 3 Starting Curse
  • 1 Extra Starting Blank


  • Badeline's Energy: A unique charge-based starter weapon with 3 stages of charge, with increasing damage for each stage. At the lowest level, it fires a single energy orb which deals low damage, firing 2 of these orbs at 2nd level charge. At its 3rd charge level, it fires a large laser beam centered above the player, piercing enemies and dealing large damage to enemies hit, enough to kill even shotgun kin on early floors. Furthermore, Badeline's Energy also has a rage mechanic, causing all its attacks to deal more damage as Badeline's health decreases, and even greater damage when Badeline is 1 hit from death. All of this, with perfect accuracy and infinite ammo!
  • Threat Cassette: An active item, charged by dealing damage. Upon use, the item summons 3 Badeline Clone orbitals, which revolve around Badeline, protecting her from incoming projectiles, and occasionally counterattacking when blocking a projectile. Additionally, while the item is active, all of Badeline's orbitals and orbiting guns will revolve and fire twice as fast than they usually would, further increasing their protective capabilities.
  • Strawberry Pin: A passive item capable of altering the Gungeon's layout, adding an extra secret room on most floors, excluding floors with static generations and the 6th floor. These rooms ignore normal secret room rarities, meaning very rare secret rooms can spawn very often! However, these extra rooms can spawn off any room (excluding boss rooms), meaning finding them will be extra tricky as well! The item also grants an extra blank to help find the rooms (see stats).


  • The best way to get used to a charge-based starter weapon is through practice. It might take some time to get used to, but once you understand how long each stage takes to charge, then they can all be used to maximum benefit!
  • The orbs fired by Badeline's Energy move very slowly, which can make hitting fast targets difficult. However, the laser attack of Badeline's Energy moves very fast, and will hit any foe almost instantly!
  • The 2nd charge level of Badeline's Energy deals the most single target damage of all 3 of Badeline's attacks, but doesn't have the speed or piercing capability of her laser. Try rapidly using the 2nd charge level against single targets while saving lasers for groups of enemies!
  • The laser fired from the 3rd charge level of Badeline's energy has a laser-sight aim-assist (similar to the assist provided by the 'Laser Sight' item) which helps understand where the laser will come from and go to.
  • Using Badeline's Energy to charge a 2nd or 3rd level shot before entering a room can grant a quick burst of damage at the start of that room, quickly clearing out problematic enemies and saving the ammunition of stronger guns.
  • Taking damage early on can be helpful due to the rage mechanic of Badeline's energy. Badeline's orbs will begin to instantly kill bullet kin when she's at half health, and can deal much more damage when at one hit from death, if you're willing to accept the challenge.
  • The Threat Cassette's orbitals are very useful during boss fights, allowing large amounts of bullets to be cleared out with a high chance of bonus damage due to counterattacking.
  • Badeline's Strawberry Pin can grant her immense power early on due to the rewards found in rare secret rooms. Don't be afraid to spend ammo to hunt for secret rooms: the payoff can be immense!
  • Badeline's Triple dodge damage is nowhere near as powerful as Madeline's, but it can still be useful in a pinch!
  • If you're playing with Nevernamed's 'Once More Into the Breach' mod, Badeline's energy has an... interesting reaction with the 'sanctified oil' item. Just keep in mind that her 3 starting curse can allow floor curses to spawn on the first floor!

Other Content

  • The Practice Bow and Threat Cassette as items which can appear on every run
  • Custom SFX, including character dialogue SFX when talking to NPC's!
  • Easter Eggs!
  • More in the Future!

To do

This mod is still in development, so feedback and bug reports are always welcome! Feel free to message me (Shotzer) on the Mod the Gungeon Discord server to report any bugs or feedback you have! Here is a link to the MTG server:

I will try to fix any bugs in the mod that are reported this way.

Special Thanks

An Extra special thanks to the following people:

  • Pretzel, for working with me on the mod for almost a year, ensuring it developed into its best form
  • MTG members Some Bunny, Nevernamed, SpecialAPI, ApacheThunder, Neighborino, Skilotar, NotSoAI, KyleTheScientist, and NotABot for coding assistance
  • The development teams of the Alexandria Library Mod, Custom Characters Mod, Gun Animation Editor, Room Architect Tool, Mod The Gungeon, and Enter The Gungeon for allowing me to use those tools to assist in the creation of this mod
  • MTG members Lotus, Cortify, Qaday, and Lynceus for showing me that I'm not alone in mod development and that there are others out there who pursue similar interests and projects
  • MTG members such as Dallan and Bossil members such as CatPiggies for showing me what good artwork looks like, especially in pixel art form
  • Bossil members for playtesting the mod and reporting bugs, the most notable being Pizzicato
  • Other members of the MTG discord server for providing a great, inclusive space to hang out and develop this project
  • Other members of the Bossil discord server for also providing a great, inclusive space to hang out and develop this project

Because of you, this project could finally have be released after 2 years of development.

Version History


  • Added Badeline Punchout Sprites.
  • Custom SFX now scales with in-game volume. Dialogue volume scales with UI volume and other custom SFX scale with SFX volume.
  • Slight Modifications made to Madeline's downward, back-right, and back-left sprites to better display Dodge Roll I-frames.
  • Slightly more variety to Debug Console startup dialogue.
  • Optimized mod files to use up less storage space.


  • Initial Public Release!