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The Ordinary Magician

Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project makes her way to the Gungeon!

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.6.2
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EtG mod that allows you to create and share custom characters with friends!

Preferred version: 2.2.1


The Ordinary Magician

Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project makes her way to the Gungeon! Is it to search for treasure? Or simply because the Gap Hag is at it with her shenanigans again? Who knows.

This is my first attempt at making a mod or sprites of anything, so I hope you'll find them nice looking/entertaining. I really tried to keep the look similar to vanilla Gungeon so it wouldn't look out of place.


  • In true Touhou Bullet Hell fashion, starts with only one heart container

  • Slightly faster Movement Speed than other characters, just like in Touhou

  • Starts with a Magician Pistol
    A knockoff version of the Witch Pistol, featuring none of the chicken-transforming effects and a longer reload. What a bargain!

  • Starts with a Mini-Hakkero
    Marisa's signature "weapon" from the series! It's really just a Dueling Laser reskin though, but featuring a state-of-the-art rotation/spinning animation!
    Charge it up by dealing damage (like an active item), then momentarily switch to it and fire away for a beam of big damage.

  • Starts with an Ordinary Broom
    An active item that grants you flight until you dodgeroll. Also allows you to steal items from the shopkeeper, but doing so will instantly turn him hostile.

  • Starts with Shanghai
    A small doll that will come to life when you're not at full health to attack enemies. Relatively weak, but still helps.


  • "Twelve Shots" (Magician Pistol & Witch Pistol)
    Allows you to dual-wield both guns, and makes the Magician Pistol's reload speed match with the Witch Pistol. Make Revolver Ocelot proud.
  • "Cheat against the Impossible" (Mini-Hakkero & Staff of Firepower)
    The Mini-Hakkero gains the ability to simply charge over time, in addition to charging when you deal damage. The Staff of Firepower gains the ability to generate spare ammo over time when held.
  • "Incident-Resolver Kit" (Ordinary Broom & Backpack)
    Entering a boss room grants you a blank, charges active items, and heals half a heart. Using a blank also fires a Mini-Hakkero shot in the direction you're looking at, regardless of whether it's actually in your inventory or not.
  • "Extend!" (Shanghai & Any heart container item/Heart Locket, Heart Purse, Heart Holster, Heart Lunchbox, and Heart Bottle)
    Upon taking fatal damage, instead of dying you are healed for half a heart (leaving you with one full heart total), trigger a blank, and the game briefly slows down. The heart item is destroyed when the effect triggers.


  • Master Rounds are now that much more important. the character's higher starting damage will make killing bosses much faster/easier.
  • Getting used to exactly how many shots it takes for the Mini-Hakkero to fully charge to then switch to it, fire it off, and switch back to firing whatever gun you had will give you a BIG boost to boss DPS. 100 damage in an instant beam is nothing to scoff at. It can be useful throughout the entire run if you remember to use it. It's a small "skill ceiling" which I thought is fun.
  • You can tap left ctrl to switch to between your two recently used guns. You can use this to quickly switch to the Mini-Hakkero without bringing up your entire weapon inventory.
  • The ability to steal anything from the shopkeeper allows you to visit the rat maze/floor every run if you feel like it.
  • Flight makes certain trap rooms and forge/oubliette/etc. rooms way less punishing, which is important when you have such low health.
  • If you're at full health and feeling confident, you can purposefully take damage by falling into a pit or something before entering a boss room to trigger Shanghai. This will give you a small boost to DPS if you wanted to take down the boss just a little bit faster.

Missing stuff/To-do list/Known Issues

  • Missing Punchout sprites (Yeah no I'm not doing them chief, trust me I tried.)
  • The black outline around the character is very finnicky during the breach character select idle sprites. (I can't really fix it, unfortunately.)

Installation Instructions

If you haven't installed BepInEx and/or Mod the Gungeon API, follow its installation guide (linked on Mod the Gungeon API's page: After you've installed BepInEx, just unzip into your BepInEx's plugins folder.


  • Mod by B.W.S.
  • Items by SpecialAPI