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Legends From The Darkness

A collection of cards and sigils based on real animals and urban legends.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Inscryption-5.4.1902 icon

BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1902
API_dev-API-2.19.5 icon

The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

Preferred version: 2.19.5
Void_Slime-Life_Cost_API-4.0.1 icon

An API introducing a Life and Currency cost system to inscryption for cards and activated sigils. For modmakers and json card creators.

Preferred version: 4.0.1
AllTheSigils-All_The_Sigils-3.0.6 icon

A very large collection of sigils for modders to use. Includes over 175 sigils!

Preferred version: 3.0.6
MADH95Mods-JSONCardLoader-2.5.4 icon

A mod made for Incryption to create custom cards, sigils, starter decks, tribes, encounters and more using JSON files.

Preferred version: 2.5.4
Nevernamed-Nevernameds_Sigilarium-1.15.0 icon

An extensive pack of over 270 wild and weird sigils covering every act of Inscryption. Supports Grimora Mod and P03 Kaycees Mod.

Preferred version: 1.15.0
Lily-Bundle_Of_Totems-1.3.0 icon

A collection of 4 vanilla-like tribes with totems for modders to use.

Preferred version: 1.3.0



An unofficial Inscryption cardpack

-discord contact: professoreggnog [feel free to message for bug reports and potential suggestions]

Comes with optional support for additions to the mod and LFTD_Encounters, such as:

  • Side Deck Selector by Infiniscryption
  • Custom Side Deck by TVFLabs
  • Region Expansions by Void_Slime
  • Tribal Pelts by creator

This modpack includes:

90 New Cards:
Name Power Health Cost Sigils Evolution Specials Traits Tribes Meta Categories
Alligator 3 2 Submerged Ambush, Waterborne Reptile Trader, Choice, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Angler Fish 2 1 Waterborne, Bait asquatic Choice, Trader
Antlion Larva 1 1 Fledgling, Entomophage Antlion Insect Choice, Trader
Automaton 2 1 Electric, Sharp Quills Terrain Trader, Choice, Part3Random, Choice
Beetle 1 1 Ram Choice, Trader
Bloater 0 4 Infested undead Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Boa 2 5 Snare Reptile Choice, Trader
Bombardier 0 2 Gooey, Sharp Quills Insect Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Braxie 2 3 Stinky Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Bush Dog 1 2 Fecundity Canine Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Camazotz SacrificesThisTurn 1 Airborne SacrificesThisTurn Goat, KillsSurvivors Choice, Trader
Camel 1 4 Blinding Strike Hooved Choice, Trader
Cape Buffalo 2 8 Enraged Hooved Choice, Trader
Carpenter Moth 1 1 Airborne, Blood From Stone Insect Choice, Trader
Cheetah 2 2 Agile feline Choice, Trader
Chicken 0 2 Noble Sacrifice, Morsel Goat Bird Choice, Trader
Chipmunk 0 1 Acorns rodent Trader, Choice
Cicada 1 1 Annoying, Swarm Insect Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Clouded Leopard 2 2 Tribe Health feline Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Cookiecutter 1 1 Dive (Bones), BloodGuzzler aquatic GBCPlayable
Crab 1 2 Thick Shell Choice, Trader
Dart Frog 0 1 Poisonous KillsSurvivors Reptile Choice, Trader
Eagle 2 4 Fowl Play, Bird of Prey Bird Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Electric Eel 2 1 Electric, Waterborne KillsSurvivors Choice, Trader
Falcon 1 1 Haste, Airborne Bird Choice, Trader
Fisher Cat 1 2 Mighty Leap feline Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Fox 1 2 Thief Canine Choice, Trader
Gargoyle 2 4 Airborne, Made Of Stone Trader, Choice
Genet 1 2 Short Choice, Trader
Giant Isopod 2 4 Resistant Insect, aquatic Choice, Trader
Goblin 0 2 Trinket Bearer Choice
Goose 1 2 Fearsome, Wimpy Bird Choice, Trader
Haggard 4 6 undead Choice, Trader
Hammerhead 2 2 Waterborne, Diver aquatic Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Hawk Wasp 3 1 Trained Flier Insect Choice, Trader
Heron 1 1 Piercing, Waterbird Bird Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Highland Cow 1 5 Hefty, Grazing Hooved Choice, Trader
Iguana 2 2 Loose Tail Reptile Choice, Trader
Jaguar 4 3 Predator feline Choice, Trader
Jellyfish 2 1 Zapper, Waterborne aquatic Choice, Trader
Jerboa 0 2 Mighty Leap, Maneuver rodent Choice, Trader
Jiangshi 1 1 Apex Predator Trader, Choice
King Cobra 1 2 Toxin (Sickening) KillsSurvivors Reptile Choice, Trader
Komodo Dragon 2 3 Toxin (Deadly) Reptile Choice, Trader
Leopard 3 4 Blood Lust, Guardian feline Choice, Trader
Lion 2 4 Tribe Attack, Tribe Health feline Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Lynx 2 1 feline Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Mako Pup 1 1 Fledgling, Waterborne Mako Shark aquatic Choice, Trader
Mako Shark 2 1 Waterborne, Phantasmic aquatic Choice, Trader
Mandrill 2 3 Spurred Choice, Trader
Meerkat 1 1 Sentry Choice, Trader
Mongoose 1 3 Made Of Stone Choice, Trader
Nessie 2 3 Trained Swimmer, Double Strike Reptile Choice, Trader
Nightcrawlers 1 3 Trifurcated Strike, Random Strafe Choice, Trader
Old Golem 0 5 Bodyguard, Made Of Stone Terrain Choice, Trader
Osprey 2 2 Waterbird, Airborne Bird Choice, Trader
Owl 1 3 Bird of Prey Bird Choice, Trader
Parasite 1 1 Free Brittle Insect 1410
Penguin 2 2 Sprinter, Waterborne Bird Trader, Choice
Phantom 1 1 Powerful Possessor, Brittle undead Choice, Trader
Puma 3 2 feline Choice, Trader
Puma Cub 1 1 Fledgling Puma feline Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Scavenger 1 2 Scavenger, Bone King undead Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Scorpion 2 1 Touch of Death Insect Choice, Trader
Shrieker 0 2 Shrieker's call undead Choice, Trader
Shrike 1 1 Dam Builder, Airborne Bird Choice, Trader
Siguanaba 1 3 Touch of Death, Allure undead Choice, Trader
Skinwalker 3 1 Blood shifter Choice
Sloth Bear 1 3 Double scratch, Eye For Battle Choice, Trader
Smilodon 3 4 Bonelust feline Choice, Trader
Smilodon Cub 1 1 Bone Picker, Fledgling feline Choice, Trader
Stalker Lammergeier 2 Bone Digger Lammergeier undead Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Strigoi 2 3 Consumer, Blood Lust, Blood Dependent undead Choice, Trader
Thorny Dragon 1 2 Sharp Quills Reptile Choice, Trader
Thresher Shark 1 1 Waterborne, Splash Damage aquatic Choice, Trader, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Tiger 4 4 Bully feline Choice, Trader
Tuna 2 2 Waterborne, Giant aquatic Choice, Trader
Undead Elk 2 2 Sprinter Hooved, undead Choice, Trader
Undead Moose 3 5 Hefty Hooved, undead Choice, Trader
Undead RedHart SacrificesThisTurn 2 Sprinter SacrificesThisTurn Hooved, undead Choice, Trader
Vampire 1 1 Vampiric, Lonesome undead Choice, Trader
Warthog 2 2 Chaos Strike Hooved Choice, Trader
Wisp 0 2 Burning Choice, Trader
Zebra 2 4 Multi-Strike Hooved Choice, Trader
Zombie 1 1 undead Choice, Trader
16 New Rare Cards:
Name Power Health Cost Sigils Specials Traits Tribes Meta Categories
Ahuizotl 1 2 Loose Tail Canine Rare
Axolotl 1 2 Unkillable Reptile, aquatic Rare
Cadejo 0 1 Free Canine Rare
Chupacabra 1 1 Wild hunger Canine Rare, GBCPack, GBCPlayable
Dobhar-chu 1 2 Apex Predator Rare
El Silbon 1 2 Bonepile Strafe undead Rare
Gashadokuro 7 7 undead Rare
Giant Lobster 0 4 Clawed, Flank Blast Rare
Hellhound 0 3 Burning, Fire Resistant Canine, undead Rare
Kappa 2 3 Deadly Waters, Point Nemo, Waterborne Rare
Krampus 0 4 Hefty PackMule Hooved Rare
Kuchisake-onna 0 3 Resistant undead Rare
Sleeping Dragon 0 10 DeathcardCreationNonOption Reptile Rare
The Hunter 1 1 Sniper, Dog Summon Rare
Thunderbird 1 6 Trifurcated Strike, Airborne, Giant Bird Rare
Wendigoon CardsInHand 2 Hoarder CardsInHand, TalkingCardChooser DeathcardCreationNonOption, Goat Rare
8 New sigils
Name Powerlevel Icon Description
Swarm 3 Summons a cicada swarm on the owner's board when placed.
Bird Of Prey 2 Flying cards struck by the sigil bearer will take 1 damage each time it declares an attack, and renders their wings useless.
Shrieker's call 3 When the opponent's turn ends, the sigil bearer's board is replaced with a zombie horde.
Infested 2 When the sigil bearer is struck, draw a parasite into your hand.
Dog Summon 4 The sigil bearer will move to an empty adjacent slot on placement and summon a bloodhound in its old spot.
Acorns 1 Upon placing the sigil bearer, draw an acorn.
Bonepile Strafe 2 At the end of the turn, the sigil bearer will move, leaving a pile of bones in it's place.
Apex Predator 3 Sacrifice 2 cards to boost [creature]'s attack by 1.