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Plants vs Zombies

A mod that adds a whole bunch of plants from PvZ into inscryption. Currently boasting 58 cards, 5 custom tribes, 17 new sigils, 3 starter decks, 4 side decks, a challenge, and its own Sun currency that is tracked by a counter next to the scales.

By Zepht
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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Inscryption-5.4.1902 icon

BepInEx pack for Inscryption. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1902
TVFLabs-CustomSideDeck-1.2.0 icon

Change the side deck to something other than squirrels! Allows changing the number of cards in the side deck, having more than one type of card in the side deck, and having cards be selected when starting the run.

Preferred version: 1.2.0
Infiniscryption-Pack_Management_API-1.2.2 icon

Organizes the cards (and encounters!) you have installed into packs that can be toggled on and off with each run through Kaycee's Mod.

Preferred version: 1.2.2
API_dev-API-2.19.4 icon

The de-facto standard core API for all Inscryption mods. This lets you create new cards, abilities, challenges, map nodes, starter decks, and more.

Preferred version: 2.19.4


Plants vs Zombies!

This mod aims to add a whole bunch of plant cards from pvz into inscryption (and a few zombies too!!).

Currently it is for Act 1 of Inscryption, adding:

  • 58 cards
  • 17 sigils
  • 5 tribes
  • A custom Sun card cost, which is kept track of on an animated counter
  • 4 sun producing side decks
  • 3 starting decks
  • 1 challenge


Tribe choices are now accounted for!

Cost choices are now accounted for!

Pack mule is now accounted for!

Pack rat is now accounted for!

What is the Sun Cost??

The sun cost is somewhat like a blend between energy and bones, but with its own twist on it of course.

  • You start each battle with 3 sun
  • Gain 1 sun per round
  • Sun producing cards can, as implied by the name, produce more sun with their sigils
  • Most plant cards cost sun to play, even the sun producers in the side deck
  • The sun cost is displayed in front of the scales

The project might continue getting updates eventually!!

Please let me know if you find any bugs or balancing issues.

I still have plenty more planned cards and sigils that I am yet to add. This includes cards of other cost types

Possibly not all trials/choices have been accounted for yet.

Eventually planning to add custom encounters.

Eventually planning to add custom items

Eventually planning to add more custom challenges

I might end up adding custom bosses

Installation (automated)

This is the recommended way to install this mod.

Installation (manual)

This is not the recommended way but can be done if necessary.

  • Download the zip file

  • Move the .dll within into your Plugins folder

  • Also install all of this mod's dependencies

Feedback and suggestions

If you have any feedback whether it be bugs, balancing or just something in general, feel free to ping me in the inscryption modding discord.

My discord: ZephtHepto, Inscryption modding discord.

How mod makers can also use the sun cost

If you wish to expand on my mod in areas I haven't yet gotten around to, or just make your own thing using the sun cost, you can do so!

If you are coding in C#, you need to add this extended property to your card:

CardInfo myCard = ...;
myCard.SetExtendedProperty("SunCost", 1);

If you are making a card in JSON, you need to add the extended property like this:

    "name": "MyCard",
    "extensionProperties": {
        "SunCost": "1"




  • Released the beta build publicly


  • fixed a bug where there is an error with the file pathing


  • we dont talk about v0.1.2


  • The pack mule now contains some plant cards too!!

  • Added AddStats sigil

  • Added Coffee Bean card

  • Added Gold Leaf card


  • Added Pumpkin card

  • Added Escape Root card


  • Fixed AddStats from overwriting all other card modifiers

  • Specific cards will not be able to be used in sac stones or on campfires

  • "instant" cards have their own custom background


  • Lowered the health of wallnut, tallnut, endurian and scaredy shroom

  • Increased the damage of Spudow and Doombringer

  • Hopefully fixed goat eye easter egg

  • Added Chomper card


  • Embedded all of the assets into the dll

  • Removed the sleeping doomshroom, doomshroom is now primed from the get go

  • Added Zombie Caller sigil

  • Added Zombie card

  • Added Flag Zombie card

  • Made Twin Sunflower, Peashooter, Repeater, cactus, cattail and Scaredy Shroom cheaper

  • Buffed Sweet to deal 3 damage to enemies instead of 2


  • Increased health of wallnut and tallnut

  • Added Whack a Mole sigil to wallnut and tallnut

  • Lowered the cost of Jalapeno

  • Added Garlic card

  • Added Zombie Arm card (with dev art)

  • Added Armor Breaker sigil

  • Added MagnetShroom card

  • Made MagnetShroom replace the pack rat

  • Added Cost Choice compatibility


  • Fixed missing readme info

  • Locked an unfinished card from appearing


  • Updated to Kaycees mod!!!!

  • Added the Twin Sunflower, Sunshroom and Sunbean side decks

  • Added Classic, Shrooms and Zen Garden starter hands

  • Reworked the sun cost to be more flexible using the new API


  • Corrected dependencies


  • Temporarily removed custom tails which would break on API 2.2.0


  • Added Bloomerang, Starfruit and Artichoke cards


  • Added Snorkel, Jack in a Box, Conehead and Screendoor zombies

  • Added the hardheaded sigil

  • Added the beeshooter

  • Switched mod dependencies to a different side deck mod

  • Fixed a visual issue where the sprout starter hand didn't show their cost

  • Made "not enough sun" text not need a click to continue

  • Updated the pierce sigil to ignore the armored sigil

  • Buffed the fumeshroom's attack from 1 to 2


  • Fixed the pierce sigil softlocking the game

  • The pierce sigil now always hits a (non mule) queued card


  • Fixed the "not enough sun" text not disappearing


  • Fixed a bug where 2 tactical retreats coming up against each other crashed the game


  • Hotfix for the mod entirely overwriting tribe selection encounter tables


  • Added the buckethead zombie

  • Added secret functionality to the flag zombie

  • Renamed Infininut to Infi-nut

  • Fixed bug that turns Infi-nut into an opossum

  • Completely changed all of the tribes to be way more fun

  • Removed the Pierce Sigil (for now) because its very hard to make the functionality work correctly

  • Buffed Homing Thistle

  • Made the instants more common


  • Added the hypnoshroom

  • Added the hypnotist sigil

  • Added the fade away sigil

  • Rebalanced mushrooms and gave multiple cards Mushroom damage (the same way that ants do)

  • FINALLY fixed the pierce sigil, it now works entirely as intended!!!

  • Added a temp patch that makes the aqua squirrel on the deck selector have an icon because it always annoyed me

  • Added a custom challenge that stops sun from falling each turn


  • Readme fix

  • Internal version number update


  • Fixed Hypnotist ability not working

  • Fixed sun cost node not being specific to sun cards

Special thanks

Aurey for playtesting my mod, giving active feedback and being very epic.

VoidSlime for helping me with a whole bunch of unique code for the cost and sigils.

Everyone in the modding discord who contributed card ideas, especially Blind the Bound Demon, who spammed me with ideas (in a good way).

Seto for helping figure out why my mods werent working in the new update, might have given up if they didn't suggest fixes.

Emmet for helping test out starting decks, and providing lots of ideas for them.

Also everyone in the modding discord who helped me learn how to code mods of course.

Sigil List

Custom Sigils
Name Effect
Spudow When a card bearing this sigil gets defeated, it deals 3 damage to the opposing card.
Sweet At the end of the owner's turn, any card bearing this sigil will explode and deal 3 damage to the cards in the 3 enemy slots around it, then deal 1 damage to the cards in your adjacent slots.
Spicy At the end of the owner's turn, any card bearing this sigil will explode and deal 4 damage to not only the opposing card but also to the card on the opposing backline.
DoomBringer At the end of the owner's turn, any card bearing this sigil will explode and deal 4 damage to all of the opponent's cards, along with 1 damage to all of the owners cards, and then leave a crater where it stood.
Scaredy A card bearing this sigils loses 1 attack but gains 1 health when against an opposing card whose attack is greater than 0.
SporeSpreader If a card bearing this sigil defeats another card, a copy of itself will be returned to your hand.
SunMaker 1 At the end of the owner's turn, a card bearing this sigil will produce 1 sun.
SunMaker 2 At the end of the owner's turn, a card bearing this sigil will produce 2 sun.
SunMaker 3 At the end of the owner's turn, a card bearing this sigil will produce 3 sun.
SunKill When a card bearing this sigil defeats another card, the other card will drop 3 sun.
AddStats When a card bearing this sigil is played, its health, attack and other sigils will be added to every other card on your side of the board. Then this card will die.
Armor Breaker When a card bearing this sigil is played, it removes all defense sigils from all of the opposing cards.
Hardheaded When a card bearing this sigil is attacked, the damage taken will be reduced by 2. Then this sigil will be removed.
Zombie Caller When a card bearing this sigil is played, A zombie gets played on each empty adjacent space. A zombie is defined as: 1 Power 2 Health.
Pierce Before attacking, a card bearing this sigil attacks the given card in the opposing queue, it also nullifies the Armored sigil.
Fade Away At the end of the owner's turn, a card bearing this sigil will take 1 damage.
Hypnotist When a card bearing this sigil gets defeated, its killer will move to take its place.

Card List

[R] = Rare (gold pelts / boss wins)

[S] = Sub-card (derived from another card)

* = Temporary (might be changed later)

Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Peashooter 1 2
Repeater 1 2 Double Strike
[R] Threepeater 1 3 Trifurcated Strike
Beeshooter 2 2 Bees Within 1 blood +
Cactus 2 2 Sharp Quills Mighty Leap
Homing Thistle 3 2 Sniper
Cattail 1 1 Sniper Waterborne
Bloomerang 2 2 Double Strike Pierce
Chomper 2 1 Death's Touch
Spikeweed 1 1 Sentry
[R] SpikeRock 2 3 Sentry Sentry
[R] Starfruit 1 1 Moonstrike
Bonk Choy 2 2
Citron 3 2
Red Stinger Bell 1
Artichoke 1 1 Flying
PuffShroom Mush 1 Fade Away Free
[R] SeaShroom Mush 1 Waterborne Free
ScaredyShroom Mush 1 Scaredy
FumeShroom Mush 1 Pierce
SporeShroom Mush 2 Spore Spreader
Sun Producers
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Sunflower 0 1 Sunmaker 2
Twin Sunflower 0 2 Sunmaker 3
Sun Bean 0 2 SunKill Spudow
[R] ToadStool 1 2 SunKill Death's Touch
SunShroom(S) 0 1 Sunmaker 1
[S] SunShroom(M) 0 2 Sunmaker 2
[S] SunShroom(L) 0 3 Sunmaker 3
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Wallnut 0 4 Burrower
Tallnut 0 8 Burrower Mighty Leap
Endurian 0 4 Sharp Quills
Garlic 0 2 Stinky
[R] infininut 0 2 Frozen
infininut (base) [S] 0 2 Evolve
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Potato Mine 0 1 Spudow
Cherry Bomb 0 1 Sweet
Jalapeno 0 1 Spicy
[S] DoomShroom 0 2 DoomBringer
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
TorchWood 0 2 Sharp Quills Leader
Hypnoshroom 0 1 Hypnotist
MagnetShroom 1 1 Trinket Bearer Armor Breaker
Gold Leaf 0 0 AddStats Sunmaker 1
Pumpkin 0 1 AddStats Nano Shield
Escape Root 0 0 AddStats Loose Tail
Coffee Bean 0 0 AddStats Evolve
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Zombie 1 2 3 bones
Conehead 1 2 Hardheaded 4 bones
Buckethead 1 2 Hardheaded Hardheaded 5 bones
Snorkel 2 1 Waterborne 4 bones
Jack in a Box 1 1 Explosive 2 bones
Screendoor 1 2 Armored 4 bones
[R] Flag Zombie 1 1 Zombie Caller 5 bones
Name Attack Health Sigil 1 Sigil 2 Cost
Sprout 0 1 Evolve
[S] Leaf Litter 0 2 Free
[S] Shroom Chunks 0 2 Evolve Free
[S] Splinters 0 2 Sharp Quills Free
[S] Crater 0 2 Waterborne Fade Away Free
[S] Zombie Arm 0 2 Free

Challenge List

Custom Challenges
  • Night Time - You will no longer get passive sun falling from the sky.