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Vanilla-friendly changes to boring weapons

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.4
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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19


Unnofficial Weapon Balance Patch


That mod is aimed at giving some love to some weapons you almost certanly skip during your general playthrough by giving them a special effect, changing their behavior, providing more enchantability or just changing some stats.

Report to me any balance changes you feel need to be done on the Outward Modding Community Discord
I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas for improvements, all feedback is appreciated


  • 1 Download BepInEx
  • 2 Download SideLoader
  • 3 Unpack the contents of the zip file into the ...OutwardDefinitiveEd\BepInEx\plugins\WBP

MODULES ARE OUTDATED AS OF NOW, thank you for your patience. Main mod, the page you're looking at currently, has the latest up-to-date changes

If you want to read more about changes I made, each link has my thought-process behind the creation or adjustment of specific item - if you disagree with any of them - feel free to write me, I'll be interested to hear your opinions!

List of Changes:


Icon Name Changes
Assassin Claymore Assasin Sword and Claymore 1.1 speed and inflict "Crippled" instead of "Slow Down"
Butcher Cleaver Butcher Cleaver 20 Physical 20 Ethereal, gives "Craze" on kill
Cerulean Saber Cerulean Saber Has 1.1 speed
Crescent Scythe Crescent Scythe and Axe Can be enchanted with "Spectre's Wail" with higher blast damage
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield New Legacy Item: Awakened Dragon Shield. Better stats, 7% fire damage bonus and breathes fire on successful charge
Fabulous Palladium Shield Fabulous Palladium Shield Inflicts all elemental Hexes instead of "Elemental Vulnerability". Praise me, hex mages
Galvanic Chakram Galvanic Chakram AOE frost explosion, inflicts Pain and Chilled
Gep's Longblade Gep's Blade/Longblade Changed the recipe to make it harder to acquire: Gep's Drink, Digested Mana Stones and Ectoplasm
Giantkind Greataxe Giantkind Greataxe Can be enchanted with "War Memento"
Giantkind Halberd Giantkind Halberd 25 Physical 10 Lightning, can be enchanted with "Priest's Prayers"
Gold-Lich Sword Gold-Lich Weapons (except Shield) Can be enchanted with "Flux"
Golem Rapier Golem Rapier 1.2 speed, new enchantment
Jade Scimitar Jade Scimitar 16 Physical 16 Decay, no mana cost reduction, corrupts the wielder with every hit (2 hits for 1%)
Jade-Lich Mace Jade-Lich Mace 7% mana cost reduction and applies additional 20% for 90 seconds after a few hits.
Living Wood Axe Living Wood Axe 16 Physical 6 Ethereal, inflicts "Aetherbomb" with low buildup
Manticore Dagger Manticore Greatmace and Dagger Can be enchanted with "Instinct"
Mantis Greatpick Mantis Greatpick Can be enchanted with stronger "Weightless"
Mysterious Chakram Mysterious (pizza) Chakram Can be enchanted with "Abundance". Actively regen your food with pot helmet, don't let anyone in slums starve!
Old Legion Gladius Old Legion Gladius 9% chance to Critical Strike for 100 Raw
Ornate Bone Shield Ornate Bone Shield Inflicts "Elemental Vulnerability" and "Haunted"
Palladium Knuckles Palladium Knuckles No longer inflicts "Elemental Vulnerability"
Pathfinder Claymore Pathfinder Claymore Physical and Decay damage values swapped, 1.0 speed, does not inflict "Elemental Vulnerablity". Lowers Status Buildup Resistance both on enemy and player, inflicts "Curse" and "Extreme Poison"
Phytosaur Spear Phytosaur Spear 34 Physical damage, can be enchanted with "Abomination"
Porcelain Fists Porcelain Fists Inflicts "Calcification" status effect that stuns enemies for a couple of seconds.
Pyrite Greathammer Pyrite Greathammer Can be enchanted with "Forge Fire"
Royal Great-Khopesh Royal Great-Khopesh Inflicts "Weaken", "Pain" on enemy, applies "Stamina cost reduction" on player. Can be enchanted with "Desert's Sun"
Sandrose Sandrose Axe Also inflicts "Scorched"
Starchild Claymore Starchild Claymore Applies "Divine Light Imbue" on player, lowered impact from 52 to 45. No more cheesy strategies with Wind imbue
Thorn Chakram Thorn Chakram AOE physical explosion, small lifesteal
Thorny Spear Thorny Claymore and Spear Different recipe, 22 Physical 22 Ethereal, inflicts "Elemental Vulnerability" if the target is "Haunted"
Thrice-Wrought Halberd Thrice-Wrought Halberd 13 Fire, 13 Frost and 13 Ethereal damage
Werlig Spear Werlig Spear deals only 30 Physical, but has a Chain Lightning effect, dealing 14 Lightning damage to maximum of 4 targets nearby
Withering Pole Mace Withering Trog Mace 275 durability, 1.0 speed, new enchantment
Worldedge Greataxe Worldedge Greataxe Applies "Dark Imbue" on player. Restored to it's former glory
Zagis' Saw Zagis' Saw Also inflicts "Extreme Bleeding", 0.9 speed


  • Astral set: can be used as a Lexicon.
  • Beast golem set: no longer inflicts "Bleeding", lower damage and impact, 1.2 base speed and a new enchantment.
  • Chalcedony set: Raw damage instead of Physical, has some frost damage bonus, inflicts "Hampered" instead of "Slow Down", can be enchanted with "Snow". Truly an end-game set now.
  • Forged Glass set: 2 new enchantments
  • Galvanic set: Status Effect Resistance on all weapons and shield, 2 new enchantments.
  • Hailfrost set: mostly Frost damage, but a bit lower damage overall.
  • Horror set: can be enchanted with "Scourge's Outbreak", 0.9 speed and lowered sell price (It was too high and you know it).
  • Kazite set: 1.1 speed, applies "Unerring Read" on wielder with 10% chance, maces with 13%, knuckles and chakram 7%, shield and pistol 23%.
  • Marble set: all weapons now inflict "Confusion"
  • Meteoric set: inflicts "Blaze" instead of "Holy Blaze", like a proper fire weapon upgrade should. Adjusted Inferno enchantment.
  • Smoke set: inflicts "Weaken" and "Sapped" instead of "Blaze", makes enemies look like they're engulfed in smoke.
  • Vampiric set: 1.0 speed and are 7 TIMES faster to acquire. 2500 damage instead of 17500. Leech was slightly lowered as a tradoff, except on maces and the dagger.
  • Virgin set: 1.1 speed.
  • Wolf set: no longer inflicts "Cripple", can be enchanted with "The Good Moon".


  • Master's Staff and Ivory Master's Staff: base 5% Cooldown Reduction
  • Calygrey Staff and Ancient Calygrey Staff: are 2-Handed Maces with appropriate stats, but keeping the magic properties. Great for "Crescendo"!
  • Compasswood Staff: 15 Fire 15 Physical, 10% Cooldown Reduction and 10% Movement Speed bonus
  • Rotwood Staff: 10% Cooldown Reduction, 5% Movement Speed bonus and 0.1 mana per second
  • Jade-Lich Staff: 15 Decay 15 Physical, 5% Cooldown Reduction, 3 Barrier and raises Corruption on hit (1% for 2 hits), new enchantment
  • Cracked Red Moon: does pure Fire damage and has 25% Fire damage bonus
  • Revenant Moon: is OP (25 Ethereal damage, 25% Ethereal and Fire damage bonus and can be used as a lexicon, no longer inflicts "Blaze")

NEW ENCHANTMENTS and changes to vanilla ones

  • Brittlesharp - Glass set - 2x the damage, -90% durability

  • Calygrey's Valor - Trog Pole Mace, Withering Pole Mace, Calygrey Mace, Ancient Calygrey Mace - +0.1 speed and 20 "Rage" buildup on player

  • Castigation and Humiliation - Prayer and Sinner Claymores, Ornate Chakram - also applies "Barrier +6" with Castigation and "Protection +6" with Humiliations on player respectively, no longer enchanted on Palladium set

  • Castle Wall - Tower Shield and Marble Shield - "Impact Resistance Up" buildup on player on block

  • Catharsis - Zhorn's Demon Shield - applies "Panic" on player and "Blood Imbue" for 15 seconds

  • Desert's Sun - can be enchanted on Khopesh type weapons

  • Golem's Effectiveness - Golem Rapier, Beast Golem weapons - +0.1 speed and "Pain" buildup, making those 3 the fastest weapons in the game

  • Inferno - no longer inflicts "Blaze", 80% of Physical damage added as Fire, -50% of Physical damage.

  • Innate Fury - Crimson Shield - "Rage" buildup on player on block

  • Jade Mirror - Jade-Lich Staff - 100% status resistance to all poisons (including marsh water) and "Plague"

  • Labouring Perfection - Enchanting Guild, requires "Chromium Shards" - Golden Pick and Golden Harpoon - unbreaking and -4 weight

  • Liquid Cooling - Galvanic set - 50% of Physical damage added as Frost damage, -20% Physical damage, 10% Stamina Cost reduction

  • Mantle - Wolf Shield - "Force Bubble" on successful shield charge

  • Monk Training - Quarterstaff and Gold Quearterstaff - sets damage to 45 Physical and +5% movement speed. Enchanting Guild recipe, requires "Diamond Dust".

  • Overcharge - Gold-Lich Shield - Lightning explosion on blocked hits, but causes "Drawback" buildup. No explosions while "Drawback" is active.

  • Razor of Woe - Rondel and Shiv daggerss - adds a 2% chance to instantly kill a target. Enchanting Guild recipe, requires "Dweller's Brain".

  • Redemption - Palladium set - also gives 5 flat Lightning damage, no longer inflicts Doomed and can't be enchanted on Prayer or Sinner Claymores

  • Righteous Fire - Glass set - Holy Blaze buildup

  • Roaring Sun - Palladium Shield - "Immolation" on successful shield charge

  • Sharpened Edge - any Chakram - adds 7 Physical damage

  • Sprectre's Wail - Crescent Set - higher blast damage

  • Static Electricity - Galvanic main hand and shield - blocking has a small chance to apply Lightning Imbue

  • The Good Moon - Wolf set - does 15% mana steal instead of 20%, no longer enchanted on Rondel and Shiv daggers

  • Trauma - Removed from the game, replaced by Froge Fire enchantment. Removes just 10 physical instead of 27.

  • Tsar Inlay - Ecnhanting Guild, requires "Tsar stone" - Any weapon - indestructible, lowers the attack speed by 0.1.

  • Weightless - can be enchanted on "Mantis Granite Pickaxe" with higher weight reduction

  • Whiplash - adds 20% Imapact instead of 10% Physical damage, Maces and Knuckles get 10% impact bonus.


There has been a secret Trainer placed somewhere. Look at the picture down below to give yourself a hint. drawing


  • Arrowhead Kit (x3): can be crafted with 3 "Iron Spikes" and 1 "Iron Scrap" in survival menu
  • Poison Arrow (x3): can be also crafted with 3 "Arrows" and 1 "Poison Rag" in survival menu
  • Flaming Arrow (x3): can be also crafted with 3 "Arrows" and 1 "Fire Rag" in survival menu
  • Forged Arrow (x3): can be crafted with 1 "Iron Spike" and 1 "Arrowhead Kit" in survival menu
  • Palladium Arrow: crafted in survival menu instead of alchemy, no changes to the recipe

No alchemy station arrow recipes were changed besides Palladium Arrow

Recipe changes

  • Thorny Spear/Claymore - Horror Spear/Claymore, Thorny Cartilage , Shark Cartilage, Pure Chitin
  • Iron Wristbands - 3 Iron Scraps, 1 Linen Cloth - makes 2
  • Palladium Wristbands - 3 Palladium Scraps, 1 Scaled Leather - makes 2
  • Iron Knuckles - 2 Iron Bands, 1 Iron Spikes, 1 Iron Scrap
  • Fang Knuckles - Iron knuckles, 2 Predator Bones, 1 Linen Cloth
  • Horror Fists - Fang Knuckles, 1 Horror Chitin, 1 Occult Remains, 1 Palladium Wristband

All new enchanting recipes are sold by Hermit and Harmattan vendors. All changes in existing enchants are reflected in existing recipes.
P.s. Every change with "also" means that the new effect is added on top of existing one

Known issues:

Incompatible with Transmorphic's enchanting menu - there is no way to fix it since my enchantments use unique pillar placements, you'll have to rely on your good ol' enchanting table. Sorry for the inconvenience, but do try it, you may like it that way.

Some enemies may spawn with old weapon stats, kazite bandits in Harmattan, for example. Reload fixes that problem.

Your Skilltrainer may be not updated or refuse to open the skilltree - to fix the problem try waiting 7 days for area reset, if it doesn't help - clear BepInEx cache in BepInEx/cache.


Special thanks

  • Emo for teaching me and helping along the way
  • Iggy for giving me confidence in my project
  • Avrixel for a bunch of ideas and help implementing them
  • StormCancer for beautiful skill icons
  • Every streamer I pestered
  • And everyone in the awesome discord modding community

Have fun!

Images drawing drawing1
  • 1.0.0: initial release
  • 1.0.4: added r2modman compatibility
  • 1.0.6: addeed palladium to the arrowhead recipe
  • 1.1.0: Finally Modular! Plus a lot of changes and corections, 3 new sets and a little bit more on top. All the changes you can see in Discord channel.
  • 1.1.3: Added Werlig Spear with Chain Lightning Effect
  • 1.1.5: Returned half of the Ethereal damage to Livingwood Axe; Porcelain Fists stun for longer; Fixed Forged Glass and Werling spear not having new effects.
  • 1.2.1: Cool~ update - Added Galvanic and Hailfrost sets; Fixed Redemtion working improperly; Razor of Woe enchanting item changed
  • 1.3.0: Holy Shield! update - changes to Palladium and Sinner/Prayer enchantability, a whole bunch of new shield enchants and changes and some minor weapon balance
  • 1.4.0: Final update. Maximum possible compatibility, a lot of tweaks and changes, a whole new secret skilltree and much more! Thanks everyone who has been helping me create the mod to be the way it is right now, I couldn't have done it without you
  • 1.5.0: Final Final update.. Fixed Pestilence; Added missing Artifact Skills; Calcification gives impact immunity for more consistent stun; Butcher Cleaver gives 3 stacks of Craze; Added Sharpened Edge enchanting recipe to vendors;
  • 1.5.1: Raised Kazite set dodge chance; Lowered Werlig Spear's projectile from 16 to 12
  • 1.6.0: A LOT of polish, some new enchantments, a couple more reworks of simple weapons. Removed Brand changes for better rework, prepared ground for more mod compatibilities
  • 1.7.0: 2 new enchantments for Galvanic set, rebalance of Galvanic set; Fixed Heroic Chord projectile lag; Lowered projectile spread and added randomnes on Fluctuations skill; Rebalanced some minor items such as Thorn Chakram, Thorny set, Galcanic Chakram.
  • 1.7.1: Minor update with some recipe changes to a few early game fist weapons