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Classfixes Part 2

This mod series reworks Base Vanilla skilltrees by adding new skills and changing their layouts. Part 2 specifically adds new rune and effects for Rune Sage skilltree.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

sinai-dev-SideLoader-3.8.4 icon

API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.4
BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.19 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
SLExtendedEffects-SideLoader_ExtendedEffects-1.2.3 icon

Adds a collection of custom SL_Effect behaviours for use with SideLoader.

Preferred version: 1.2.3
stormcancer-Weaponry_and_Enchantments_Additions-1.3.8 icon

This mod adds extra weapons, legacy weapons and enchantments! Also makes all legacy weapon sets craftable!

Preferred version: 1.3.8
stormcancer-Classfixes_Part_1-3.2.8 icon

This mod series overhauls Base Vanilla skilltrees by adding new skills, editing existing skills and changing their layouts. Also adds muskets and handguns for mainhand!

Preferred version: 3.2.8
stormcancer-Classfixes_Part_3-2.1.1 icon

This mod part reworks Hex Mage skilltrees/skills and adds a revamped/changed version of the original Blood Mage by Llama_Mage.

Preferred version: 2.1.1


Classfixes Part 2

Whats is this mod?

This mod reworks the Skilltree of Rune Sage by change the skilltree layout and adding completely new and interesting skills and combos.

Was that even necessary?

We all enjoyed our playthoughts of Vanilla Outward but small things there, out of character thing elsewhere, lacking of option somewhere else, such things created a spark in me for what is possible for those skilltrees that could make them viable options for every combination or even make them stand on their own as main picks.

Did you change or edited the Skills?

I did edit the runes to have additional effects. So any mod that edit those skills may be possibly incompatible.

Will there be more reworked Skilltrees?

This is the Part 2 of the 3 Parts series of mods. You can find the rest that are uploaded in the Thunderstore when they get released.

Future plans

More balance.


To report any bugs join Outward Modding Community on Discord and leave your commend on stormcancer-workshop Channel! Thanks a lot!


Many thanks to Proboina, Avrixel, Rickey_Soares, Schnabeldoktor ,Breadcrumb_Lord, IggyTheMad, Dubdubaba and Ehaugw for their help with their clever suggestions and ideas! They help me so much on my brainstorming! Also huge thanks to Emo for his amazing help on overriding the vanilla skilltrees with my custom new! Thanks to all the Outward Modding Community and to Sinai for the tools he provided us!

Enjoy! :)


Spoilers Ahead!

Whats New:

Changes to vanilla skills:

  • All Runes cost is adjust to 15 mana per cast for balancing reasons.

  • Internalized Lexicon removes the need to have an equipped Lexicon in your off-hand to cast runic spells, however without one on your offhand runic elemental effects are randomized. (Items that aren't Lexicons but work as Lexicons have the same effects as Internalized Lexicon)

  • Runic Prefix adds new effects to all Runic Combos. (Runic Weapons: Additionally gain Mystical Imbues of the same element for the same duration. Runic Protection: +5 Physical Physical resistance, +1 Protection protection, +10 to all elemental resistances. Runic Heal: Additionally recover 2 Health per second. Last for 10 seconds. Elemental Runic Traps: Additionally deal extra damage and debuffs. Runic Sigils: Additionally grant Boons. Runic Lanterns: Additionally grants immunity to specific Debuffs. Runic Projectiles: Additionally deal extra damage and debuffs. Runic Detonations: Additionally deal extra damage and debuffs.)

New Skills:

Rune: Wu - Rune: Wu(Yellow rune that does nothing on its own, but can produce combo effects by casting other runes in the correct order.)

Simple Runic Combinations:

  • Rune: Dez + Rune: Egoth = Runic Protection(Vanilla.)

  • Rune: Fal + Rune: Dez = Runic Lantern(Vanilla but with elemental variations depending your Lexicon.)

  • Rune: Shim + Rune: Fal = Runic Trap(Vanilla but with elemental variations depending your Lexicon.)

Arcane Syntax Combinations:

  • Runic Protection + Rune: Egoth + Rune: Dez = Runic Heal(Vanilla.)

  • Runic Weapon + Rune: Shim + Rune: Egoth = Runic Animation(Removes any runic weapon from your hand to animate it as a summoned ally for a short duration)

  • Runic Lantern + Rune: Fal + Rune: Shim = Runic Projectile(Vanilla but with elemental variations.)

  • Runic Lantern + Rune: Shim + Rune: Shim = Runic Detonation(Consumes your runic lantern to create an elemental blast, the element depends on the variation of the runic lantern.)

  • Runic Trap + Rune: Wu + Rune: Wu = Runic Sigil(Consumes runic trap to summon a Sigil, the element of the Sigil depends on your Lexicon)

  • Any Other Rune + Rune: Wu = One Handed Runic Weapon(Depending the other rune, can summon different runic weapon types, the element of the weapon depends on your Lexicon)

  • Runic Weapon + Any Other Rune + Rune: Wu = Two Handed Runic Weapon(Depending the other rune, can summon different runic weapon types, the element of the weapon depends on your Lexicon)

All Skilltrees Layouts