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"Low Tier God" replaces the "Telescopic Sight" item

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Thanks for downloading my mod! It's not much, but it means a lot.

If you can, I recommend you read the whole thing! FAQ at the bottom. This mod was made during patch 1.0.5. It should work on other future versions, but I can't confirm that with 100% (or 1000%) certainty.

[Installation Instructions] This mod comes in TWO parts! You can use them independently, or at the same time!

Part 1 - LTG Sprites and Sounds This part of the mod includes the sprites and sound effects for the mod.

1 - Go to your Risk of Rain Returns file directory. It should be located in your Steam folder: ".../steam/steamapps/common/Risk of Rain Returns" Alternatively, follow these steps: 1a - Go to Risk of Rain Returns in your Steam Library. 1b - Right click the game on the sidebar. 1c - Go to "Properties", then go to "Installed Files", then click "Browse..." This should open up the Risk of Rain Returns directory folder.

2 - Make a new folder in a place you can easily access (or inside the directory itself) and name it whatever you want. Move or copy "" into the new folder and rename it to anything you want. This is your backup, in case something goes horribly wrong!

(And if something has already gone horribly wrong, I have included my own backup file in this pack!)

3 - Copy or move the file from the mod into your "Risk of Rain Returns" folder. If it asks you if you want to replace the current "" file, verify you have a backup and say yes.

You have now successfully installed the sprites and sounds for the LTG Mod!

Part 2 - Language File This part of the mod alters text, like the logbook and item name, along with some additonal stuff like death messages. (only available in English!)

1 - Go to your Risk of Rain Returns file directory. If you don't know how to get there, please refer to step 1 of part 1.

2 - Go to the Language Folder and copy or move the "englishltg" folder into it.

3 - In Risk of Rain Returns, click the icon at the top right of the screen to select the "English - LTG" language.

You have now successfully installed the text entries for the LTG Mod!

You do not need to move any more files. "Backup" and "Assets" are extra stuff for those who need help or want the raw files.

[Incompatibilities, Troubleshooting, and FAQ] Something gone awry? Have questions that need answering?

"The game crashes upon starting!" This is probably an issue with the file. Make sure it is in the appropriate folder with the appropriate name. Also, you might want to check that the game is in the right version. (Patch 1.0.5)

"I got this error message: [unable to convert string "-" to number] when I try to switch language!" This is because this combination of characters: " - " (space, hyphen, space) cannot be read properly by the game. One of your folders (likely a language folder) has this in its name. Rename it so that it is no longer there.

"Can I use other mods with this?" Kind of yes, mostly no. You can only use one file and one language file at a time. This means that you cannot use two files at once, and the LTG mod will be the only active mod that alters sprites and sounds. The same goes for language mods.

You CAN however have a file paired with a different language file, if you have a different modded language that you want to run alongside the file, or vice-versa.

Music mods (replacing the .ogg files) should be perfectly fine with this mod. (Hopefully, we can get better modding support in the future, but until then...)

"Can I play this in multiplayer?" As far as I'm aware, only changes the assets and is completely client-side. yes!

"Can I use or showcase this mod in a video?" Sure, why not. I would appreciate if you credited me (CapuccinoMachine), but I care more about you putting a link in a description so others can find my mod! Nothing's required, tho. This mod isn't that serious. If you do use my mod in a video, send me a link! I'd love to watch it in action.

"Can I alter the contents of your mod, or use the assets for my own mod?" NO!!!!! just kidding. go nuts. It's not like I own Low Tier God. shoot, I'll even include an asset folder, just for you. If you make something, for some reason, you should show me!

"Does this mod prevent me from earning achievements?" Hard to test as I have almost every achievement B) but probably no. I've used other mods while earning achievments, and have had no issues, so this shouldn't affect things.

"Will this mod ever be updated?" Maybe... maybe...

"Why does he LOOK LIKE THAT!!!" Open Gimp File > Open > [filename].png Scale Image > Interpolation: None > PERFECTION (also it's hard to align the images in!!!)


  • The Creator - Made and Edited by: CapuccinoMachine

Discord: @CapuccinoMachine (previously CapuccinoMachine#4287) (I may not always answer DMs) Steam: Thunder: (due to unfortunate events, my github link was destroyed in a fire.)

  • Legal Stuff - All images, sounds, and text depicted by this mod are not owned by me! They are slightly altered depictions or quotes of the streamer "Low Tier God"

Risk of Rain Returns is owned and published by Gearbox.

You are allowed to redistribute this mod to other platforms, as long as the credits remains unchanged! If you or your device is harmed by a redistributed version of this mod, I cannot help you! Please make sure you download this mod from official sources for maximum security. Currently, official downloads should be located on these platforms:

  • Steam
  • Discord
  • NOT Github
  • Thunderstore

[ADDITIONAL NOTES] Again, thank you for downloading my silly mod. If you're curious about making your own mods, you might want to download the Undertale Modding Tool.

This was a headache for me to figure out, so I'll spare you the pain; Make sure to download one of the versions with "isBundled-true-isSingleFile-true" When you open UMT, click "File" > "Open", then go to your Risk of Rain Returns directory (may help to make a shortcut), then open it. All of the assets will be right there on the sidebar.

By double clicking on an asset, then going to either the "audio file" or "textures" (depends on what you want to do) section which is located in each individual asset, then clicking the three dots in the tiny square next to an asset's file name, you can click "import" to import your own files.

Remember that if you import textures, you will likely have to re-align all of their values as sometimes they get re-written when you import something. I had to edit an entire texture sheet to get the LTG Standing texture to work.


Still here? If you've read this far, I strongly suggest you play Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for the Nintendo DS. It WILL change your life. Trust me.